zondag, december 16, 2007

I came home yesterday... tonight I'm going to leave again. Everything is fine. please don't worry. It's hard. Hard to be away from my home and my family. It's hard to be away from my babies. It' s hard to deal with such fears. But I know i will be fine. I was strong my whole life and I will be stay strong no matter what.

I just want to share this clip with you...
It made me cry.... the most romantic clip i've ever saw...

A japanese clip with a turkish music...
Please watch it closely...

Here is a translation of the songtext.

Don't let the world turn without you
Don't let the fire in my heart go away
Let this song be our song
Let our love last for ever
Let your name be my ANGEL in my heart

Dont' let my EYES see without you (you will notice why this is in bold if you watch it)
Don't let my heart LOVE anybody
Let this song be our song
Let our love last for ever
Let your name be my ANGEL in my heart

Don't let my life end without you
Don't let seperation come in our way
Let this song be our song
let our love last forever
Let your name be my Angel in my heart.


Bye for now

dinsdag, december 04, 2007


I'm leaving for at least 2 weeks to a clinic. my panic attacks are getting worser...
I'm going to leave my babies behind. I feel so terrible. I will miss my babies sooooo much...
I hope that a mother never haves to experience this...
I love you my babies... WIth all my heart... BUt mommy needs to go. Mommy needs to get better and this is the only way... I will MISS YOU A LOT...

My friends... I'm hurt, life is just toooo hard on me... Why? I don't know. I want to be happy and healthy... But life has other plans with me... Now I have to leave my kids.

I'm crying all day. I know this is the best thing... But it still hurts...

Please keep my in your prayers. And never forget me...

love you all

maandag, december 03, 2007



Had a fun family party yesterday. I will post some pictures tomorrow...
And another happiness today... Dilara's hips are doing WONDERFUL.. So NOW she doesn't have to wear that thing (what do you call it again *ROLLING EYES*)
AND remember I was talking about Somerset Memories requesting 2 layouts of mine?? Well Make it 3 HEEHEEHEE...
See you later girls... thanks for all your well birthday wishes ;)

donderdag, november 29, 2007


Blogger doesn't work with me, so I can't upload any new layouts :(
But You need to check out the new challenge AT ALLABOUT EVE (link on the right sidebar)

And an important note: I'm NOT going to teach classes in Den Bosch... I guess scrapbookers over there are afraid of paint LOL. So the Den Bosch case is CLOSED.

I do have other plans though. I got asked to teach in another shop. Hope that will work out ;)

In the meantime I'm pretty busy with the mag and designteam work. Yesterday I got CMF's newest issue. I have a total of 9 pages articles in it YAY.. And ofcourse my secret... Watch your mailbox dutchies ;)

I'm off now... I'm going to grab a hot cup of coffee and go to my mom. I need that so much right now...

to all dutchies: give me some ideas for sinterklaas. Alara is not at the age (almost 3) that she's ready to get introduced to him. But i need some fun ideas. what kind of traditions do you have?

vrijdag, november 23, 2007


Here is a layout I created for scrappendoejezo.nl in Ede... I was there scrapping with Jo-anne te Raa and while we chat I created this. Love me some PRIMA PAINTABLES ;)
Yeah... My first international online workshops... You got to sign up.. Really, this workshops are really worth of it. Kim archer and her team really made the cutest gifts and tree ornaments. There are 4 workshops and I booked all of them... You can still sign up...

See you there ;) http://www.kimarcher.com.au/

I'm pretty busy with magazine deadlines... I have a 2 articles coming up in december and 2 in February... I really love this job....

thanks for stopping by

(ofcourse I have an article with 6 or 7 layouts coming up with them, Guess I have luck to get pubbed by them YAY)

dinsdag, november 06, 2007


Scrapbooking can be therapeutic. At least IT IS TO ME. I'm glad that i found this hobby. It helps me to be a happier person. Why would someone want me to quit with it? Ofcourse because they don't scrapbook :( I'm lucky that I have friends and my husband in my life. I love them more then I can ever explain in words.
Remember that I was talking about a very cool agenda. Here it is... My hubby took the picture just before I left to ede. I will post better pictures of it. I think this is the coolest alterable agenda I ever saw. . . How cool is that stitched cover?

Aw signs of fall. It's my favorite season. These are snapshots I took on my way to ede. I wish I could lay down in those leaves. Awesome...

