vrijdag, februari 01, 2008

IT'S 3:36 AM

I slept from 7 pm till now. I just couldn't hold it anymore. Every day I'm feeling a tiny bit better and that's a huge thing. I'm thinking about what's important in my life. My kids... My kids are my everything. I had times when I thought i couldn't handle them... Times that they both cried and i was crying with them. Now it's like music to my ears. hearing them crying, laughing, talking in their own way. God, that's the most beautiful sound in the world.
I always wanted to have a clean and tidy house. So I got mad every time my girls messed it up. Now I don't care anymore. Make a mess my babies... You are what counts... Your happiness, OUR happiness is what counts.
My husband... I got frustrated every time he played a game on the computer. But I didn't realise how close he was to us... Everytime something happened or we wanted his attention HE GAVE IT TO US... NOW i don't care anymore. I couldn't ask for a better husband. If he likes to play. play my baby... Your happiness is my happiness.

When your health turns upside down. You will realise what's important and what NOT. You will realise how we take every day for granded... NO NO NO NO... Every day is a gift that GOD is giving to us. Look around you... And look at the things that you forgot. Did you call your mother/father today? Did you hugged your babies and told them how much you love them? Did you make your husband happy by just 1 kiss?? that's what mathers my friends.... that's the main thing we live for but we forget in our busy lives.

Now i'm going to kiss my sleeping babies and my hubby. Go kiss yours... Tell them how important they are before it's too late...

Sorry, i'm a bit emotional... but i'm a person that believes that everything happens for a reason... and what happened to me has opened my eyes.

Family and friends are what mathers... Go, do something to make them happy. and enjoy their happiness... Like I said... their happiness is OUR happiness...


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M@risk@ zei

Glad to read this Emine, some of your spirit has come back. And these sure are the most important thing you mentioned. Wish you joy while scrapping and chatting today. Have a nice weekend and take care.

Anoniem zei

So good to read this Emine, that your happiness is coming back. Try to hold on to that feeling. And I totally agree with you that everything, good or bad, happens for a reason.
Hang in there girl, take little steps, everything will be allright!

Manu ;-) zei

so happy reading this!
thinking of you :)...

Lisamariemlt zei

hey there girlie girl
you made me cry today
you have happiness in your heart and I am so happy to hear that

You are so right
things do happen for a reason
when those things are happening we never know why
but later we can figure things out and usually come to some sort of answer
life has a funny way of teaching us things
those little girls are your light
your hubby is your strenghtand you, you my love are their mommy, the best mommy in the world to them, and to you hubby you are the woman he loves
keep those happy thoughts in your heart
you will beat this, look back, and know you have learned
from half way across the world

Anoniem zei

mooi zo Emine, stapje voor stapje, kusje voor kusje .......

Succes, Els(ie)

Melonie zei

So true Emine. Glad you are feeling a little better each day. (((HUGS))) my friend.

Birgit zei

That's the right spirit!! Keep that up and you'll be just fine! I know you can do it! You stay positive!


I just ran across your blog and I just wanted to wish you good luck and peace. I have been suffereing from stress and anxiety for two years now. You are not alone. I am with you. I don't believe I have the anxiety as strong as you do, but I understand how you feel. God bless and hopefully soon the anxiety will end for you. I also used to stress out so much from my house being dirty... sometimes I feel I can't keep up. I used to sweep all the time and over and over again. The medicine I take they say is for depression. I know I am extra emotional person, but I don't believe I am depressed. If you ever need to talk or e-mail me you can at torreza@msn.com. My name is Angelica and just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

God Bless

Marjolein zei

I'm so glad to read this Emine, I've been thinking about you a lot. I know it hurts (earlier posts) I know it is so damn hard.. and I definately know how alone you feel. I've been there, different situation, but I can completely relate on your story!
You can do it, and I'm so happy that you are home with your dear husband and babies! Please keep this spirit up hun, and you'll get there!!

big hug from the other side of the ocean!

Lori zei

Such a wonderful post Emine!!! You made me smile!! Your post is something we all should hear!!! Good for you girl!!! Much LUB!!

susan j zei

I am so glad you are starting to feel better!! Know that the dark feelings won't last. You WILL feel good again!!

Marlies zei

I'll leave a comment again since you say it makes you feel better. :)

I agree with you, everything happens for a reason. You blogged before how you've been through depression before and *may* will again in the future but these processes your going through now are not in vain... you get stronger every time!

Anoniem zei



michelle zei

This is great news! glad you are feeling better! there are lots of people who think about you and do love you girl!