zaterdag, augustus 22, 2009


Studio Delights is doing well. Hard work but it will work out. The idea and girlpower is there. So will tell more about it later.
Thanks Brigitta for giving me the MY FRIEND award. It means a lot to me... thanks honey. Love you!!! Now I need to give it to 5 other friends:
1. My dear friend Malou....
2. My other dear friend Miranda...
3. One of the sweetest persons I met becuase of this amazing hobby Shimelle Lain.
4. the first people who responds to this post :)
5. The second person who responds to this post.
A sneaky Peaky of my online workshop. My daughter Alara LOVED IT... So I want to create another one for Kaylee (my 3d girlie)... I know she will LOVE IT TOO....

I'm truly really busy at the time. I think I'm going to work all night again LOL.
But I love what i do. That's the important thing right?
Wish you all a good night. sleep well...
Johnny is saying hi to y'all...

2 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Hi Emine
Kan me goed voorstellen dat Alara dat boekje prachtig vindt! Ziet er ook super uit!
Fijn weekend meis en tot gauw!

Malou zei

Thanks, Emine for my friend award. I love it and I love you so much, too! I am glad that you are doing well now. I pray for you and your girls. Pls. always take care and not forgetting me. Love always Malou