vrijdag, juli 13, 2007


Hi sweeties.. it's been a long time since I posted something here... I'm sorry for that... Sometimes people just need a break... But that doesn't mean I don't scrap anymore. I finished a cj entry, my 2nd all about eve challenge layout and many more...

Go check out the Eve blog... the new challenge has been posted on monday... Check it HERE

And a big news FOR ME:

I'm going to have my own STUDIO wahooooooo.... I'm sooooooo happy about it... It will take some time to make it the way I want. Wish I was RICH *sigh* LOL... Well actually, I don't want to... Nothing is more exciting then creating a room a little at a time... Instead of buying everything in 1 day, right?

How do I want my room to look like?

NOT CHIC... NOT CLEAN... I just want a cozy, warm place where i have all my stuff organized a bit... I see a lot of rooms looking like an OFFICE... WTH? How can you feel creative in such a place? I know I can't...

Yesterday I posted a thread on 2peas and look at the link I GOT... SO MUCH INSPIRATION.. I couldn't believe my eyes... Some of the rooms are looking like scrapbookstores LOL... Here is the link: ROOMS

My sister is coming over this weekend. She lives close to IKEA... SO I ORDERED A FEW stuff through her LOL... POOR SIS, She needs to play for a UPS guy again bwahahaha...

This photo holder is PERFECT... I'm going to alter it... WOOHOOO I'm so happy with this little stuff... YAY... I will post before pictures tomorrow (or the day after ;)

have an amazing day

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Tamara Nicole zei

Congrats on your room! I'm soooo jealous! I know it will happen someday, but for now I have my scrapbook closet;-)

shelly b zei

yeah for your own room!!! all that stuff looks awesome. Great inspo!

Silvitanova zei

WoW, how fun is that a special scraproom!

M@risk@ zei

This layout is beautiful, but told you that already. Have fun organizing and decorating your scrapspace. Since 2 years I have my own room and it's just great to leave everything for what it is and continue when you want. Have a nice sunny weekend.

Lilian Schneider zei

Wow, great layout Emine, with those buterflies, they are gorgeous!
I'm working on my scraproom too. I have way to much stuff now, so I need my own space. Our guestroom will be my scraproom and I already but some great things too. Since I'm nog rich either, I do it step by step, just like you ;-).

Je@net zei

Great LO Emine!!
And good luck with your room!! I'm sure it's going to be great!!!

Anoniem zei

I love Ikea! lol. have fun with your new space! thats always fun to decorate!

Love the layout of this page too!

Marie zei

OMG this is lovely!!! And i love all the stuff u picked out!!


Woohoo you finally get a room for your creative inspiration!!! I totally love the lo you did w/the butterflies, beautiful and your picture is simply gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your studio!

Alette zei

OH yeah IKEA is the place to be :) :) Love it and ofcourse we have lots of stuff from there too :)
Love the LO you made with the butterflies :)


Tessa Tegendraads zei

Wow, your own scraproom, that's great!! And the Lo is absolutely super!!


Anilu Magloire zei

Your amazing work keep blowing me away. Have fun building your studio :)

*fauve* zei

Fun page and dont you just love having your own room?

leslie zei

yay for your room! the stuff you picked out looks great!

michelle zei

i was wondering where you've been! congrats on your room!

Marlou zei

great blog you have here!! love this layout excellent :)

~Nancy~ zei

Can't wait to see your room finished (pictures... hint.. hint..) XOXO

Daffie Online zei

ikea rules!

micayla zei

Yay for us and our own rooms. I cannot wait to see the end result. I am in the process of doing mine too!
Fab layout girl, you are rocking!

dawn zei

hiya hun... gorgeous room - and of course the LO is totally delightful... see you soon!!

MaMaLoT zei

Love the layout Emine! And I'm very curious to see you own room!
Have fun with your sister!

MsGrace zei

so great to get your own room...saw your amamzing work on all about eve & came by to check out some more.


susan j zei

Oh wow!! A room!! You lucky thing!! LOVE your LO here!! Stunning!! BTW you have been tagged. You are now a rockin' girl blogger!!

Tammy zei

I ABSOLUTELY adore your page with the butterflies!

ellen zei

hey lady! what is new? LOL...except your NEW room...you must be stoked...congrats! miss you!

mary h. zei

You lucky girl! I can't wait to have my own space. Even my dh said that when we buy/build that the house will come with my very own room. That I "need" it. hehehehe. Although I am one of those who like it to look very neat. I can't get creative in a mess or with clutter. lol. Mine will probably look like an office. But I'll let you turn it into a beautiful mess someday when you come visit me.;)

linda loe zei

prachtige dingen heb je weer gemaakt.De foto`s vind ik ook erg leuk zo die halve gezichten.

D@nielle zei

I love this lo with the butterflies Emine, good luck on getting the room sorted, it's a process to get it all perfect. I know :)