woensdag, oktober 24, 2007


Alright girls... I'm still alive, so DON'T worry LOL. I was very sick the last couple of weeks (I still am UGGHH).. And ofcourse quite a few deadlines. I will have 2 new articles coming up in the december issue of the dutch scrapbookmagazine Creatief met foto's. I worked with some YUMMY new CHA releases hee hee... Sorry, I can't share it with you right now but I love the way they turned out... Here is the layout I did for theembellishmentstudio.com. I am working on another page and a fun little project for them... You really should check that site out because the ribbons I got are DELICIOUS... Aw and I got this picture from Micki Slife... I was in search for some winter themed pictures. Unfortunately this picture didn't get picked by the editor BUT i love it anyway. So I needed to create a layout with it... Hope you like it Micki.. I am going to show it to the editor though, maybe she wants to publish it after all ;)

Last Saturday I was in EDE again. MANNNN, I LOVE THAT PLACE... Not only the shop but also the people over there... They make you feel HOME. Truly my kind of people... If you live in Holland. Please go and check it out (or let's go together ;)

SDJZ (the shop) was celebrating his FIRST anniversary. And ofcourse I needed to be there... I was there around 11 am. We had so much fun scrapping, FREE make and takes, chatting... The shop closed at 5 pm but my husband called me that they would be a little late. OOPS, what was I supposed to do. But Dorenda (the amazing owner) told me that I could wait there till they came... I was soo happy.. thanks again dorenda...

So ended up celebrating the anniversary along with the owners and the team. (HEE HEE HOW LUCKY AM I). I took around 60 pictures WOW... I'm glad that I could help them to remember that BIG day. They drunk Champagne and so did I.. Uhmm actualy I tasted it LOL.. I don't like alcohol.. Bleehhh, no NOT MY thing.

Dorenda and DENNIS:

Monique and her sweet little boy

Finally around 6pm my hubby came to pick me up. We went to a restaurant to celebrate OUR 5th ANNIVERSARY... We are married for 5 years, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera with me :(

Ow and check this out: http://mojoholder.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/10/challenge-33.html#comments ... I feel totally honored.. thanks girls

I know I got tagged but really I need to go to bed now... I'm really really tired... I hope you girls don't mind it... I have so much to do and so much to post that I get tired at the end of the post LOL

big hugs girls

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Anoniem zei

I love the lace on this page! I saw you over at MoJo! how fun was that! happy Anniversary!!!

Nat zei

Hope you are feeling better soon! Lovely layout!

M@risk@ zei

Happy belated anniversary Emine and glad that you're back. Take care of yourself.

Natasja zei

Great layout and also happy belated anniversary!!!!!

Hope you feel better seen.

Megan zei

HI EMine,

What a STUNNING layout - so bright and wonderful!

Megan xx

Lilian Schneider zei

Hi sweetie,

Hope you feel a litlle better. I love the layout you made, they HAVE TO take it!
Love to come to Ede one time, but it;s so far from where I live, but who knows....
Happy anniversary girlie, we had our 6th anniversary this year. it's the second marriage for both of us, so not bad he? ;-))

christiane zei

get well soon!! what a colorful and pretty layout!! great!! :))

Marjolein zei

Great layout Emine!! Love it, silly she didn't like the photo....!!

Hope you are feeling better soon, miss you at AAE!!

Peta zei

Gorgeous LO..Very bright and cheery..Lovely designs on the rest of your blog too..

Tammy zei

Oh wow, very beautiful pages, as usual!

Ice-Angel zei

beautiful LO!!
You've been tagged girl, 2x ;-)
Please look at my blog!

LiaS zei

Hey Emine,

It was nice to meet you at SDJZ. It's a great place to be!
Did you make something yet with the magic fibers?!?!
I'm looking forward to see more of you're work in Creatief met foto's.

Nura Keif zei

Hey darling...glad you are back!!
Stunning page and Happy Anniversary!! More years to come!! Missed you. Take care;-D

Je@net zei

He meissie, hoe gaat tie nou....alweer wat beter? Ik hoop het!!
Alsnog gefeliciteerd met jullie trouwdag!!!
Lootje is super joh, echt heel gaaf! Mooie foto ook!!
En zo te zien heb je een super dag gehad in Ede!! Fijn zo!

Birgit zei

LOVE your LO! Congrats on the mojo thing! hope you feel better soon!

Miranda zei

Hi Emine, Hope you feel better soon. Missed you a lot!
Hope you did meet all your deadlines... Speak to you soon I hope!

Marie zei

How fun! Im glad you are alive!!! I love ur page and happy anni! xoxoxo!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

hey emine, fijn dat je alweer ietsje beter voelt! je LO is echt zoooooo gaaf geworden joh! helemaal toppie! leuke foto's van Ede hoor! zo te zien heb je het echt super naar je zin gehad! enne nog gefeliciteerd met je trouwdag meid! vijf jaar alweer! super joh! ik heb echt super veel zin in de SIScrop de 17e! joehoe! tot dan! groetjes marije.

micayla zei

Hope you are feeeling better missus. It is just awful not feeling 100%
Loving the new scrap eye candy. You really do rock it like no other girl!!

jilly zei

Dang that layout is just so good Emine! Love it!
I do hope you start to feel better woon!

Charlotte zei

Hi Emine,

I hope you feel much better right now... love the lo you've made! :)