maandag, april 03, 2006


Ow yeah, I am behind... I know!!! But no problem I will catch up soon.. I had a lot to do last 2 days.. And still have a lot to do...

As you know, I have 10 kitties in tha house LOL... Yes I mean it.. And ofcourse my 2 adults... Each of them has 5 babies!!! You can imagine what a mess it is right now...

But, no matter what, I just love them very much!!! When they're gone... It will be very empty in the house... And I will miss them very much...

Yesterday, I ordered an another book!! Another awesome book...

HEIDI SWAPP: love your handwriting... She is so amazing.. I really love her... Her products ROCKS... So I think that this book ROCKS as well...
Plus: I need to do something about my handwriting... I don't like it a bit!!!

Well, this is it for today.. I will post my day 6 when I finished it... I will mess it up for sure LOL!

Have a Wonderful day...

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Felicity zei

what cute, cute kitties!! And that's froma person who prefers dogs!

Karli zei

Hey, I'm back and looked at your cute stuff. You are doing awesome! Great job. I'm so proud of you. Don't keep saying you will mess things up for sure. Remember that everything you create is you, it's yours, a piece of you that no one else can replicate. You are unique, as is your style. So talented. Love you!

Sharma zei

your work is great and you are exactly where you should be right now - keep going

Malou Medina-Bolus zei

Your kitty cats are so cute. Am still waiting for your entries but it's okay I will be looking back I have you book marked. I have this book you will love it I love Heidi Swapp and her products! She rocks! Take care. Malou

banglamarie zei

Cute kittens!!!!! Cute, cute..!!!

Love tihs book. HeidiSwapp rockes!!! :) Enjoy!!

September zei


The kitties are so darling. Thank you so much for sharing them! Can't wait to hear how you like Heidi Swapp's book! I haven't bought it yet but am really wanting it!

Loving all your work, keep it up!

Denise zei

I love the Heidi Swapp book, too. I've discovered I'm okay with my small writing, it's the BIG TITLES that I really want to work on...still going through the exercises...practice, practice!

Amy T. zei

I have to show this picture to my daughter. She is wanting a cat so badly! Looking forward to seeing your next entry!

laura t. zei

you'll LOVE the book! and I'm more behind than you but still lovin' the process...can't wait to see what you create next!

Julie zei

cute little kitties! and i love HS too!!

twistedsoda zei

oh how cute, I love kitties!!! I just ordered that book, I can't wait to get it. I've heard so many good things about it. Thanks for saying all your nice comments on my really make my day!!!

Anna Aspnes zei

Love all your pages and those kitten are just the sweetest!

Lauren zei

OMG! Such cute kitties! (and LOTS of them!) :)

And you're doing GREAT with the challenge, don't worry about getting behind, just keep on pushing forward! xo

~michelle~ zei

Kittens! So cute so cuddly so soft so calico! GREAT excuse for being behind in your journal Emine! Put some love on them for me!!!

Disney Scrapper zei

Ok, you told me I can do it, so I'm saying the same to you. Just Do It !


Jessica K. zei

ohhhhhh, I just want to snuggle right in there with those kitties!! how stinkin' cute!

Mehlika zei

Ugradigin icin tesekkurler,yaptiklarini cok begendim, bu yasta anne oldugun icin kiskandim, kedilere bayildim... Gorusmek uzere :)