zaterdag, november 03, 2007


I had some fun with Alara baking these Dr. Oetker (LOL) cupcakes... I truly need to know how to make those CREAMY YUMMY AMERICAN ICINGS *sigh*I noticed that I don't share any pictures of my baby's. I'm proud to be their mother and I love them soooooo much.
Dilara is playing with my bubble wrap here...

Sneaky peaky messy scraptable (it's clean now though)
I totally forgot to show you this. Remember that I was in ede 2 weeks ago? Here's the result of a make and take I took there. We played with stamps en paint... I'm getting more and more interested in stamping. So I bought some amazing paperarsty stamps...

Some random facts:
- I'm going to start participating with the AAE challenges. I finished my page for the next challenge that will be up on monday november 11th. You all need to do that challenge. It's so cool and we will have a very talented, and very sweet guest designer. I will let you know when it's up.
- I had a phone call today with Ine from I will be teaching an Prima paintables class next month. Yay, I love those paintables. I will keep you updated about this.
- Tomorrow I have a scrapday with Dorenda (the owner of in ede. I think it will be a lot of fun... Will show you pics tomorrow.
- I FOUND THE MOST AMAZING AGENDA. At least it looks amazing to me LOL. Will show you a pic tomorrow... I'm so happy with it..
I decided to post more on my blog. Lately I have been so busy that I couldn't find the time or the energy to update. So when I want to post something then I have so much to share that it's not fun anymore.
Yesterday evening I cleaned my studio and I organized all my deadlines. Finally I found some peace. Now I can move forward and start doing my duties on time, for example my AAE challenges ;)
It looks like I don't scrap anymore but that's NOT true. I finished some projects for glitz, for CMF (magazine) and for All about eve. But I can't show them :(
You just need to have a little bit more patient. In the mean time I will blog some sneaks and ramble about my life and my plans.
Oh I almost forgot. These 6 ladies will get something handmade from me within 365 days. Remember girls. You should pay it forward on your blog.
And the lucky girls are (uhmm lucky??? LOL)

Now I'm off to create some more and pack some stuff for tomorrow.

11 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

Your girls are so adorable. Love the pictures in this post. O, and the cupcakes look very yummy. I also love the projects in your previous post. I am so sorry that I have been a lurker lately.

Take care

Mireille zei

GOSH I enjoyed looking at your kiddo's .. THANK YOU! =)
and.. then at the end of this post.. I almost dropped out of my chair. Don't tell me I will get an "Emine".. O.o

Silvitanova zei

Your girls are so cute!!!
Thank you in advance Emine! That's cool! xxx

Marjolein zei

Your girls are so cute!!!! The cupcakes look good, I can see if I can find a recipe for icing?? Let me know, my email's on my blog! I think what you need is icing suger, or.. poedersuiker!

M@risk@ zei

Look at your girls! Nice to see some pics of them. Love your stamping project and about the icing. You need "poedersuiker" and a less water, it must be a little bit fluid after mixing and then drip in on your cupcakes. It tastes delicious. Good luck!

*fauve* zei

yummo cupcakes!I made some today too!Will share them soon :D
Ans owmy your kiddos are adorable!

Rachael zei

Mm, those cupcakes look delish!!

Your kids are adorable!! :)

The puzzle piece is just gorgeous!!

Annie zei

love reading those "random facts" about you!!
what a gorgeous make and take
and your kiddos are LOVELY!

Marie zei


The kids look so cute!!!! :) Nice facts doll!

ellen zei

was up? your cuties are so cute! i have got some good icing recipes! loads of sugar YUM!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

hey emine, die cupcakes zien er jummie uit joh! goed gedaan! :-) en wat een schatjes van kinderen heb je toch....zo cutie! en super joh dat ik wat zelfgemaakts van je krijg.....ben erg benieuwd!!!! LOL! en is het nu de bedoeling dat ik dit op mijn blog zet en dan ook vijf meiden iets zelfgemaakts stuur? ik ben zo dom wat dat betreft! hihihi! ik hoor het nog wel! groetjes marije.