donderdag, juli 31, 2008


this past week the weather over here is excellent. So today i'm going to take care of myself.
Put on my new bikini and lay down under the sun while my little sweet gorgeous alara is enjoying herself in here little private pool...
And tonight I'm planning to visit a friend.
i have an appointment with my shrink tomorrow morning. We are going to finally start with the therapy PHEW. Gosh, those people are really making me crazy. 4 years of my life i've waited for this moment. that i would get some help. and now FINAlly i'm getting it (I HOPE IT WILL HELP)

And I got an email from Jana Holstein from the magazine Somerset Memories. Such a sweet woman. she's asking how I'm doing. HOW SWEET.
and they want to publish another layout in their awesome magazine. i need to put together a step by step instruction. YAY..

I need to start scrapping soon. Because a dutch company wants me to work for them.. and ofcourse i have my magazine work.

Scrapping helped me to get through rough times. and now I have to use it again. thank you all my sweet friends all over the world for your encouraging words.


Will take some pics today to post here...

Need to go now. the sun is WAITING ;)

10 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

so good to hear you are doing well and enjoying yourself. Sounds wonderful those new scrapbooking oppertunities, go for it!


Je@net zei

Fijn om te horen dat het goed met je gaat meis!!
Succes met alles!

Schaapje zei

hou je haaks en zet hem op.

Mireille zei

Congrats with the toot!
Glad to see you got back to bloggin world! Missed ya!

jakey zei

Glad to hear that things are improving for you Emine, and you're getting some help. I often think about you and wonder how your doing... It's nice to hear that things are looking up.

Good luck with the therapy honey

jakey xx

Lisamariemlt zei

hey girlie girl
been missing yah
I've come back often and today I have a moment to post

hope this finds you doing well
and keeping happy
have a visit at my blog
since we last said hi I've been selected for oh about five teams
mostly digi scrapping--I'm loving it
but miss the paper so got picked for a local store
hope you get back to getting things posted here
I love your creations
email me anytime or visit my blog
keep in touch
you were gone way toooo long

Iris zei

Fijn dat je weer terug bent!
Heb je scrapwerk gemist hoor!

Anoniem zei

It's good to hear from you.And it's nice that so much people love your work and that you make it.
And that we can enjoy your work again in the magazines.
Take good care and do you had fun in the sun.
Groetjes Gerjon

Birgit zei

Hey Emine, it's been a while! So glad your doing better and are fighting for yourself! Keep up the good spirit!! Looing forward to see some scrapping of yours again!

mary h. zei

So glad to here you are doing better.