Finally arrived in ede. This is the most amazing shop with the most amazing owner. We played with beeswax. OMG, I need to have it. I can't wait to play with it again. I think I need to save money for it... But i want it RIGHT NOW LOL.
Look at her. She is amazing. I had so much fun that day... thank you dorenda for the wonderful time.

And her mother. How cool that she's scrapping too. And 'let me tell you: she's really talented ;)

The result of that day.
If you live in the Netherlands (or you are planning to come over here) you should visit this shop. It's such a warm place with amazing people. Exactly the way a scrapbookstore should be...
I'm going to leave know. My dd is sitting on my lab, screaming for attention.

zaterdag, november 03, 2007


I had some fun with Alara baking these Dr. Oetker (LOL) cupcakes... I truly need to know how to make those CREAMY YUMMY AMERICAN ICINGS *sigh*I noticed that I don't share any pictures of my baby's. I'm proud to be their mother and I love them soooooo much.
Dilara is playing with my bubble wrap here...

Sneaky peaky messy scraptable (it's clean now though)
I totally forgot to show you this. Remember that I was in ede 2 weeks ago? Here's the result of a make and take I took there. We played with stamps en paint... I'm getting more and more interested in stamping. So I bought some amazing paperarsty stamps...

Some random facts:
- I'm going to start participating with the AAE challenges. I finished my page for the next challenge that will be up on monday november 11th. You all need to do that challenge. It's so cool and we will have a very talented, and very sweet guest designer. I will let you know when it's up.
- I had a phone call today with Ine from scrap-i-do.nl. I will be teaching an Prima paintables class next month. Yay, I love those paintables. I will keep you updated about this.
- Tomorrow I have a scrapday with Dorenda (the owner of scrappendoejezo.nl) in ede. I think it will be a lot of fun... Will show you pics tomorrow.
- I FOUND THE MOST AMAZING AGENDA. At least it looks amazing to me LOL. Will show you a pic tomorrow... I'm so happy with it..
I decided to post more on my blog. Lately I have been so busy that I couldn't find the time or the energy to update. So when I want to post something then I have so much to share that it's not fun anymore.
Yesterday evening I cleaned my studio and I organized all my deadlines. Finally I found some peace. Now I can move forward and start doing my duties on time, for example my AAE challenges ;)
It looks like I don't scrap anymore but that's NOT true. I finished some projects for glitz, for CMF (magazine) and for All about eve. But I can't show them :(
You just need to have a little bit more patient. In the mean time I will blog some sneaks and ramble about my life and my plans.
Oh I almost forgot. These 6 ladies will get something handmade from me within 365 days. Remember girls. You should pay it forward on your blog.
And the lucky girls are (uhmm lucky??? LOL)

Now I'm off to create some more and pack some stuff for tomorrow.

donderdag, november 01, 2007


Today it's November first. It's time to get back on track again. Last month was a bad month to me. I got the flu, then my kids, then I got the flu back, the kids got it also back, Toothache, Dentist pulled 2 of them out, 1 week of tootache etc. LOL

Thank god I'm feeling okay right now.

So from today on I will start scrapping again like crazy (which I did this whole evening, SORRY, can't show it, it's for GLITZ). I still need to finish up Gwen's mini-album, i will be the guest designer for busybeescrapbooking.com, I will start participating again with the AMAZING ALL ABOUT EVE challenges...etc. etc. A pretty busy but FUN month is waiting for me. Especially the crop on november 17th with the sistv girls in Ede... I can't wait to meet you all girls ;)

Now I really need to go to bed. I will try to update ASAP with the names of the girls who will be getting PAY IT FORWARD RAKS FROM ME ;)

woensdag, oktober 24, 2007


Alright girls... I'm still alive, so DON'T worry LOL. I was very sick the last couple of weeks (I still am UGGHH).. And ofcourse quite a few deadlines. I will have 2 new articles coming up in the december issue of the dutch scrapbookmagazine Creatief met foto's. I worked with some YUMMY new CHA releases hee hee... Sorry, I can't share it with you right now but I love the way they turned out... Here is the layout I did for theembellishmentstudio.com. I am working on another page and a fun little project for them... You really should check that site out because the ribbons I got are DELICIOUS... Aw and I got this picture from Micki Slife... I was in search for some winter themed pictures. Unfortunately this picture didn't get picked by the editor BUT i love it anyway. So I needed to create a layout with it... Hope you like it Micki.. I am going to show it to the editor though, maybe she wants to publish it after all ;)

