woensdag, april 05, 2006


Well, I finally finished day 6... It's not a masterpiece but I had a lot of fun doing this...

The funny part is, I saw this page in my dream... So yesterday before I started I had this in my mind and made it... Yeah!! It felt incredible... Cutting pieces of papers, stamping, writing...

The journal reads:

I'm in love with colours. All kind of colours... Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Black, Yellow, Grey, Green... It doesn't matter... This Journal is all about colours. I try to use them a lot in combination with Black... Because Black makes them look GOOD...

Just like feelings... I love them all. Because Bad feelings make good feelings look better... If we didn't felt bad emotions... We would never appreciate the good ones...

Think about it... And appreciate them...
Because what ever you do, what ever you try... They will BE a part of your life...

This journalling just popped in my mind... I know for sure that my English sucks when I write.. But the point is that I try, right???

I speak 3 languages.. Turkisch, Dutch and English.. So this is NORMAL LOL...

I'm so excited to do the next day...
Good luck everybody...

Have a Wonderfull day...

BTW: Malou thank you for your patience ;)

25 opmerkingen:

Sylvie zei

This looks great........and so spontaneas...i love the way you just do what you feel like doing....your pages transmit total freedom and pure fun.:)

Ange Zav zei

Beautiful! Just Beautiful!
I love all the colour.

Melbourne, Australia

Sam zei

Love the colors. Very inspiring.

Malou zei

Emine, this is so awesome!!! LOVE IT! You are worth the wait. And thank you for mentioning my name! Congratulations again. Hope to keep in touch with you when the 21 day is over. I feel that I know you as a new friend through your blog. The journaling is so deep also!

Lauren zei

I love it! The colors are so bright and I love those little doodled flowers! Very fun! :)

Amy T. zei

Love these colors and your journaling. I'm glad I'm not the only one behind... I just posted pages 5, 6, & 7! Let's keep going!

Corinnexxx zei

I think you did a great job by listening to your inner you!


Karli zei

simply you Emine. Beautiful as always. Love that you truly come through in your journaling. You are having so much growth. Good job! Love you!

Ruth zei

Love it. The colours are gorgeous.

lori zei

wow! need I say more?? It seems your style is evolving.. awesome! your journaling is really beautiful and thought provoking. thanks for sharing. :)

Lu zei

love your challenge pages.

viv zei

love the colors and your writing around it..

Malou zei

Oh, Emine. Thank you so much for the compliment! I feel the same way about you too. You seem like a very genuine person. Never change! I have to work on my LO"s now. I will be watching for the rest of your LO's as well. Yes, pls. do keep in touch, okay! LUv Malou

Malou zei

Emine, Day 9 and 10 is up in my blog check it out!! Malou

Sharma zei

You page turned out beautiful! Lovely journalling and dont you love it when you think (or in this case dream) something and then it comes out the way you saw it - great feeling!

Laurie Patterson zei

I'm a color "nut" too. I love ALL the colors and I really love what you did on your page.

Keep going, you're doing great.

~michelle~ zei

Great colors! Love the patchwork against the black! Another awesome page!!

twistedsoda zei

I am loving the colorful patchwork!!! So impressive, you are all talent!!!

Kary zei

I really like this page - the colorful pattern up front and B&W in the back. Very striking.

Malou zei

Emine!!! I missed you. I'm glad you are still here! I was wondering about you-I was going to call the FBI and search for ya! LOL!!! I did missed you though and your pages and your blog I kept looking for new updates! Talk to you later! Malou

twistedsoda zei

where are you!!! I've missed your world of color!!! Come on, lemme see some more!!!

September zei

This is such a great entry! I always enjoy your pages so much. Ok, but where ARE you? I hope you're ok and still on track.

Just Rhonda zei

Wonderful entry! Love all the colors you used. Great job!

Anoniem zei


What's happening? I'm missing almost 10 days of blogging. To busy with your kittens?

Jeanette zei

What a beautiful layout. And your journaling is beautiful too.

Keep up the great work, Emine! Very inspiring.