donderdag, maart 30, 2006

DAY 3: GOD...

Here it is: my 3rd page... Not that messy, but that doesn't mean that I didn't let myself go...
I made this page with TEARS in my eyes... I really, really got emotional... My love and faith for GOD came finally outside...
I didn't thought about the journalling.. I just wrote it down... And it was GREAT!!!

Here's the Journalling I wrote... It comes out the bottom of my heart...

Everything happens for a reason! I believe that... Pain, disease everything... I believe that what I have is a GIFT from GOD... A gift that I have to appreciate and LEARN from... There are worser things in this world... And I am so thankful for this...
I need to focus on what GOD is telling me!! What does he want me to learn... When I figured that out, there will be nothing that can put me down... I will be STRONGER, not HAPPIER, because I'm already VERY HAPPY..
Thank you GOD...

Thank you for all your sweet comments...

BTW: this song is so inspiring to me... I just want to share that with you... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL - Christina Aquilera...

27 opmerkingen:

Ruth zei

I love how youhave done this page. The journalling is just awesome and so true, thanks for sharing.

Disney Scrapper zei

I love your page. I'm getting lots of inspiration from seeing everyone's work. And I'm loving doing this challenge.

Just Rhonda zei

Ooooh this is great! Love your page. Love what you wrote. Just Awesome!!!!!

Tess zei

I love your page...awesome journaling. Love the stamp. Great job and good luck in finding your path.

Jamie zei

This is another powerful page and powerful experience. I'm happy that your belief is so strong for you. And thank you for sharing Beautiful. I sat here and listened to it a few times. What a beautiful song and message.

Andrea zei

i have tears in my eyes when reading this! isn't God amazing...awesome. your pages area beautiful!

Rachelle zei

such beautiful journaling and so true! love your work.

Anna Aspnes zei

I hate the cliche but beautiful! It nfeels great jsut to write from your heart doesn't it

tabitha jones zei

you are absolutley amazing and very, very inspiring!
have a wonderful day!

genevieve zei

i love the look of your pages...
and the journalling is true and heartfelt.
GOOD for you!

Fran M zei

Love your books! Enjoyed reading your blog too! Thanks for your comments. This is so great because it's like one comment leads to another's a little journey...a treasure hunt!

~michelle~ zei

Your pages are amazing Emine. I LOVE that you keep referring to it all as a "mess." That may very well be what it feels like on the inside but when it all comes through your hands to your pages, it's POTENT, baby! Love that you are sharing something so personal. Gives me lots of ideas for my next 21 Day Challenge. Thank you for your continued inspiration!
Cheers! ~m

Fiona zei

Wow, these are beautiful, strong pages. Fab stuff.

Lu zei

this is wonderful.

ashersjane zei

What great work you have done! I really like it!

lori zei

beautiful. brought tears to my eyes, too.. very insightful to who you are and where you are in your life...

ArtsyMama zei

Wow, I love this. Just gorgeous. You can tell you put your heart and soul into it. Great work. WOW!

Di zei

Oh I love everything you are doing with your entries - very colorful and joyful...I like where you are going with this!

kraftyscraps zei

I loved seeing your work and can't wait to see more. You claim your pages are messy, but they are wonderful and really show a piece of you - that is a true artist imho.

Angelique zei

I LOVE all of your pages- You need to be more confident and happy with your work---no need to think it is messy or awful!!! You are funny!

I love your "BEAUTIFUL" song too!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

September zei

Fabulous! Love the pages.... great job!

Nicole zei

Beautiful work and journaling!

stephanie zei

my thoughts exactly! Amen it!

viv zei

this is truly awesome!

Marylou Medina-Bolus zei

I love this Emine, you are an inspiration to me. I love the black background on the Left side of your entry. Love what you wrote too. Thank you for always stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's scrapbooker like you that I want to do this challenge more!

twistedsoda zei

you are an amazing soul. This touched me in more ways than I could imagine. You definitely touched my heart! There is a reason for everything...I believe too.

Azalea zei

I feel a lot of emotions in your art journal entries and admire you for that !!!
"Beautiful" is also a song that touchs my heart, i love it !