zondag, juli 22, 2007


I haven't updated in a long time... I was very busy with moving into my new studio WINK WINK. I love this place so much.. I scrap more since I moved in here... The right side of the room is kinda finished... Now I need to buy a decent closet for the left side and decorate that.. I found a really cool one.. we'll see...
I will post pictures as soon as I can...

And now I'm dealing with cystitis... UGHH.. I started with antibiotics today and I feel much better.. I lived in the bathroom the last few days... I needed to go there every 2 minutes.. Glad it's NOT that bad anymore...

Anyway I am working on some cool mini-album... I will share it with you AS SOON AS I FINISH IT... It will be a sneak BECAUSE IT'S A ....... Well, I don't want to spill it yet.. just keep an eye on this blog for more information... It's going to be REALLY COOL... WOOOHOOO...

Well I've been tagged... I'm now officially a ROCKING GIRL BLOGGER ;)

Thanks SUSAN for tagging me... Now I need to tag 5 more people who I think are rocking blogging girls... AW MY GOD.... this is going to be difficult.. Nura sweetie, I'm not gonna tag you since Susan tagged you too... BUT you are my Rocking blogging girl ;)

Here is my list:





I was also tagged by someone else but I can't remember anymore (sorry, It's already 1:25 am)

Love ya HONEY'S

And remember You are all my rocking blogger sisters

BTW: THIS LAYOUT IS FOR WEBSCRAPPIN.COM.... Love their kits... I used the transfer technique. (thanks HAGIT ;)

19 opmerkingen:

M@risk@ zei

Your layouts look great and have fun decorating and finishing your own space.

sollie zei

Waw, you are a good painter. I couldn't draw like you do. Well done!!

amy welch zei

What a cool layout!! very nice! Cant wait to see photos of your new scrap room!!

Nura Keif zei

Can't wait for your studio pictures. Must be awesome. Hope you feeling better soon. Miss talking to you. Take care and rest well. Love ya!:-D

Je@net zei

Hello stranger, missed your bloggings and glad to see you again ;-)
What a cool LO, wish I could drawn like that!!
Can't wait to see pictures of your scraproom!!
Have a nice day!

Silvitanova zei

Cool pages! Good to see you back, I've missed you!... and take care!

Brigitta zei

so glad to see you back girl, have really been missing you!! so when are we going to see your studio sweetie!!

Rachael zei

What a cool layout!!!

So exciting for your new scraproom!! CAn't wait to see the finished pics!

Flossie's Follies zei

Congratulations, you ROCK!

michelle zei

you have some of the coolest layouts with the coolest techniques.. i will be eyeballing your blog for further!

Anoniem zei

I love the colours and this layout! I can't wait to start my pages for my little guy :)

~Nancy~ zei

Love that layout girlie! And.. can't wait to see some pics of your scraproom!!! WOOHOO!! XOXO

Anart Island Studio zei

...Thank you for tagging me...;-)))

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal zei

Another awesome layout girl, glad you posted :) Hope you feel better soon.

Marie zei

Very neat!! Cant wait to see ur mini book. Would love to see pics of ur lovely studio!

Anilu Magloire zei

Hope you feel better soon. Glad to have you back blogging :)

micayla zei

What a fab layout, You are a fab drawer too.
How is the scraproom coming along, mine is still in progess!!!

Tammy zei

gorgeous art!! As usual!

mary h. zei

OMG!!! I can't believe you tagged lil ole me!!! Thanks!

Look at you! You my dear are moving up into celebrity status as we speak.;)