dinsdag, oktober 06, 2009


I've been published in this issue of scrapbook inspirations with my blog. it's called blog love. YEAH! Such an honor.
it says:
New discovery of the month:
the coloufrul and creative world of emine pazan. etc. you need to buy the magazine to read more :)
Lately I'm thinking of buy myself some new clothes. i bought a new jacket and shoes and a big bag. now I need to buy some warm clothes for the winter.
I'm working on my new adventure: online classes. Now I need a few talented designers.
if you think you have what i'm looking for just email me at eminepazan@live.com
hugs and kisses.

2 opmerkingen:

Miranda zei

Good for you Emine! You rock!

Lisamariemlt zei

way to go girlie
if you are looking for anyone
I know I'm a bit late
let me know
you know where to find me