woensdag, augustus 15, 2007


So sorry... I haven't updated for a while... I had some personal issues... Never mind...
I have a lot to share though...
First of all... My VERY FIRST PUBLICATION IN PRINT... I wrote an article for a dutch scrapbookmagazine... YAY FOR ME... THERE WILL BE MORE HEE HEE

My latest entrie for the all about eve blog... This week our assignment was to SCRAP OUR BOOTY... COME ON GIRLS JOIN THE FUN HERE ... Remember we are searching for guest designers...

My latest WEBSCRAPPIN.COM creations:

I made this family hanger with the WEBSCRAPPIN.COM kit... Tracey from serendipityscrapbooks.com asked me to do a tutorial about gesso and paint. So I combined both assignments. I just uploaded the tutorial. You can view it HERE... Visit it if you have the time.

And some american crafts layouts... I don't like the last one... GRRR but other people loved it... I'm trying out for the american crafts designteam. The chance is HUGE that I don't make it... But at least I tried right?

I got tagged by GWEN and MIRANDA ... Thank you so much girls...
I need to tag 5 people.. Since I did this already and almost everyone has already been tagged. I choose not to tag anyone. You all know that I love to read all of your blogs... ;)

I was also tagged by someone else but I can't remember anymore... Please let me know so I can do it ;) Or there was some kind of a game... well, I can't remember HELLPPP.

Well this is enough for today...
I will share some other projects after the 15th... That's when the scrapsupply newsletter will come out...

Have a great evening NIGHT...
And thank you all so much for your sweet comments... It really makes me happy... And I need some positive energy lately... well, never mind..

Love you all

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michelle zei

holy cow! these are amazing! i love them all and i've got my fingers crossed for the AC DT !

Magpie (Jan Connair) zei

Hope everything is okay with you, Emine! I was just noticing that I hadn't seen your name on SIS lately and wondered if you were alright. Love the layouts, even the one you hate. Good luck on the design team--hope you make it.

Latharia zei

Congratulations on the publication -- how exciting! :)

And your pages are just lovely. I adore the "peek" one! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog & enjoying a mini-virtual vacation! :)

Nicole Carro zei

Beautiful projects Emine. Hope you're feeling better soon. Sending some positive vibes you're way!


You have been busy girl! Wow, I really love all the LO's you have made each and everyone of them are so pretty!

Nili zei

Hi girl,
congrats on your published work. It was perfect and I loved reading it :)
I love the hanger. Very cool. I go to check your turtial...need to try this techniques myself.

Ingrid zei

Congrats on your pub in CMF! Great work again in this post. Very colorful.....as usual. I will read your tutorial on Gesso, because I have no idea how to use it.

Have a nice day!

Silvitanova zei

You've been busy girl! I loved to read your article (and I'm a pro in that biz)!
I love that Peek a Boo page! (and the rest to ofcourse) Hope that you get to that AC DT!
Glad to see you back! I've missed you girlie. All the best!
XXX Silvia (a.k.a "I've never been taged";-)

Irene zei

Wow - you've been busy. Some lovely work there. Just love that wall hanging.

Miranda zei

Loved the article in CMF Emine! Great job!!!
And you've made quit a lot. Love most of them. Hope your personal issues are not too bad!
Ooooo I love meeting you Friday! There are so many great people coming Friday at Dawn's workshop....! See you Friday!!

Marie zei

Wow..I was just thinking how crazy it was that not to long ago u didnt have any dt and were sad...and i just knew u were going to get one soon...and now look at you! In magazines have ur own challenge blog and i have no idea how many dt's you are on! U are smokin girl!!! Your work is so amazing and lovely you so deserve everything u got going! Great job em! Good luck on the new dt I know your gonna get it! :)

Je@net zei

Congrats with the pub girlie, loved your work in the CmF! And those projects in this blog are so colorful and beautiful too. Love them...as always!!

And he....are you going to SDJZ on friday for the ws with Dawn??!!

Iris zei

I love the things you've made lately! I really like your style.
Where did you get the mini bookworks alphabet from EK Succes>?? Did you buy them anywere in Holland? I'm trying to find them for months! Please tell me,


Mika zei

I think ist's great to see your work in a magazine. Thanks for the link to the bum contest. I'm inn.
Hope to see you sometime on my blog.
Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Anoniem zei

I love the booty pages! great idea!

Lilian Schneider zei

Missed you girl! I almost got worried.... hope ecerything is okay with you. Love the layouts you made. I already saw your creations in the CMF and I loved them! Thanx for the gesso and paint tutorial. i work a lot with them lately, so I can do with some inspiration!

Esther zei

Wow! You've been busy. So many new stuff and all so cool. Love all of them and just want to scraplift them right away. Love, es

ellen zei

girl, you have been busy..congrats on the pub and the stuff looks great! hope all is well!

leslie zei

Amazing layouts, Emine, as always!!! Congrats on the magazine publishing!

Ice-Angel zei

Hé, congratz with your work in CMF!! It looks great!! And I bet it feels great to ;-)
Nice to see Monique as a guest @ allabouteve!! What an honour!!
See you friday @ SDJZ, I'll be there with my friend Je@net & Marye!!

