dinsdag, maart 28, 2006


NOTE: I didn't paint the horses myself... I just ad accents with fineliners... (I wish I could paint like that :(
Yesterday evening I started with this page but I couldn't finish it... Because my daughter Alara was YELLING! LOL! So I just did the painting with watercolours..

Today I woke up at 8 am and started finishing my page... It turned out amazing! NOT THE PAGE but my feelings... It felt sooooooo good doing this... I didn't felt so free for a long time...
I just cleared up my mind and start painting, drawing, writing... This is all ME!! And that's what I like about it...

This is my first step to freedom... To be Free and feel FREE... After years of anxiety I think I deserve this...

NOTE: This is NOT a scrappage... This is MY TERRIBLE MESS!LOL! It has to be this way... This is the only way for me to enjoy the process LIKE RHONNA says...

Other news:

My cat Minnie has 5 kitties... Ow they are sooo sweet... I will post a photo later this day... All the kitties are RED and White... They are just adorable... And so tiny...

I have a lot to do today... I need to work on my page for the online class I'm taking and make my second page for Rhonna's challenge... And I have ofcourse a lot to do around the house!! I am a STAY AT HOME MOM, remember??

Have a nice day...

PS: Karli, I will send you an email back, as soon as possible... I just want to take the time when I write to you... Love you...

27 opmerkingen:

twistedsoda zei

Here's to freeing the spirit together!!! I agree, this page is fabulous! I love the watercolors.

Kirsty zei

i dont think its a mess - it a bundle of yumminess with lots of love made into it ... its a great job xx

Webgrl zei

the horse painting is amazing did u paint that?
I love that you are freeing yourself.
Feel the wind in your hair as if you're riding those horsies to freedom!:)

Jackie Hunter zei

Stunning!! LOVE it, Well done you :o)
Jackie x

Just Rhonda zei

I Love the freedom in this entry. I can feel it. Love your topic. So cool!

ArtsyMama zei

I love this page!! So glad to hear you're feeling so free. That's what this chalenge is all about. Glad you're enjoying it:)

Karli zei

You go honey! You are doing amazing with this challenge and I know you will overcome the obstacles that have held you back in the past. You are incredible. Going home today! Yea. I'll try to keep you posted throughout the week. Love you, sweetie!

Cate zei

Your page is gorgeous! I can hardly wait to see how your art journal progresses throughout the 21 days!

Lilli zei

This is GREAT! Congratulations on how you're feeling :)

Erica zei

Thats amazing! I wouldn't call that a mes!!!! Here is to being free ******

Ferrill zei

Wow! This is amazing! I love the watercolors. Only 20 more days!

Maggie zei

Thsi is A BEAUTIFUL I luv the colours.

amber rae zei

Looks great! Love all the watercolors!

Marylou Medina-Bolus zei

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Good job on your entry!!!

rhomany zei

That's just amazing. The energy in it is incredible. No wonder it made you feel good!

Kim Bolyard zei

Nice job...beautiful art work. Thanks for the link to Flylady, I need all the help I can get to create less stress and feel good. I figure starting with a clean house is my first step.


genevieve zei

awesome entry!
absolutely LOVE it - eye candy :)

Anoniem zei

Great page....very artsy i love it.

Maria Rodarte

Jo zei

Love the watercolours, really eye-catching!

Rhonna zei

I"m seriously in awe at how wonderful this is..
you are doing somethiing that is so difficult..but you feel hope...
that is awesome..
keep the hope alive!

you *can* do it!

melba zei

great job...hte coolors and pictures and journaling they blend together so well. And I agree this process has been freeing for me too.

Kimber-Leigh zei

love the watercolors...great job!

September zei

This is amazing, beautiful. It has so much movement and energy. *Forward moving energy.* You go girl! Great start!

amy m zei

this is really great. Love the colors. Keep it up.

alyssa zei

Beautiful. Love the flow. It would never occur to me to call it a mess! Enjoy. :)

Nichol zei

unbelievably stunning. this is so amazing and inspiring. can't wait to see more of your journal entries.

Anoniem zei

I love your response... best wishes, and continued hopes for the freedom you are seeking!