vrijdag, april 14, 2006


Do you see this girl!! She is my new DEAR friend I met through Rhonna farrer's *21 challenge*... She is so amazing... She is going to send me a RAK because I'm the first and the 100th poster on her blog.. How COOL is that...

I was so busy with Alara that I forgot to look at her blog... So she send me an email that I need to check it out.. I did OFCOURSE.. And was very surprised when I read THIS ...

Thank you MALOU... You're very kind and generous... I'm so freeking (did I spell this right?LOL) EXCITED!!!

Thank you GIRL.. thank you for being so kind...

Other news:

I'm planning to become a scrapbook consultant... Nothing is decided yet.. But I just want to do it.. The plan is that I'm going to work for myself and sell scrapbooksupplies here in the Netherlands.. And ofcourse giving workshops.. Not just regular scrapworkshops but also ART workshops... To put your feelings in your ART pages.. And make a mess... Ofcourse it is NOT something that you can do in 1 day.. So I need to work, work work to make it happen...

More about that later...

I am So Pumped about this... Malou and my future business...

*I feel good tadadadada*
*I feel good tadadadada*
*So good, so good etc. etc.. LOL

Have a GREAT weekend...

7 opmerkingen:

Malou zei

Wow, lots of good news for you My dear Emine. You deserve all of this bcoz' you are one COOL CHICK!! Thank you for mentioning ME in your blog, love it!!! You can achieve all of your dreams I wish you the best towards your future!!

Gina zei

Do it -- that's a great idea!

~michelle~ zei

How cool is Malou!? She is SO cool! Congratulations on the RAK AND on the consultant position. Coolness!

Paula Sealey zei

Well done on the RAK! I love your journal pages!

Jeanette zei

Best of luck, Emine, on your new venture! I'm sure you will do great at it. You definitely have the great personality to go with it!

September zei

GO you! I'm so excited for you! I've so enjoyed visiting your blog during the challenge!

D@nielle zei

Wow Emine good for you ! I wish you lot's of suc6 it's hard work but lots of fun, if you have any questions let me know as I know from experience how hard it is to talk to scrappers that have started up their own business .... Everone is so tight lipped ....