vrijdag, juli 31, 2009


Look at her. Isn't she the cutest???
Her Name is Kaylee... She's my Boyfriend's daughter. 2 days younger then Dilara. She is SO CUTE and SO SMART. I'm happy to have her in my life. I miss her very much...
It's 4:35 am and I'm still up and working. I bet Johnny will be mad LOL...
It's just that I have so many ideas floating through my head that I can' t sleep. Working makes me happy. Creating makes me happy. Dreaming (while awake LOL) makes me happy.
So I miss a few hours of sleep. WHO CARES? not me heehee
Well, there are a lot of secret projects going on in this Studio.
Need to tidy it up though. I need to send pictures to aby and I really don't want her to see it looking like this LOL.
Btw: If i promised any of you something, anything PLEASE REMIND ME. I know that there are a few things but i can't remember what it is....
If you don't want to type it here,, please email me at eminepazan@live.com.
I need to go now, I'll try to take pictures tomorrow to post here. I've done a few layouts ;)
big hug to you all

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Lisamariemlt zei

hey girlie
glad to see you back about
missed yah
and yup she's a cutie

keep in touch
your Canadian friend

Monique zei

Zo goed om te zien dat je weer 'terug' bent!