donderdag, november 29, 2007


Blogger doesn't work with me, so I can't upload any new layouts :(
But You need to check out the new challenge AT ALLABOUT EVE (link on the right sidebar)

And an important note: I'm NOT going to teach classes in Den Bosch... I guess scrapbookers over there are afraid of paint LOL. So the Den Bosch case is CLOSED.

I do have other plans though. I got asked to teach in another shop. Hope that will work out ;)

In the meantime I'm pretty busy with the mag and designteam work. Yesterday I got CMF's newest issue. I have a total of 9 pages articles in it YAY.. And ofcourse my secret... Watch your mailbox dutchies ;)

I'm off now... I'm going to grab a hot cup of coffee and go to my mom. I need that so much right now...

to all dutchies: give me some ideas for sinterklaas. Alara is not at the age (almost 3) that she's ready to get introduced to him. But i need some fun ideas. what kind of traditions do you have?

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Je@net zei

Hi sweetie, zit net de nieuwe CMF te lezen en wat een gave artikelen, layouts en projecten heb je erin staan!! Super meissie, ben kei trots op je!!!

Silvitanova zei

I've received my copy of CmF today. Great work Emine! Maybe people will scrapbook more with paint after reading your artikel (also in Den Bosch ;)

Since last year we let our son (Samuel; 3Y) put his shoe in front of the garden door at night. With a carrot, sugarcubes or a drawing in it. Next week we want him to put his pacifier in his that sinterklaas can give it to a little baby... We are talking about this for weeks, I hope that this will work...

Rianne zei

hoi Emine,
prachtige lo's in de CMF.
Zou het niet eens een plan zijn om eens een workshop met verf te geven in Ede. Denk dat we dat maar eens moeten voorstellen als jij dat tenminste wilt.
En ja, die sinterklaas. Ze is nog klein he. Een boekje of een filmpje en pepernoten, de rest komt volgens mij vanzelf het volgende jaar.

Tip Junkie zei

I posted some traditions over on my blog.

Frumpies world zei

Too bad you're not going to teach in Den Bosch, but hey, it seems you are having a lot of other plans, so....Have fun with it...
Couldn't find CMF in the store this morning, think I will have to wait till next week. Can't wait to see your creations, have a nice weekend, xxx Wendy.


hoi Emine! WAUW! negen pagina's in de CMF!!! GEFELICITEERD JOH! heb de CMF zelf niet, maar zodra die in de winkel ligt...koop ik hem zeker! gaaf! en morgen lees ik hem bij jeanet vlug wel even!!! cool! jammer dat den bosch niet doorgaat! maar er komen vast nog veel andere leuke dingen op je pad! en wat sinterklaas betreft..genoeg leuke dingen te bedenken joh.....schoentje zetten, liedjes zingen, boekjes lezen, sinterklaas journaal kijken, leuke knutselwerkjes maken, sminken, verkleden, pakjesavond! leuk leuk leuk! I LOVE SINTERKLAAS! (en ik werk op een kinderdagverblijf) hihihi! alvast een fijn weekend! en hopelijk tot gauw! groetjes en een dikke knuffel van mij...marije.

Ingrid zei

I am sorry to hear that your workshop is cancelled. I am sure there is another shop interested in your work and workshops. I am not subscribed to CmF, so I have to wait to see your work. Hopefully the magazine will be in store very, very soon. Looking forward to hear about your plans. :-)

Marjolein zei

Bummer.....don't get the CMF here...wish I could cause I would love to see and read your articles!!!! Good for you, so many pages!! (can't you scan some???)

Have a great weekend hun!

Ice-Angel zei

Hya hun!!
I'm already very proud of ya, and I haven't even seen your work in the CMF!! I'll go and have a look at Jeanet's tomorrow, and then go and buy it very fast, I promiss ;-)
And I guess the people in Den Bosch don't now what the're missing, a workshop by YOU, they must be crazy to reject that :-O

scrappermimi zei

Have fun teaching your classes, being afraid of paint is no good!

Can't wait to see some of your new creations!

anita l. zei

I've been building a Sinterklaasboot from cardboard with my son for years. We build it before Sinterklaas & destroy it afterwards. So much fun to make together. You can use 'watjes' for the 'stoom'. During the first week of december we put it on a special place in the livingroom.

M@risk@ zei

Hi Emine, got my copy of the CmF yesterday and you have some great stuff in the magazine. Esp. love the layout you did for Scrapstreet!
You asked some help about Sinterklaas, maybe you find some answers at this site: When my boys were little I used this site for a lot of things and projects. Have a great sunday and hope you post some pics again real soon.

shelly b zei

I want the Cmf! Are you going to put your stuff up on your blog later???

anita l. zei

Sweet Emine,
I wanna wish you a happy birthday tomorrow!!! May all your dreams come true!

michelle zei

congrats on the mag! I wish you'd teach a paint class out here. that would be fabulous.. hope your next class works out for you!

Marie zei

Love your all about eve layout...You are such a busy girl! You rock ma lady!

Iris zei

Gaaf hoor Emine, al je pagina's in de CmF!

Tessa Tegendraads zei

Je staat mooi in de nieuwe CMF Emine, ik herknede je gelijk :-)

XX Tessa