Last Saturday I was in EDE again. MANNNN, I LOVE THAT PLACE... Not only the shop but also the people over there... They make you feel HOME. Truly my kind of people... If you live in Holland. Please go and check it out (or let's go together ;)

SDJZ (the shop) was celebrating his FIRST anniversary. And ofcourse I needed to be there... I was there around 11 am. We had so much fun scrapping, FREE make and takes, chatting... The shop closed at 5 pm but my husband called me that they would be a little late. OOPS, what was I supposed to do. But Dorenda (the amazing owner) told me that I could wait there till they came... I was soo happy.. thanks again dorenda...

So ended up celebrating the anniversary along with the owners and the team. (HEE HEE HOW LUCKY AM I). I took around 60 pictures WOW... I'm glad that I could help them to remember that BIG day. They drunk Champagne and so did I.. Uhmm actualy I tasted it LOL.. I don't like alcohol.. Bleehhh, no NOT MY thing.

Dorenda and DENNIS:

Monique and her sweet little boy

Finally around 6pm my hubby came to pick me up. We went to a restaurant to celebrate OUR 5th ANNIVERSARY... We are married for 5 years, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera with me :(

Ow and check this out: http://mojoholder.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/10/challenge-33.html#comments ... I feel totally honored.. thanks girls

I know I got tagged but really I need to go to bed now... I'm really really tired... I hope you girls don't mind it... I have so much to do and so much to post that I get tired at the end of the post LOL

big hugs girls

zaterdag, oktober 06, 2007


Time flies BY... I haven't updated my blog for a while, so sorry about that. But I'm burried in Deadlines. AND I'M LOVING IT... There are some amazing things Happening to me.. I feel SOOO Blessed and LUCKY...

- I took another class with Jo-anne te RAA... An embellishment workshop in Ede (http://www.scrappendoejezo.nl/) Love that girl, love that shop, love the owner and LOVE THE WORKSHOPS over there... We made a really cool book with all sorts of embellishemnt ideas in it... Jo-anne learned us how to crochet. I always loved to crochet. I made a lot of things with it. But I never used it on my scrapbookpages. That will change for SURE... ;) Thanks Jo-anne for the amazing workshop... I can't wait to come to the Hambly workshop you will be teaching this month... ;)
The beautiful teacher Jo-anne
The designteam is workshopping too ;) Such a sweet woman... You see that little girl?? She was there with her mom... Scrapbooking.. Freaking amazing..
Dorenda... The supersweet owner... How can't you feel comforable over there??? ;)
Antoinette (she knows how to use the bind it all LOL)

- I had an APPOINTMENT with the owner of a scrapbookstore (http://www.scrap-i-do.nl/) They asked me to be their GUEST TEACHER. So I will be giving my very FIRST workshop there. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT??? I already prepared a class. And let me tell ya, I'm already in love with the project ;) I will post a sneak peak when 'we pick a date... It includes transparencies, chipboard, felt, buttons, PAINT... really cool album...

- I went to the magazine (http://www.creatiefmetfotos.nl/) And I GOT a lot of YUMMY stuff to play with... And a really exciting offer... GOSH, this is like a dream come true... I can't tell you anything YET... It will be revealed in the December ISSUE of the mag ;)

- My daughter started pre-school ( I think you call it like that or Kindergarten). She's sooooo excited to go there every tuesday and friday. So fun...

- My latest pages for scrapsupply.com... I will miss it... It was amazing working for you this past 3 months girls. thanks for everything...
BTW: our assignment was to create your own journalling spots...

And NOW i'm a guest designer for http://www.theembellishementstudio.com/ .... I got some really cool ribbons and stuff... I already created a layout.. Will show it to ya soon...
ANDDD I will be guest designing for a manufacturer next year... Can't tell you which one YAY...
So I had a lot to tell.. And I bet I forgot something...
There were girls who tagged me but i can't remember who anymore... Please girls LEt me know... And I will do it... Love you all...
ANDDDDDDDDDDDD there is a fun little game going on... PaY IT FORWARD...
What does this mean? The first 3 people WHO comments on this blog will get something handmade from me within the next 365 days... I will be getting something from brigitta and Nat... So that means the FIrST 6 people will get something HANDMADE from me...
BUT you need to post it on your blog too and pay it forward to other 3 people... I can't wait to see who will be the first 6..
Ready set GO...