dinsdag, september 04, 2007


Alright... Where do I start. Life is a little hectic at the moment. I didn't scrapped for over a week now. I guess I just needed a break. I took a break from the All about eve challenges too (see link on the right). But MAKE sure to check the layouts that are on there now. We have a reader as a guest designer. You can be the NEXT ;)

I have a lot of layouts to share which I made a few weeks ago. It's for scrapsupply.com. I needed to wait for the newsletter to come out before I could post them here. Those 3 layouts I did by provided sketches. Make sure to sign up for it to see which ones LOL. I interpret it MY OWN WAY... The sketches covered the whole background. But I like to work with white spaces. So I centered the sketches in the middle of my layouts. So if you are a white space scrapper OR you want to start it... Please check out the newsletter and see HOW i did it..

Saturday august 25th I went to scrappendoejezo.nl in EDE to meet the fabulous JO-ANNE. I enjoyed her workshop SOOOO MUCH. She's really a cutie and so fun, spontanious. I really loved to be there Jo-anne. thank you for the ROCKING workshop. I hope to meet you again soon ;)

Uhmm Look at me. I didn't know ANNIKA (she works there and she joined to workshop too) was taking a picture of me... You bad girl LOL... You can see that I had some problems with the layout I created at that moment.
This is what we made... 4 transparant layouts. The workshop started at 10 am till 4 pm.... I thought It was way tooooo short LOL.. I could sleep there... REALLY ... But I don't think Annika would like that bwahahaha. She was making fun of me all the time because I was tracing a lot on my layouts. I cant help it... Thats the way I work and I'm loving it...

But seriously. Annika is A REALLY FUNNY, CRAZY WOMAN. I Loved talking to her... she ROCKS.

We did a round robin on this layout: You had 10 minutes to work on your layout and you needed to pass it to the person on your left. After 10 minutes she passes to her left etc. So at the end you have a layout where everyone worked on... SO COOL

Who do you think that did this cloud and rainbow? JO-ANNE. She is so creative... Love her. She totally Rocks. thanks again girlie...
Alright. the fun part of taking a workshop in a scrapbookstore ISSSSSSSS the shopping you can do at the end. ( my hubby thought it WAS NOT FUNNY THOUGH LOL) These are the things that I bought... YUMMY:::::::

Jo-Anne also brought some gifts with her. This is what I choose. And I got also scenic route papers and Rouge de garance... thanks jo.... I'm really happy with them....

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michelle zei

these are so amazing woman! i love everything ! i'm glad things have calmed down a bit for you, i missed seeing your stuff!

shelly b zei

so much stuff!! everything is so fun...and I know what you mean about takin a break...i think my mojo is hiding somewhere!

Megan zei

Hi Emine!

Hey we all need a break every now and then :-)

These layouts are so cool - I love the transparent ones you have done! I just adore seeing your creations each time.

Megan xx

Marie zei

OMG love ur pages they are so very cool!!!!!!! Wonderful wonderful wonderful is all i can say!

Anart Island Studio zei

...I was wondering where you are....!!! But I know how crazy live can be!!! Your layouts look really great! And the workshop....wohhh!! All good news..;-)

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

wat een gave dingen heb je toch weer gemaakt emine!!! echt super joh! en zo te lezen was de workshop van jo-ann een succes! ik vind de transparante lay-outs die je hebt gemaakt echt super gaaf! en die foto van ons vieren....lachuuuuh! whahahahaha! we moeten snel eens een keer afspreken met z'n viertjes...lijkt me erg gezellie! groetjes marije. see you soon....i hope!

M@risk@ zei

You did some amazing pages again and have chosen the right gift though. The transparant layouts are great.
Good luck on your assignment for CmF!

Peggy Severins zei

That looks great. Sounds like you've had a wonderful time.

anokas zei

woowo!! What beautiful Layouts!! I adore the colors... the transparent... so wonderful!! so creative!! kisses. Ana

Nura Keif zei

Stunning pages, girl!! Love all the stuffs!!

