vrijdag, juli 25, 2008


First I would like you to know that ALARA is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... Gosh, How did I miss my little precious girl. today we are going to swim and bbq.... Now there is only 1 heartache... my other baby dilara... but i know i will have her back next month. So I can be a mommy again to my 2 angels...

There happened a lot in my life the last few months. Someone really BROKE my heart deep.... REALLY DEEP... It's still hurting... yes, it's not easy to forget... but I will eventually.
No Pain for someone who doesn't deserve it... NEVER AGAIN...

I have a lot of empty boxes here right now... alara and I will pack our house up and move to a place where no body can find us...

I signed out from hyves.nl... because of the memories there... I'm not looking back there again... for good. now it's time to move forward... to a fresh new life with the experiences i learned this past few months.

Maybe i will have a new career... Some people asked me to teach dancing classes... SHAKE THAT ASS GIRL bwahahahaha....

love you all so much girls... and when I'm moved i will start working on my scrapbook career too... i want to have my scrapbooking back... and this time i will be using a lot of PAINT... in all the extreme ways... believe me...
investment returns
but after all of this, i gained a few good friends and i learned AGAIN how MUCH I LOVE MY KIDS... they're my WORLD... NO BODY, YES, NO BODY CAN TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME... EVEN YOU (he knows what I'm talking about, but i dont' think he's reading this blog)

look at the BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG... you will see a male TURKISH DELIGHT...
My favorite turkish singer TARKAN..

i will keep you updated

love and peace to you all

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Anart Island Studio zei

OMG!!!! Dear Emine...sound like you are having a really hard time!!! (((((((hugs))))))) Wish I could help you!!! So much you are going through...I wish you all the best and hope you will be able to leave it all behind you quickly and find peace with your two kids!!

Anoniem zei

I am so happy to hear you have at least one of your girls back and hopefully the other one sooooon! I am sorry to hear you got hurt again but it will make you stronger in the long run I think. Like I told you once you will come out of this so much stronger as you ever thought you would be, your life is just starting girl :)
love you! and I am here for you if you need me!


Schaapje zei

Hoi Emine

Ik wens je alle geluk van de wereld, eerst met Alara en hopelijk gauw met Dilara, bouw een warm nestje voor jullie drieen.
Duim voor een warme toekomst voor jullie, groetjes Els

Daffie Online zei

Good to hear your little girl is there with you!

Hanneke zei

Een berichtje van een fan van jouw werk om je heel veel sterkte te wensen voor de aankomende tijd. Hoop dat je weer snel de draad kan oppakken. Wel blijven scrappen hoor:)

Jenneke zei

Heel veel sterkte, Emine!
Groetjes, Jenneke

Je@net zei

Hi girl, fijn weer van je te horen! Heb je zo gemist!
Hoop dat je je leven snel weer op de rit hebt en weer kunt gaan genieten van alles om je heen!
Denk aan je!

Melonie zei

So glad that Alara is back with you. I wish you all of the BEST Emine. Thinking of you often and praying that the other half of your heart will be back with you soon. (((HUGS)))

Silvitanova zei

You Go Girl!!!!!

Anoniem zei

Hello old friend--I stopped by your blog and saw all your ((new)) posts. I hope this message finds you happy and healthy and enjoying your new life.
((hugs)) Laura Solomon

Lilian Schneider zei

Hé you're back!!!! Wishing you luck with everything and a big hug for now,


Marguerita zei

Sterkte Emine!

Natalie zei

Oh god.. ik ben al een poosje niet meer geweest op je blog.. en nu lees ik dit allemaal :( Ik wil jou en je twee engeltjes heel veel sterkte wensen! Je komt er echt wel! Succes Emine!