woensdag, maart 25, 2009


hi friends

another layout has been selected for publication in Somerset Memories. I'm sooooo happy about that. I finished a page today. it turned out just the way I want.
but there is 1 problem: my camera is broken :( I need one immediately....

what are you girls up too...

I feel good tadadadadada....


love you all

4 opmerkingen:

Birgit zei

Congratulations! Glad that you feel good!! Welcome back!

Je@net zei

Gefeliciteerd meis, super!

Iris zei

Gefeliciteerd meid! En idd fijn dat je je weer zo goed voelt! Ben benieuwd naar je layout!

Melonie zei

YAY! Congrats and soooo glad to see you back in the scrappy world! I've missed your pages so much:)