zaterdag, april 18, 2009


You wanna know with what song we will enter the euro songfestival????? Scroll down and SHAKE THAT ASS GIRLS LOL I know I will bwahahahaha

Here are 2 pictures I just got from my sister,. I look horrible... I was in the clinic at that moment ( A REALLY HARD TIME IT WAS)

I live by myself now for 2,5 weeks now... and finally I can tell that I'm happy about it. I am decorating my home just the way I want it. I can it and do everything I want to do... (most of the time doing my homework at home)....
Next weekend I will go to Utrecht. There is a wedding. So I want to dress up and GO with my sister and her hubby. I need to focus on good things. When I feel good, that will increase the chance to get my children (READ: LOVE OF MY LIFES) back...
and I will show you some pictures if I can get a camera :(

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And I think these are great pics!