Mirjam zei

Loved your articel in the CMF!! Great lo's on you blog, love the booty one. And eh... I would not be surprised if we seen your lo's for AC soon ;-))

Anoniem zei

wow emine, how cool are these!!!!!
very, very cool!!
hope yoy are feeling better. i will pray for you!!
love thea
tot vrijdag!!

Mireille zei

congrats on your pub girlie!
Totally awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVED it!

Nicole Hinrichs zei

Hi Emine,

Ik heb je artikel gezien in CMF en het ziet er GEWELDIG uit. Ik wilde je steeds mailen maar met de zomer vakantie was er iedere keer wel iets anders te doen, nouja je kent het wel. Ik vond je artikel in elk geval mooi. En guess what, ik sta er volgnde keer ook weer in. HHHmmm, met eigen papier dan wel. Anyway girl, hope you are doing fine.
Groetjes Nicole hinrichs

shelly b zei

you are just rockin chica!!! so cool about the pub! Everything is coming together for you!! Good luck with AC!

Monique zei

So good to see you friday!!! That will be a fun evening workshop! Love you bright colored style with mixed media and other awesome products. And I guess with the CmF publication another wish came true!

Monique zei

Hope we will find time to scrap next friday at Dwan's workshop! There might be a lot of "tokking tokking" in class ;)
Love your bright colored layouts with all the mixed media and other goodies! And I guess a wish came true being published in CmF!

Melonie zei

Oh Emine! Hope all is Ok with you. You have me worried Girl! Love all of your latest projects but then again I always love your stuff! Keep smiling!

Je@net zei

Was ik nog ff....zo leuk om je vanavond irl ontmoet te hebben! Echt te gek!
Wil je wat foto's door mailen please: jeanettiemessen@hetnet.nl
Enne...is et oke als ik je link op m'n blog? Doei ;-)

Tamara Nicole zei

I always love your creations, you are so talented! Also, hang in there, and remember there is alwais sunshine after the rain! ;-)

Marguerita zei

Wow Emine, you've been productive. Love all your latest projects (even the last one). And congratulations on being published!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

hoi emine, vond het zo gaaf om je in het echie ontmoet te hebben! en het was gezellie he?! LOL!je publicaties in het CMF zijn gaaf joh!!! helemaal toppie! en de rest van je creaties trouwens ook! o ja..had je ook gelinkt op mijn blog...oeps!!! vind je dat eigelijk wel oke? groetjes marije.

Marjolein zei

Wow, I love all your work, and you have been pretty busy I can tell!! Congrats on your publication, which magazine is it?

Daffie Online zei

The family hanger is fantastic!

*Fauve* zei

Hey welcome back:) I hope there was nothing serious going on...Cute stuff again!!

anokas zei

Hello! Your Layouts are incredible,I like them alot. I'm going to aDD you to my blog....hope you don't mind!

kiss, Ana.

Tammy zei

Way to go!

Ice-Angel zei

hey girl
it's me again LOL
Vind je t goed als ik je link op mn blog??
Dacht dat ik al gezegd had dat ik t leuk vond je IRL te ontmoeten, maar vind t nergens meer terug.....

Rachael zei

Congrats on your article!! Woot!!

I hope you are doing okay!!

Your pages and projects are great as always!! So great with color!!

jo zei

Glad to see you're doing well! congrats on the paper pub too! So awesome! Good luck with all your endeavors! You have a lot on your plate!

Ice-Angel zei

cool dat je de pics gevonden heb!!
Lookin' 4ward 2 see them!!
PS ga je toevalli zaterdag ook naar dolls?? :-D

Anna Zalamea zei

huge congrats on your first paper pub! that's awesome! thanks for visiting my blog :) so very sweet of you :)

scrappermimi zei

Stunning LO! And Big congrats on your article, what an accmplishment!

Fletch zei

I could just lok at your layouts all day!!! Wonderful!

micayla zei

Hope all is well girlie pops.
Congrats on the pub and there are some stunning layouts going on this post!

Tessa Tegendraads zei

Hai Emine, was j;ij dat op de dawn workshop in Ede...?? Ik herkende al zo'n bekend gezicht joh! Nu ja en ik was er dus ook :-P Groetjes van Tessa

Rita Weiss zei

your work is really amazing emine! congrats on your pub!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

BAD BAD BAD emine!!!! LOL! ;-) ik dacht dat je blog zou updaten met super leuke foto's van de workshop van Dawn!!!! hihihihi! we wachten geduldig af!:-P groetjes marije.

een heel ongeduldig meisje!!! LOL!

Tessa Tegendraads zei

Jij mag onder de toonbank slapen hoor, als je eronder past :-) hahahaha

Als je me je adres even mailt, dan stuur ik je per post een mooie uitnodiging!


Birgit zei

Love all your work here!!! so bright and colorful! and congrats on your pub!!

polinka zei

your style is great!!

mum on the run zei

Love thos LO's and congrats on being pubbed!! You totally deserve it :)

nessa zei

i put your blog into my fav!!! i love your work!!!