donderdag, november 19, 2009

I miss my babies...
I dont know what to say, i just want my babies.... :(

dinsdag, oktober 06, 2009


I've been published in this issue of scrapbook inspirations with my blog. it's called blog love. YEAH! Such an honor.
it says:
New discovery of the month:
the coloufrul and creative world of emine pazan. etc. you need to buy the magazine to read more :)
Lately I'm thinking of buy myself some new clothes. i bought a new jacket and shoes and a big bag. now I need to buy some warm clothes for the winter.
I'm working on my new adventure: online classes. Now I need a few talented designers.
if you think you have what i'm looking for just email me at
hugs and kisses.

donderdag, augustus 27, 2009


Head on over to This workshop is NOW FOR FREE....
A Gift from me to you!!!! Everybody who already paid will get it back at the beginning of next month.... (this doens't include the kit)

zaterdag, augustus 22, 2009


Studio Delights is doing well. Hard work but it will work out. The idea and girlpower is there. So will tell more about it later.
Thanks Brigitta for giving me the MY FRIEND award. It means a lot to me... thanks honey. Love you!!! Now I need to give it to 5 other friends:
1. My dear friend Malou....
2. My other dear friend Miranda...
3. One of the sweetest persons I met becuase of this amazing hobby Shimelle Lain.
4. the first people who responds to this post :)
5. The second person who responds to this post.
A sneaky Peaky of my online workshop. My daughter Alara LOVED IT... So I want to create another one for Kaylee (my 3d girlie)... I know she will LOVE IT TOO....

I'm truly really busy at the time. I think I'm going to work all night again LOL.
But I love what i do. That's the important thing right?
Wish you all a good night. sleep well...
Johnny is saying hi to y'all...

dinsdag, augustus 11, 2009


Jaaaaa ik heb de stoute schoenen aangetrokken en ben begonnen met mijn allereerste online workshop.
De mini-album zelf heb ik geheel zelf ontworpen...
Voor het eerst in Nederland komen de workshops ook met kits. dus je krijgt er een heleboel spullen bij. ;)

wil je meer informatie kijk dan even hier... heb jullie steun hard nodig.

Yeah, I'm starting to teach online workshops. Shimelle lain helped me through it. Thanks shimelle I appreciate it so much what you did for me. This online workshop will come with a kit... you can read all about it here:

I need your support girls.

The first subscribers are already coming in... YEAH...
this project is sooooo fun... come and join me...


big hug

maandag, augustus 10, 2009


Just finished a layout and mini-album. I used maya road album and SEI papers throughout the book. It contains my 8 habits. 8 good and bad habits. We all have them, why not scrapbook them.
I just went over at twopeas and I'm in the top 10 of most viewed and voted layouts. WOW. I created the most viewed mini-album LOL.
It's an honor eventhough it's not a contest. Everybody likes it when their work is appreciated. I love to get inspired by others work and love to inspire others with mine. Nothing wrong about that right?
I painted again. Yeah this layout was so much fun to create... It looks much better in real life. I created this for a "why do you scrapbook' challenge over at Love te way it turned out.

THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG. Would appreciate it so much if you left me some comment.
big hug to you all

donderdag, augustus 06, 2009


I have some sculptures to share with you.
These are all handmade by myself.
An excellent art for your home, office and not to forget YOUR STUDIO. It's also a fantastic gift for your friends and family.
Now I'm taking pre-orders. Every item will be made by myself. the process takes 6 weeks.
I can also design sculptures with your own innitials, your own idea etc.
So If you are interested. You can email me at

I use these fabulous stones and build up from there. This Man above is reading a book, so Excellent to use it to for in your bookshelf...

These 3 man are really chique. I have them on a table in the hallway. Everytime someone comes to visit me they ask me to create one for their home. So there comes the idea to create them for sale.

This is my first and favorite sculpture. It holds my initial, so an excellent piece for your studio and to give away.
A mother with a baby. I think it turned out pretty good. Another piece that you can give it on a baby shower of after the birth. Or you can keep it yourself ;)
These were a few ideas. I can create any kind of sculpture you wish.
It costs only 75 euro's.
So if you are interested Mail me at :

Here it is. sneak peak of an online workshop I will be teaching in a short period.

I need to go back creating a sculpture for a client.

thanks for reading.