woensdag, maart 29, 2006


Yes, here is my day 2 entry... GOSH it's AWFUl... But I like it VERY MUCH... This time it was also sooooo FUN to do... I can let myself go!! What a relief!! This page is MY HEART...That's why its so POWERFULL to me...When I look at this page, I just can feel the energy... The outside of my heart is kinda dark but there is a rainbow inside...

This page is about my dreams...
Journalling READS:

These are my DREAMS for me and everybody... There's going to be a time that I WILL accomplish one of them... GETTING HEALTHY... Every time I LOSE my way, this page will let me FIND it!!!

Above the HEART:
Cause I'm a SUPERGIRL, and SUPERGIRLS don't CRY... (this is from a song I love)

Under the HEART:
Maybe I can't but the SHADOW of my HEART reachs EVERYWHERE...

I made the heart with paperpieces... Then I gave it a color with watercolours...

I want to use a different style for every page... So I can practise for my scrapbooking...

I hope that I didn't ruin your eyes LOL!

30 opmerkingen:

Tania zei

love this and I dont think its Awful at all!

Ruth zei

I love how you have done your heart. Also like how you did your goals in blocks on page 1

Fiffi zei

This page feels really powerful. Good work!

Erica zei

I lve this! Its very bold! Your journaling is awesome!

Tess zei

I love the page so very "awful"(wonderful). I love the scribbles and the heart. So revealing.

ArtsyMama zei

Awesome work! I love that you allowed yourself to let go and it sounds like you had a blast! Love the journaling on your dreams. You are such an inspiration. This truly is ART!!!!!

Felicity zei

I really like this page/these pages. I like the way you put your desires on blocks of color and I like the heart and I think it's beautiful and powerful.

tabitha zei

this is amazing!!!

Maggie zei

I am luving your entries.
Havea great day and keep the faith.

Just Rhonda zei

Love the rainbow in the heart. I agree with Fiffi - this is a powerful entry.

September zei

It is AWESOME! I love it. It is SO not a mess! Creativity can never be a mess. Way to go!

September zei
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Lauren zei

this is SO NOT awful art!!! can art ever really be awful?...okay, i guess it CAN be tacky! haha I love 1. all the colors 2. that YOU love it and felt free to show yourself on the page! :) xoxo

Karin B zei

What a powerful entry! You can really feel the energy all the way from USA to Sweden! That's not bad :-D

Julie zei

i love the fun feeling i get when i look at this!

Lilli zei

I like it. I like the texture of it. And GREAT attitude, by the way :)

Rachelle zei

your page!
and your
journaling is

khya zei

This isn't awful, it's powerful. So much to see and read. Nice!

Sylvie zei

i really like your style.....and boy would my graphic project teacher love u! Beeing spontaneaus is great.....keep it up:)

amber rae zei

I really like what you've done w/the blocks and the heart. Your page really has a lot of energy! Keep up the good work and don't be so hard on yourself. I think you should rename your post "awesome art". :-)

banglamarie zei

Nice colors!!

Amy zei

Beautiful page...such great journaling. Really inspiring.


Webgrl zei

i LOVE this! its amazing and sooooo beautifulx

Andrea zei

this page is sooooooo amazing! i really love it!

Gina zei

I think it's great. Expressive.

laura t. zei

love the freedom and I think it came out WONDERFUL!

Randell zei

Love your page, pure art!!

Ann(i)e zei

So glad I can leave you comments now!!! I LOVE your work!!!!

alyssa zei

Just gorgeous. Love your colorblocking. Can't figure out what could possibly be awful about this!

NatalyaA zei

This is gourgeous! Very raw, I love it!