vrijdag, februari 22, 2008


First I would like to thank all of you for your support during my hard times (especially Corinne Delis, such a sweet woman with an GOLDEN heart)... I'm feeling better and I'm GOD thankful for it.

Yesterday i started joining a painting group. It's right around the corner but I'm afraid to go there by myself :( So my dad drove me there... And guess what... I walked back home afterwards... YEAH...

I'm going to that group again over 45 minutes... I'm going alone with my bike... EEEEKKKK... I'm scared but I know I can do it...

Oh, and I started an oilpainting of Sandra Bullock... My favorite movie star... She doesn't look like sandra bullock yet, but she will I hope LOL...

Love you all...
I will post pictures soon...

and figo is doing fine... I'm going outside with him...

the kids are gone ALL DAY... so I'm planning to scrapbook this afternoon...


21 opmerkingen:

oranginadreams zei

I'm glad you are feeling better Emine! Don't rush into anything - just have fun. I can't wait to see your painting of Sandra (or Sandy, as they call her in LA)

Daffie Online zei

A Painting group! That sounds wonderful! I hope you enjoy it and I know you can go there by yourself!

Sharmaine zei

Now that is just awesome!!
Can't wait to see the painting
All the best for the bike ride :)
Looking forward to seeing some scrappy goodness too :)
HUGS back at ya :)

Anoniem zei

meid dit doet me zo goed om te lezen dat je weer de controle over je eigen leven terug neemt, echt super! ben helemaal trots op je!


M@risk@ zei

Hey, this sounds wonderful. Painting is also a kind of therapy and when you love it so much it's good. Take care and a safe bike ride. Have a good weekend.

Lori zei

Emine, that painting group sounds like a super idea!!!! Good for you girl!! So happy to hear that things are looking up for you!!! Keep up the good work girl!!! So proud of you!!

ellen zei

hey girl!!! glad to see you are back painting!

Lilian Schneider zei

You brave girl!
I know how hard it is to do those things by yourself.

Emine, could you please send me your emailaddress, I would like to send you a pesonal message.
My address is: lilian_b4@hotmail.com

big hug,

Silvitanova zei

That is good Emine! Hope to see some of that work!

michelle zei

glad you are feeling better and getting out there. remember! baby steps.. can't wait to see your work

Marlies zei

I am very glad you are on your way up again. Enjoy your painting class.

seedlingsmum zei

you are a beautiful person it shows in your work - hope you are feeling well again - I will say a little prayer for you. Have fun at your painting class.

malou zei

I am glad that you are out and about now. Pls. take care and be strong.

Je@net zei

So glad you're feeling a little bit better Emine!!
Can't wait to see your painting projects!!

Birgit zei

Good for you!! Glad it's all going the right way! I really hope you can hold on to this!! Would love to see your painting when it's done!! :)

Marjolein zei

So glad you feel a bit better Emine, good for you to go and do those painting classes!! How did you do, going by yourself???
I would love to see pictures of your Sandra Bullock painting, love her too!!

Heidie zei

Im am glad that you are feeling better. have fun with the painting group. Hope to see some of your work.
big hug heidie


fijn om te horen dat het zo goed met je gaat Emine! groetjes marije.

Monique zei

So good to read you're doing fine!

Kate zei

Painting is so therapeutic, be proud of yourself for taking this step. I've been silently following your progress and willing you better!

Tamara Nicole zei

aww painting?! Fun!