zondag, december 16, 2007

I came home yesterday... tonight I'm going to leave again. Everything is fine. please don't worry. It's hard. Hard to be away from my home and my family. It's hard to be away from my babies. It' s hard to deal with such fears. But I know i will be fine. I was strong my whole life and I will be stay strong no matter what.

I just want to share this clip with you...
It made me cry.... the most romantic clip i've ever saw...

A japanese clip with a turkish music...
Please watch it closely...

Here is a translation of the songtext.

Don't let the world turn without you
Don't let the fire in my heart go away
Let this song be our song
Let our love last for ever
Let your name be my ANGEL in my heart

Dont' let my EYES see without you (you will notice why this is in bold if you watch it)
Don't let my heart LOVE anybody
Let this song be our song
Let our love last for ever
Let your name be my ANGEL in my heart

Don't let my life end without you
Don't let seperation come in our way
Let this song be our song
let our love last forever
Let your name be my Angel in my heart.


Bye for now

34 opmerkingen:

Lilian Schneider zei

Take good caree of yourself sweetie, my thoughts are with you.....

big hug,
X Lilian

Holly Terra zei

Take care, Em!
THIS is what a good mother does, gets herself well so she can be there for her girls... and show her girls how to be happy and healthy,
My thoughts are with you.

Anoniem zei

Ik denk aan je en hoop dat het snel beter met je gaat. Acceptatie is de eerste stap.


Birgit zei

Wishing you all the best! Hope you feel better soon!!

Iris zei

Hey meissie, blij om even kort wat van je te horen!!! Heel veel sterkte weer deze week. Hou je taai!!!

liefs Iris

Sharmaine zei

hey Emine, been thinking of you and glad your able to see that you can get through this.
Supporting you from my end of the world :)

michelle zei

I've been thinking about you and I'm glad you got to come home and see your babies. I know it's hard, but you are strong and will get through this.

Lori zei

All of your SISters are thinking about you with much love!!


Lindsey zei

Hey Emine. Hugs and prayers for a fast and healthy recovery.

Charlotte zei

Hi Emine,

Just read your previous post and this one... don't know what to say... I really hope you will get rid of the fears. Wish you all the best, you're in my thoughts!


*Fauve* zei

Poor Emine,i feel your pain!I so hope they can help you out at the center,please be strong!Love

Marie zei

I am so glad you are doing ok! Cant wait for you to return for good!


Silvitanova zei

Big Hug from me!

Je@net zei

Fijn om weer van je te horen!!
Sterkte meis!
xx Tot gauw!

StaceyM zei

Oh honey, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Take good care of yourself. Those babies need a mommy who is healthy and well. They will be so much happier when you are happy. You can't take care of others when you are hurting.

We will be here waiting on you when you return home.

Your friends love you!


Marjolein zei

Hey girlie, I sure hope you're doing ok now? Please be home for Christmas, it would be a shame to miss that with the family!

big hug

Mireille zei

great to see you were able to come home for the weekend!
Thinking of you


fijn om te lezen dat het beter met je gaat meis! heel veel sterkte en ik denk aan je! groetjes marije.

M@risk@ zei

Hey Emine, do think about you a lot. Hope you're doing OK and wish you strength.

Camilla zei

I just love your layouts!! Hope you feel better soon!
The song made me cry too. The most romantic and beautiful song I have ever heard! My husband is turkish so I have learned some turkish :D
I´m coming back to your site again.
Kendine iyi bak!


dawn zei

You are in my thoughts and prayers hun - I hope you can learn to deal with this horrible situation you're in right now - and recover to lead a happy life for the sake of you all. Much love Dxx

Anoniem zei

Sorry to hear you are not doing well. Take care, big hug Eef

Anoniem zei

Oh Emine, Hoping each day is getting better for you. Let go of your fears and know that people all over are praying and hoping you will get better fast! Take care of you! We are all waiting to hear your good news. Come back strong and healthy!

Bonnie B

Esther zei

He meissie, heel veel sterkte en nog veel meer succes. Het gaat allemaal voorbij en je komt er zo veel sterker van terug.
Lots of love, es

Monique zei

Hope your doing very well by now so you can start next year better then ever! Wishing you all the best,

Anoniem zei

Ik hoop dat het nu weeer wat beter gaat en vond jouw berichtje ook leuk om te lezen. Ik wens je veel sterkte en liefde toe. En het is echt een mooie clip.
Groetjes en xoxo Gerjon

Lisamariemlt zei

I keep checking on your blog to see if you've been back about
my thoughts are with you,
you take care of yourself, that's the only way you'll be able to take care of those beautiful little babies of yours

jakey zei

Thinking of you sweetgirl

jk xx

micayla zei

Take care of your self, all will turn out fine xxxx

Marjolein zei

Hi hon, just checking to see if you were back! I want to wish you all the best for 2008.... hopefully all goes well and you'll feel so much better!
big hug.....

Anoniem zei

hey meis....pas goed op jezelf en ik bid voor je!!
kussie thea

anokas zei

Happy new year!! kiss. Ana

Els zei

Hoi Emine

Hoop voor je dat 2008 helemaal jou jaar gaat worden, meid kom genezen terug bij je gezinnetje, alle goeds, denk regelmatig aan je, sterkte met alles, Els(ie)

Anoniem zei

Just checking in on you-- you haven't posted for a month. Are you ok?
xox Laura