woensdag, maart 25, 2009


hi friends

another layout has been selected for publication in Somerset Memories. I'm sooooo happy about that. I finished a page today. it turned out just the way I want.
but there is 1 problem: my camera is broken :( I need one immediately....

what are you girls up too...

I feel good tadadadadada....


love you all

zondag, maart 08, 2009


First of all SORRY FOR THE BAD BAD PICTURES... my camera is doing weird. it felt on the floor. now I have that weird stripes on my pictures. I need to find someone to fix it for me.
Corinne I hope you like them. they look way better in real life.
I'm going to the scrap-a-licious weekend on saturday 21 march. thanks to corinne. She is the most talented and sweetest person I know.
go check out her blog and sign up for the that weekend. it's gonna be really fun.. you can see her blog on the right side of this blog.
love you corinne

vrijdag, maart 06, 2009


I'm opening a really new chapter in my life. One with HOPE, STRENGTH, HEALTH and HAPPINESS. I feel stronger then I ever felt in my life.
I started homeschooling, I have one of the sweetest dog (i will take a picture tomorrow of him). I am going to work on my studio tomorrow. And then I will be back in this beautiful world called SCRAPBOOKING.
I can't wait to scrapbook again... i will share corinne's layouts ASAP.
cheers my friends, I'm coming back and this time for REAL!!!!!!!

donderdag, maart 05, 2009

I SAW...

my kids. I really loved to spend time with them. Now i need to wait for 3 weeks to see them again :(... Love you my babies.

I am searching for some inspiration for my new studio. I know i want to make it lime-green with white and a little red. And then it's time to decorate it and to start scrapbooking again.
I can't wait to work on it. I hope you missed my work LOL...

I can't take any pictures of the layouts I made. My camera is not doing his job LOL

for all the dutchies: CHECK OUT corinne's blog for a scrapalicious weekend.
there are very inspiring teachers. So go and check it out...

Now I'm going to rest for a while...I hope i can take pictures of my dog and layouts...

till soon...