vrijdag, april 21, 2006


This is what I received today with the mail... First I thought I had ordered something (they come always in huge packages like this).. But when I saw MALOU'S name on it, I couldn't believe my eyes...

She supposed to send me a RAK for being the first and the 100st poster on her blog... But this is huge.. I really don't know what to say...

What was in it? This....

She put so many *YUMMY* and *EXPENSIVE* stuff in it... I felt like a child.. It made me really happy.. thank you soooooooo much Malou... What you did is HUGE!! One bubble gum was enough for me!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Ow BTW you put your hubby's photo in it LOL (by accident I think)... I will return it to you... And thank you so much for your sweet letter and that *CUTE* envelop... Thank you again GIRL, YOU ROCK!!!

3 opmerkingen:

Malou zei

Oh, gosh. Sorry, I must've put it in there accidentally. Sorry about that! HE, He, I have to tell DH that he traveled all the way to the Netherlands!!! Don't worry I have more RAK's to give you guys. Enjoy!! Luvs Malou

D@nielle zei

wow you've been so spoiled by Malou, lucky you ! I thought a RAK was supposed to be 1 envelope filled with cute things, hey Malou you can RAK me anytime !!! haha
grts, D@nielle

ps. Emine, how did you're chat go thursday ?

Karli zei

Fun stuff, Emine. Sufficiently spoiled, as you should be! I want to hear about the interview thing, too. Hope all is well. I'll e-mail more when I get some time next week. Love you, friend!