vrijdag, maart 31, 2006


Here is my day 4... An another fun page... God this feels amazing.. Just creating drawing...
I used all kind of stuff to make this portret... paint, charchoal (I don't know if this is the right name for it), aquarel, fineliner, karisma colorpencils, marker and pastel.... How cool is that LOL

This page is based on Rhonna's quote: Think the unthinkable and so on... And I did it...
I pretend that I was a real artist... That's what I want to be... This page inspires me a lot... When I get insecure, I wil look at this page and regain it!!

Enjoy it, because I put another piece of my heart in it!!

I am an ARTIST...
On this page I pretend that I am an ARTIST. That's the person I want to BE, I should be...
A person who inspires people through her art... That's my GOAL...
Maybe I wil never get the appreciation I deserve... But that will never hold me back... I will keep doing this BECAUSE it's just me... And I love it!!!

Go ahead and make something
Make something truly amazing
Make something that will blow the mind of everbody who see it....

This Quote is sooo powerfull for me... I always read it at loud before I start creating... I just want to share it with you...

BTW: My english sucks today...

Thank you for your SWEET comments... You are AMAZiNG

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khya zei

I think this is beautiful and sooooo deep, you ARE an artist, I am touched...

Rhonda zei

Wow!!!! I don't know what to say. I am speechless. What an amazing journal you will have! I can not wait to see what else you do with this.

Lauren zei

You ARE an artist! AMAZINGLY beautiful! I'm so glad you've created something that you'll be able to look back on to regain that confidence :)

Jackie Hunter zei

Great Work, Very Inspiring :o)
Jackie x

viv zei

awesome - you ARE an artist!

ArtsyMama zei

Wow, I love this! You ARE an artist:):)

stephanie zei

Thank you so much for the heads up on todays page...duh....and thanks for all of your nice comments!
Have a wonderful Friday!

Corrie zei

Simply stunning. Beautiful art!

Anoniem zei


Ann(i)e zei

Your work is so original and heartfelt!!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing that quote with us.....I love it.....must write it down and keep it in site!

scrappylove zei

This is wonderful!

Penny zei

Your artwork is stunning. Don't ever feel like you're not an artist! YOU ARE!

~michelle~ zei

This is a HOMERUN! Great job Emine! And it's high time someone told you the truth....no more dancing around it...you ARE an artist! Beautiful!!!

Felicity zei

Emine, you ARE an ARTIST!! Loving your pages. Amazing, & I am amazed.

Fran M zei

Your english is just fine and really clear! Just keep making your beautiful art! and I believe all of us here completely appreciate your work! That's what's so great about this group of people. Such support. Your self portrait is gorgeous.

Malou Medina-Bolus zei

This is amazing! I love it Emine. I wish I can draw or paint! I love the female that you drew. I don't think your English sucks at all!

Julie zei

Emine this is amazing art you have created! Just incredible! So cool that you are just letting the gifts God has given you flow!

Shell zei

This is amazing!! I wish I could draw like that!!

Kimber-Leigh zei

just wonderful.

thanks for all your encouraging words to me!

Sam zei

Beautiful Sketch!!! Great job.


kraftyscraps zei

This is a wonderful piece! There is no question that you are an artist.

Linda A. (elendae) zei

I'm enjoying your journal - fantastic work!!!

Ruth zei

WOW! You have talent there girl! Just gorgeous.

amber rae zei

This is the kind of journal I could cozy up with and look at for hours! You are definitely an artist! Keep it up!

Ange Zav zei

This is amazing!
I love it!!! Enjoying your blog too :)

Melbourne, Australia.