dinsdag, november 06, 2007


Scrapbooking can be therapeutic. At least IT IS TO ME. I'm glad that i found this hobby. It helps me to be a happier person. Why would someone want me to quit with it? Ofcourse because they don't scrapbook :( I'm lucky that I have friends and my husband in my life. I love them more then I can ever explain in words.
Remember that I was talking about a very cool agenda. Here it is... My hubby took the picture just before I left to ede. I will post better pictures of it. I think this is the coolest alterable agenda I ever saw. . . How cool is that stitched cover?

Aw signs of fall. It's my favorite season. These are snapshots I took on my way to ede. I wish I could lay down in those leaves. Awesome...

Finally arrived in ede. This is the most amazing shop with the most amazing owner. We played with beeswax. OMG, I need to have it. I can't wait to play with it again. I think I need to save money for it... But i want it RIGHT NOW LOL.
Look at her. She is amazing. I had so much fun that day... thank you dorenda for the wonderful time.

And her mother. How cool that she's scrapping too. And 'let me tell you: she's really talented ;)

The result of that day.
If you live in the Netherlands (or you are planning to come over here) you should visit this shop. It's such a warm place with amazing people. Exactly the way a scrapbookstore should be...
I'm going to leave know. My dd is sitting on my lab, screaming for attention.

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Sarah (aka monroegirl) zei

Fab layouts Emine, congrats on the catwalk :)

It looks like you had a great time at the store.

Marie zei

Beautiful layouts! You are so awesome! I wish i coming to the netherlands lol!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

hey Emine, je scrapcreaties zijn weer helemaal toppie!!! coolhoor! en die agenda....gaaaaaf! is die niet van avant garde? scrappen doe je zo vind ik ook een super leuke winkel hoor...en natuurlijk p&p! LOL! heb echt super veel zin in de 17e! kan bijna niet meer wachten! joehoe! groetjes marije.

Je@net zei

Gave lootjes weer meissie!! En die foto's.....super!! De herfst is niet echt mijn meest favo seizoen (ben meer het zomerse typetje ;-) maar de foto's zijn prachtig, geef het meteen toe!!
En SDJZ....nog 1½ week!! Kan niet wachten om je weer te zien!! We hebben vast heel veel te vertellen ;-)

Frumpies world zei

Great pics you took on your way to Ede....I totally love the fall too...Dennis and Dorenda are nice and warm people aren't they, their shop is really the nicest scrapbookstore I've ever been in...Your lo's looks great again...you make amazingly beautiful layouts...love your work...hope to see you again real soon, xxx Wendy.

Alette zei

Wat grappig maar ik heb dezelfde agenda, vond 'm zo cool :) echt een agenda voor ons scrappers vind je niet :) :)
Mooie LO heb je weer gemaakt, schitterend

gr Alette

michelle zei

great layouts! and i like your hair!

Michelle zei

Hi Emine :) your works are great! Have a nice day - greetings from Poland!

Lilian Schneider zei

Beautiful layouts, love them! (as always LOL).
I read the journaling and girl...I can soooo relate to that, so NO you're not the only person dealing with fears...

domestic goddess zei

wow emine that last LO is amazing!!!
so good to see you on the catwalk
anna x

M@risk@ zei

Nice fall pics (not my favorite season) and would love to come the 17th but unfortunately have other plans. Have fun;.

anita l. zei

Love how honest you are in your scrapbooking! And it sure can be therapeutic, I know!!! When I'm at my lowest, I make my best work (can you believe that?) I am getting tired of my sad layouts of the past months, but scrapbooking is a great way to get stuff out of your system! Keep going!!!

anita l. zei

Love your honest journaling, scrapbooking can sure be therapeutic. I know! I make my best work when I´m at my lowest.
So keep scrapping and keep going!!!

*fauve* zei

I will on the 17th cant wait to see!!

Natasja zei

Great layouts again girl!!

And indeed SDZ is a great store!!
Only 1,5 weeks till the crop....can't wait!!!

Mireille zei

je wil me toch niet vertellen dat je op de 17e gaat hè?
Ik dacht de 18e :(
bleh.. had me er zo op verheugd.
Prachtige projecten weer meis. Vind je gehaakte bloempjes super .. en de verf ook nog steeds.. ben er meer en meer mee bezig. *knuf*

Tessa Tegendraads zei

Je bent weer lekker aan het knutselen gewees: gaaf hoor...

Enne Dorenda op de foto... leuk!! Doe ze de volgende x de groetjes van mij ;-)

Mooie herfstfoto's ook.

XX Tessa

Brigitta zei

beautiful stuff Emine, hadn't been around for a while, too much going on, and fear and panic?? On a daily basis right now, really not sure how I'm going to make it in the future.... total panic Stops me from doing anything

Breanne Crawford zei

love those pages! and that store looks divine!

scrap 67 zei

Ik hoop dat je altijd gelukkig zult zijn!!!
Let scrapbooking be your therapist
Hugs Greetje

Nessa zei

your layouts are so fab emine!! don't give up scrapbooking, you're so talented!!!

thanks for your message on my blog!!!!

shelly b zei

your work as usual is gorgeous!! Wish I could come to the store!

*fauve* zei

the panic is really powerful,its gorgeous!!Totally feeling you!

Birgit zei

Like I said already on 2Peas I think this is way cool!! :)

Ingrid zei

Beautiful page and journaling. I really like the picture of you showing the diary. Did you cut and color your hair? Oh, and I am a fall person. I LOVE this season.

Take care

Mika zei

Great lo's love the last one. And fall is also my favorite season. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

micayla zei

Gorgeous layouts missus and congrats on the catwalk, you totally deserve it!

Melonie zei

SO glad you are back! Love all of the new stuff and I can't wait to see more! Hope you are feeling better and the girls are beautiful and getting big!

vivian zei

so cool! love your pages and thanks for sharing the fall leaves pics... i guess one of the things i really miss ! take care :)

Iris zei

Hey Emine,
gave LO's weer zeg!
Ik vind het echt balen dat ik er de 17e niet bij kan zijn... snik, snik, snik

ANA zei



Nura Keif zei

Stunning layouts as usual,darling!!:-D

Rachael zei

Beautiful layouts as usual!!

That store looks incredible!!

scrappermimi zei

It does look like a great shop!!!A bit of a trip for me to come from the states though, LOL!

Love your creations, as usual!

Marjolein zei

Wow, die layout is schitterend... er klinkt veel pijn door, jammer... Eigenlijk zou je hier moeten komen meid, heel veel herfst, heel veel bladeren... gaan we samen liggen:-)))

En die zaak klinkt goed, wie weet.......als ik eens kom......

D@nielle zei

love your hair in that pic ! The agenda looks cool too.

Boriquaz zei

Love your Lo's and I have pictures of the leaves that I just took yesterday while I was driving. It's just not the same as seeing them in real life though.

Maria zei

Hi Emine,
Ik zag je vandaag bij SDJZ en zo als beloofd dit berichtje.
Ik kijk regelmatig op je blog en ik vind dat jouw scrap stijl heel mooi en apart.
Groetjes, Maria

Ice-Angel zei

Hey hun!!
Tjonge, zien we elkaar eindelyk weer es, hebben we nog nie veel tyd om by te kletsen ;-)
Al een date in gedachten wanneer we gaan scrappen? LOL. Of al een ander leuk id om te gaan doen?

Kim Archer zei

Hi there Emine!!! I just wanted to stop by your blog and say hi!!!!!

Tessa Tegendraads zei

Nog geen nieuw postje emine... ;-)

XX Tessa

Gwen zei

I love it a nice stuff again sweetie...FAB!!!!
see you soon