donderdag, november 01, 2007


Today it's November first. It's time to get back on track again. Last month was a bad month to me. I got the flu, then my kids, then I got the flu back, the kids got it also back, Toothache, Dentist pulled 2 of them out, 1 week of tootache etc. LOL

Thank god I'm feeling okay right now.

So from today on I will start scrapping again like crazy (which I did this whole evening, SORRY, can't show it, it's for GLITZ). I still need to finish up Gwen's mini-album, i will be the guest designer for, I will start participating again with the AMAZING ALL ABOUT EVE challenges...etc. etc. A pretty busy but FUN month is waiting for me. Especially the crop on november 17th with the sistv girls in Ede... I can't wait to meet you all girls ;)

Now I really need to go to bed. I will try to update ASAP with the names of the girls who will be getting PAY IT FORWARD RAKS FROM ME ;)

25 opmerkingen:

jess zei

im glad you are feeling better!! Sounds like october was not good at all for you!!
Hopefully everything will be great for you now!!
LOVE your layout!!
Xx Jess

malou zei

Glad you are feeling better now. I really love all the lo's and projects you have done, girl! Take care of yourself and can't wait to see the rest of the projects.

Natasja zei

Glad you are felling so much better! Love the layout you are showing here and can't wait to see the other projects.

I also can't wait to meet you and all the other girls on nov 17th!!!

Birgit zei

It's a good thing you're feeling better!!! LOVE your projects!!

Alette zei

Heb net op two peas een paar LO's van je gezien, prachtig. Werd er helemaal vrolijk van. Kan het vandaag wel gebruiken :)
Fijn dat je weer wat opknapt, ziek zijn is maar niks, helemaal niet als je het steeds terug krijgt

gr Alette

~Nancy~ zei

Good to see you updating again girlie! Love your new creations! See you on the 17th in Ede! XOXO

Mika zei

Good that your back love love l.ove the Play thing. Mika (

christiane zei

love your use of paint!! and good to hear you're feeling better now!!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

hey emine, hoop dat je weer helemaal opgeknapt bent meid? je scrapcreaties zijn in ieder geval weer helemaal toppie! super joh! enne ik zie je de 17e! leuk leuk leuk! groetjes marije.

Daffie Online zei

oooooooooh... the fishes are great!
And so is the white space on the Play layout :-)

hope this month will be better for you!

Anoniem zei

well glad its a new month and your back :)

dawn zei

you're amazing girl - look at these fab creations - you inspire me loads

Peta zei

Good to see your feeling better, i hope November is a much better month for you..Love all your projects some gorgeous stuff there..

Nura Keif zei

Glad you feeling better. Fantastic projects as always.

M@risk@ zei

Good for you that you feeling much better now. Love that keyholder.

Silvitanova zei

I love the page; it's so different. Love to sing the fishsong with my kid to :)
Can't wait till the 17th!

scrappermimi zei

Your work is always awesome! Can't wait to see more!

Glad your all feeling better!

Mireille zei

blij dat het weer een beetje gaat! Superblij dat je weer post.. SUPER layouts

Je@net zei

Fijn dat tie weer een stuk beter gaat meis!
Je projecten zien er weer onwijs gaaf uit!!
En de 17e.....ja, daar kijken we allemaal naar uit!! Zo leuk om elkaar weer te zien!!
Heb net ook een berichtje achtergelaten bij je laatste blogberichtje, weet niet of dat tie wel goed doorkwam (ging zo raar) Maar ik vond de foto's van je kids zo super, wat een schatjes! En je werk is weer om te zoenen! Succes met alles!!
xx Je@net.

ellen zei

i LOVE the key chain! fabulous!

AllisonK zei

I adore the fish album!!
Love these projects.

AllisonK zei

I adore your fish album! It's adore able and your fresh start page is fabulous!

AllisonK zei

I adore that fish album!!

vivian zei

cool stuff! looks great! love the 'play'.. awesome..

leslie zei

I'm sorry you were so sick this month!! Maybe you gave it to me, because I was sick too, hehe.
Love love love that layout. So cool! How do you come up with these things? You are fabulous!