Je@net zei

Ha meis, fijn weer van je te horen! Heb je gemist!
Wat een gave layouts heb je gemaakt. I'm impressed!!
Zo te lezen heb je een super gave dag gehad met Jo-Ann. Was er graag bij geweest! Wat een super leuke transparanten heb je gemaakt (en natuurlijk errug leuke foto's gebruikt zeg ;-)

Nat zei

wow- so much eyecandy- love all your amazing layouts!!!

Tamara Nicole zei

You are one amazing scrapper girl!!! Thanks for all your inspiration! You rock.

leslie zei

Fab layouts!!!

Ice-Angel zei

Oooooooooooooooooooh gave Lo's zeg!!!
En vooral die ene met die foto van ons 4en, we had soooo much fun that day :-D
Mail je de foto's nog ff door meis ;-) Als ik die LO zo zie, kryg ik zin om ermee aan de gang te gaan hihi.
Spreken we gelyk af wanneer we samen gaan scrappen!!

Anoniem zei

I loved meeting you too....loved my gift and Oh I look so fat stood next you !!!!!

It was a great day and we have many more planned.....thanks for the kind words...loves yer!

Mireille zei

prachitg weer.. kus vanuit kroatie

christiane zei

great work!! and sometimes everyone need a break!! or a kitkat!! ;)
live happens but not only in the scrapworld!!
have a good one!!

Anoniem zei

Your layouts are TOTALLY GREAT!!
You have a great style and you are very talented!!!


Birgit zei

Yummy, so much gorgeous stuff to look at! Love your happy style! Enjoy your break!

Nicole Hinrichs zei

Hi Emine,

Hoe is het met jou? dat ziet er allemaal weer goed uit wat je gemaakt hebt ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe artikel in cmf laatste artikel van jouw vond ik ook erg mooi maar dat had ik al gezegd. Nou hoop dat alles goed is. Hier is het super druk. Ga je toevallig ook naar de pipoos beurs in den bosch op 7 oktober as? ik ben er ook. ik hoor het wel.
gr en welterusten
nicole hinrichs

jo zei

Love all the new stuff! :) You're totally rocking the LOs I can see why you needed a break!

Esther zei

Your new stuff is sooooo COOL. Love, es.

dawn zei

I am so jealous you go to go back to scrappendoejezo - I bet you spent loads LOL... gorgeous creations (as usual) I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style :D xx

*fauve* zei

Luv your cute layouts sweety,fabby colors!That workshop looks really cool.And you choose some yummy goodies girl!!

p.s.Are you going to xtreme?

Marjolein zei

I L. O. V. E. your white space LO's, I'm starting to work like that to, love it! (sometimes LOL) The transparancies are awesome!
(and I love your AAE layout too, saw it on that blog!!)

Iris zei

Ooh I really love these LO's!!! You're amazing!!!

And yes I was in Heesch last time for a possible publication....They asked me to make a mini album with some new paper...
Did you made some new stuff for them?

big kiss xxx

Natasja zei

wow so many great layout again!!

Jill Geraghty-Groves zei

What planet do you come from girl?!?!?! These are just spectacular! So much talent - and you're gorgeous too!

Rachael zei

I always love the dimension and colors on your layouts!! Beautiful!!

Mika zei

So much stuff, looks great. Love it. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

sollie zei

Your layouts on transparant are amazing!! Never tried this.

Helen & Co. zei

Fantastic layouts!!

saffiertje zei

Great work you published on your blog!!!

domestic goddess zei

stunning layouts emine!!

nessa zei

fabulous lo

Gwen zei


Funky Finds zei

wow, all these layouts are awesome! thanks for stopping by funky finds :-D

michelle zei

i'm so glad you got back to scrappin. i would love to see a tutorial on how you work with the transparencies. i love them all!