woensdag, juli 04, 2007


This guy was THE ROCKSTAR of TURKEY... He got famous after a show 4 years ago.. A show like American Idols... He had an accident with his car on saturday... We ALL prayed that he would get better but GOD decided to take him... HE PAST AWAY a few hours ago...
It really hurts... I loved him very much... He was only 28 years old.. Can you imagine...
(sorry, I couldn't find a better pic right now)

EDITED: is anyone going to the extreem weekend in Katwijk ??? I'm looking for someone to share a room with ;) WHO WHO WHO is that lucky girl bwahahahahahaha............

Not the products but the website... Look at it, it's REALLY gorgeous... WOOOHOOOO
You'll see the products and my layouts after CHA... It was soooooooooooooo much fun... REALLY amazing products.. I did 2 layouts for them... in 2 different styles... If you go to CHA check their boot and you'll see my layouts hanging there... YAY
Here is the link to the website http://glitzitnow.com/ .(make sure to click on the contact us bag... You'll see the 3 gorgeous founders of Glitz... ERIN, LAURA and GINGER.

And I have a toot to share... I will be the extended guest designer for scrapsupply.com... that means I will be joining their team for 3 months... The girls ARE AMAZING talented... Go check their newsletters... it's like a magazine... with columns, projects etc. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this fab team... even if it's for 3 months...
And make sure to subscribe to their newsletter... I don't want to miss any one of them... They also have a designers pub... An amazing pub where you have the latest calls, toots, scrapbookinformation and ofcourse some fabulous talented artist on their...

I don't have any layouts to share... I made a lot but I can't share it right now. I will share 1 8x8 layout tomorrow.. A really special one ;)


23 opmerkingen:

Christine zei

I do luv their website..totally hip and cool. I will seek out your layouts while at CHA hun. Congrats on the extension!

jess zei

That is really sad about the rock star. so young.
Im off to look at the Glitz website right now!!!
Xx Jess

christiane zei

such sad news!!
congrats on the extension!! can't wait to see the layout!!

Nat zei

Congratulations to all your accomplishments- you really rock on here :-) Have a good day!

Melanie aka Batgirl zei

Sorry to hear about that singer. going to check out the web site now :)

jo zei

Congrats on the ScrapSupply gig girlie! :) I love that site and I love to shop there too! Their newsletters are always so AWESOME! Can't wait to see you in them! :)

mary h. zei

So sad about the rockstar.

Can't wait to see the Glitz stuff irl.

Hope you have a great weekend.;)

mary h. zei

So sad about the rockstar.

Can't wait to see the Glitz stuff irl.

Hope you have a great weekend.;)

Tammy zei

Gosh that is really sad news... I hate to hear about early deaths... I watched the movie "The Queen" last night and hearing about Princess Diana's death again... so young as well... I hate it... so sad.

Je@net zei

What a sad news you start with! Don't know him, but it's always a lost!

Wow girl, you really rock!!! Wish you all the luck!

leslie zei

I'm sorry about the singer.

You have been a busy girl! Congrats!

Latharia zei

Congratulations on the ScrapSupply gig! ... and my condolences on your loss! :(

Birgit zei

That is sad news! Hope you have a great time in Katwijk though...

Silvitanova zei

Rockstars die young so often, thats so sad.

That glitz-site looks very hot, can't wait to see more of it!

Anilu Magloire zei

So sad when such a young life is taken...

I am very happy for all the great scrappy things happening to you!!!
Can't wait to see your Glitz stuff after CHA!

Nicole Carro zei

Can't wait to see your Glitz projects! Congrats on ScrapSupply, they are lucky to have you!

sollie zei

I'm so sorry to hear that this guy passed away. I don't know him but he looks cute.

shelly b zei

congrats on the DT!!! Wish I were going to CHA so I could see your stuff!!

Nura Keif zei

Sorry about the news. Can't wait to see what you do for Glitz and Congrats girl!!:-D

Marie zei

Awww im sorry u are sad! He was very young and thats just heartbreaking when someone like that passes. BIg hug to ya luv.

Lilian Schneider zei

It is so sad when such a young person dies, sorry to hear that you are sad.

Can't wait to see all that stuff you made!

Hazel zei

That is such sad news about the young rock star - you and others who were close to him are in my thoughts.

michelle zei

sorry about your rockstar, that's so sad..
congrats on your extension..woo-hoo