zaterdag, april 01, 2006


Woohooooo, I just had a wonderfull scrapping time... I am crazy about ribbons and I got to work with them... It was just too much fun...

This is my 5th page for the challenge.. I know my style is a little (Little??) bit different... But that's just me!! I can't help it LOL...

Don;t understand me wrong.. I love design... I really do!! I'm crazy about Ali Edward's work... I wish I could do that too... but with this challenge I just can't design my pages... That doesn't work for me..

I need to be spontanious...
I need to mess it up...
That's what going trough my mind when I'm doing this...
Every page is different...
Every page is full of MY feelings...
And I love them all...
I really do...

I am PROUD of what I'm doing...
I am PROUD that I can put my feelings in it (that's what art is all about, I think)
And I am PROUD that I'm enjoying it...

I want to thank you guys for:

Your Amazing comments
Your encouragments (did I write this right? I don't think so)
Making me feel good about myself
Inspiring me...


Other news:

YES, YES, YES... The book that I ordered is shipped, I will get them monday or tuesday... I am so pumped about this... I just can't wait to read it with a hot cup of coffee and a SIGARET (bad emine LOL)
BTW: I ordered 'a designers eye' of Ali edwards.. I heard a lot of good things about it... I ordered also an another book (see previous posts) but I need to wait a bit longer for that *DAMN*

I'm working on a mini-cj of someone else... This is the sign in page I needed to do.. Well, i tried some doodling on it (doodling?? I just made some curls... These are Emine curls LOL)
I like how they turned out.. It's a little bit different then my AJ entries LOL... but I just like to get out of my box every ones in a while...

All right... I better get going and check some AJ entries out.. Love to watch them... You guys are very talented...

Have a happy scrappy day...

21 opmerkingen:

laura t. zei

love the freedom in your journal...and the colors on this entry are stunning...beautiful work!!

Erica zei

I love all the different colors you used!

Malou Medina-Bolus zei

Hi, Emine! You know you are the one who leaves the comment the most on my blog and I'm glad that you enjoy my entries for Rhonna's Challenge. I TOTALLY love today's entry that is so beautiful! Love all the colors and everything about it. You did such a great job! And your Emine doodle is outta this world! I've never been on a circle journal would love to be in one. Take care. See ya at day 6!

Lilli zei

These are all so great! I like your sense of abandon and joy in rushing your art onto paper. That's what it is all about: authenticity :)

ArtsyMama zei

Lovin' those ribbons! Great work:) Ali's book is fantastic. Can't wait for her new one to come out this summer.

twistedsoda zei

I absolutely adore you pages. So from the heart and right from your fingertips! I love your creativity, it really makes my heart smile!

gudrun zei

WOW! Your pages are SO artistic and really cool.
Love your style. You must be a true artist. :-)

Just Rhonda zei

Oh I love this page with the ribbon. I love the movement and art in your journal. It is so awesome. I LOVE yesterdays too. Love the seawing.

Kimber-Leigh zei

the variety of ribbons (love love love them) is the perfect expression of the quote.

Amy T. zei

I'm crazy for ribbon, too! Love the herringbone pattern. I'm brand-new to scrapping and I just got Ali Edward's book... you're gonna love it!

Shanna zei

Wow....your pages are fabulous! Eye candy! Great job!

Anoniem zei

Love how your approaching this challenge! You inspire me to be a little less...careful for lack of a better word.

Anoniem zei

I should have added...from Jill since I posted anonymous.

Ruth zei

Love all the ribbon, wonderful. It is so great that you can be free to do what you want to in your journal, that's what it is all about.

Malou Medina-Bolus zei

Hi, Emine. Can't wait to see what you did for Day 6 mine is up if you want to stop by! Thanks again. hope you are having a great weekend!

Malou zei

No, worries Emine. I will be there to check it out! I have your blog bookmarked! Thanks, for always commenting! Malou

September zei

Love everything!!! Your pages are all so beautiful. I love the ribbons... Love it!!!

Sonia zei

you some up my feelings so well - love your work - keep it up - heart smiles from me too!

Jeanette zei

Well said, Emine. And your layouts are amazing. I love what you did with the ribbons!!

Gina zei

OH inspiration. How beautiful are your pages!

amber rae zei

I too like the freedom to do whatever I feel in my art journal. No two pages are the same and that's ok. Isn't it fun just to do whatever you want to :) Love all the ribbons