donderdag, april 27, 2006


This is my first dare... I read THIS BLOG every Thursday... That's the day they place a new Dare... I just had not the time to do it!!
But since I'm folowing MALOU'S steps (finishing a layout everyday)I was able to do This... It was so MUCH *FUN*... I can't wait to see the new dare...

BTW: this weeks dare was brought by *ALI EDWARDS*... SO I HAD TO DO THIS... She is so awesome.. Here page is Fabulous...

More pics LATER!!!

my English sucks today!! Please don't laugh!!! :)

4 opmerkingen:

Karli zei

Such a cute page, Emine. You have progressed so much as a scrapbooker just since we've met! Good for you. I am craving scrapping time and haven't had any. I have been deep cleaning and packing up getting ready to move in a few days. So excited! Hope all is well with you. E-mail when you get a chance. Love you!

Malou zei

Hi, Emine. Love this LO that you did!! There is something wrong with my other dsl connection so I'm using another connection. YOur english is perfect! I am so glad that you are scrapping more everyday! Alara is so CUTE! Love this Layout! I like that you used different fonts or did you stamp this? Love yah! Malou

Anoniem zei

You did awesome! I love it!

Gina zei

You've totally got me interested in doing effers. Fantastic page!