woensdag, april 19, 2006


* Thursday evening I have an appointment with the sweet lady Antoinette to talk about my business-plan... She has her own already... I am so excited to meet her... It will be a *GREAT* evening for sure.. She seems so nice...
I will see the products either... The most important thing to me is that the products are good.. I am willing to sell it and work with it if it has some quality... So we'll see..

* And the BIG BIG very BIG news is: I've been asked to join a designteam... Ectually, She didn't ask me... We were chatting and I asked her if she needed a designteam member and SHE WAS!! So she asked for some recent pages that I made...
Unfortunately I have not so much to show her but the layout I finished just a few minutes ago will hopefully do (see the picture above)... what do you think?.. My scanner messed it up but Anyway I will keep you posted about it!! YEAH, I'm so PUMPED about this..
BTW: the lady I'm talking about is Danielle... Just a sweet woman... She started a blog recently... check it out if you want HERE ...

5 opmerkingen:

Malou zei

I love it, it's like a collage of your everyday life. Yay! MOre good news for you, Emine. I encourage you to do more layouts so you can get used to it. Congratulations!!! Luvs Malou

Karli zei

Love the layout, Emine. Good choice. Good luck with the design team too, and your interview about the scrapbooking products. Let me know how it all turns out. Thinking of you always!

Corinnexxx zei

I think you will do fine with this lo it looks great!


Jeanette zei

Congratulations, Emine! I wish you all the success with your new business endeavor as well as being part of a design team. It sounds very exciting!!

justjohanna zei

i love your layout! it sounds like you are starting some very exciting adventures. i'm so happy for you! good luck!