zaterdag, juli 07, 2007


I created this 8x8 layout for NAT... She's such a sweet talented girl... Happy birthday again to you sweetie ;)

ALL ABOUT EVE challenge blog sneak... Make sure to check it out on Monday... I have SO MUCH fun with this ladies and the responses ARE AMAZING... Thank you all who participates in this... It's ALL about scrapbooking yourself and inspire each other...
We will have A VERY SPECIAL guest designer this week... The UBERTALENTED......... Well, I can't tell you but she's MY DEAR DEAR friend.. Love you so much hon ;)
And we will have a VERY fun challenge in the upcoming weeks... Not a topic you would scrap about LOL

Layout sneak for a tag game ;)

And my 2nd CARD sneak... ;)

I'm still VERY SAD about BARIS AKARSU (the rockstar)... Yesterday was his funeral and I couldn't stop the tears... I can't believe such a sweet man is gone... And all the other FAMOUS *SSHOLES are still alive...

Rest in peace BARIS... Love you...

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M@risk@ zei

Your 24 layout and the flowercard are stunning. Hope your sadness will pass and think that you still can listen to his music.

Marguerita zei

Seems everyone is dying these days... :`( Keep reading blogs of people who've lost a loved one (including my own)

christiane zei

your layout arrived today!! more better IRL!! thankzzz!! :))

Prolix from la Normandie zei


├ža va?

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Dragon Flaire DT Member

Anilu Magloire zei

Love your work as always. It's so vibrant and happy!
Feel better soon :(

Nicole Carro zei

Feel better soon Emine, your sneaks are rockin:)

Marie zei

Ohhhh these are wonderful!!!! Cant wait to see the rest of them. So sad about the rockstar..They say only the good die young and sometimes it really seems like it. :( Big hug!

Lilian Schneider zei

Again you have made such great stuff, wanna see more of the sneaks! ;-)

Lilian Schneider zei

I made a link to your blog on mine (my favorite blogs), hope that's allright ;-)).

Lilian Schneider zei

Thanx to you too girlie!

Je@net zei

Wow, great projects again Emine!! Love them!

Silvitanova zei

Those sneeks look great!

malou zei

Rockin' the LO as always, girl. Sorry about the loss of your fave star.

michelle zei

love your cards and your layouts and your peeks.. love everything..!

Holly Terra zei

Fun LO, friend!
Glad to see you are feeling better!

jo zei

Love your new stuff! Miss you girlie! :)wk

Aline zei

Great layout, I'm sure Nat will love it!! :)

scrap 67 zei

Love your peeks and LO'S

shelly b zei

Fun LO! Can't wait to see the new All About Eve challenge!!

Lori Jolley zei

very fun! I just checked out the website! I love challenges. Can't wait to see what is next!

TessaAnnWatte zei

Hi Emine,
THanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm glad you emailed Junkitz! It never hurts to put yourself our there and especially when you create such lovely pages like you do!
Have a wonderful day and I hope you are feeling better :)
Tessa Ann

micayla zei

Just remember music is with us forever!!!
The layouts rock girl!

Manu ;-) zei

Love everything as always, Emine!
Sorry to read the bad news... Hope you feel better! hugs!

*fauve* zei

Awesome lo again and i Love the sneaks girl!

ellen zei

what is up chica! love that 8x8!!!! i am sorry to hear about that young singer...that is so much life

Heidi zei

Those are so awesome. You are an amazing scrapper!!

Betinha Gollino zei

Emine, you REALLY ROCK, girl! These LOs are awesome!

Fletch zei

Your work is GORGEOUS!!!

~Nancy~ zei

Hey girlie! Love that layout for Nat! I bet she loved it too!! And looove the sneakpeeks! WOW!!! (BTW.. I've finally started my own blog too! YAY)

Hope you're hangin' in there with all your deadlines!!


Nura Keif zei

Hope you are doing well, girly... Stunning work there!! Miss you and love you too, my friend:-D

MaMaLoT zei

I love your layout for Nat! Very curious how the sneaks look in real life... :)

Anoniem zei

hey! I tagged you! check it out on my blog :)