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A few weeks ago I saw the Rusty Pickle amazing race (designteam contest) on scrapstreet.com... I thought I'll give that a try but It was really hard to find their products here... Anyway after that decision there happened a lot in my life... I got in 2 designteams and ofcourse ON GLITZ Designteam... I totally forgot about this contest... I like contests as you know.. I always want to push myself to the limits and get challenged...

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I saw a thread on 2peas and I thought what the heck I'll give it a shot... But the problem was ::::: The deadline... June 1th... So I had less then a day to finish 1 layout, 1 altered item and 1 mini-album... How was I supposed to do that???

Yesterday at midnight started creating till 4 am.. And believe it or not... I finished them YOOOHOOO... It felt soooooooooo good... Even if I don't make it to the final I will be still glad because I saw what I was capable of. And I'm already on an AWESOME manufacturer designteam ;)

So here are some sneaks that I created... I had only 4 sheets of patterned paper, chipboard, 1 sheet transparancy, letter stickers and some cardboard letters... SO THIS WAS A CHALLENGE TOO LOL

This one is the sneak of the mini-album... I did an transparancy mini-album because I didn't have enought RP papers... And I'm loving it :This one is the sneak of the project... I altered a piece of cardboard... I want to hang it on the wall:

And this is the sneak of the layout...

Guess what colors I used LOL... The mini-album is like a rainbow believe me...
And I figured out that orange and purple fit each other perfectly...

The finalist will be announced on monday... And those are getting a box of goodies AND assignments... At the end they will choose the lucky NEW DT MEMBERS ;)

Good luck everyone who entered ;) Can't wait to show my projects with you

Now I'm off to scrap some more


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Ingrid zei

Weren't you busy enough already??? :-) I really admire how you manage to do it every time. The sneak peaks look very promising. I love how you always add a touch of orange to each project. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Silvitanova zei

Well, good luck girlie!
The sneek peaks rock!
(btw: did you see that donorshow, today? I'm still in shock. I know one of the "contestors", what a stunt)

Kellie zei

You go girl, that's an accomplishment to do all that in itself! Best of luck to ya! :)


Oh my..where do you find the time!

NancyJones zei

DADGUM GIRL YOU ARE so much like me it is amazing. I wills tay up all night too working on stuff that i dont need to be but man they look awesome (from what i can see arent you the sneaky one just showin a corner hmmmph!) teehee. Im rootin for you my friend. AND OMG GLITZ I got to have some of it how do I GET IT
remember those pictures from scrap street in my final page we had to do. The ones of bella in the diva suit (my blog header) omg they are SCREAMING GLITZ!!!

amy welch zei

wow!! That is awesome that you got it all done in such a short time!!! It looks great,Good luck!!

Tammy zei

You go girl!! You are on FIRE!!! I'm so excited for you!

Christine zei

Wow. Amazing. It took me three weeks to complete all three projects! I'm so excited for Monday..let's hope our names are on the list sweetie! Good Luck!

Nicole Carro zei

Emine you are so driven girl...love that! Can't wait to see your RP mini album. Still drooling over your Hambly mini album LOL!

Megan zei

Oh good for you honey!! I think it is a great reward when we push ourselves and see what we are truly capable of - and knowing your work, you will be just fine!

Best of luck Emine!

Megan xx

Monique zei

De sneakpeaks zien er al erg mooi uit! Ik zal voor je duimen!

china59 zei

Once I was faced with the same problem...but I'm way too much of a procrastinator and I just gave up !
You're really amazing and passionate ! And I can't believe what wonderful quality you can achieve at 12 am !

M@risk@ zei

Your sneaks are looking good and great that you managed it in such a short time. Good luck with it.
BTW thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog.

jake zei

you amaze me girlie... lol.. you are such a bundle of energy and enthusiasm!

the sneaks look fantastic - good luck!

shelly b zei

good luck girlie!! I want to see all of goods though!! You rock and they would be supa crazy if they don't pick you!!

Anilu Magloire zei

Woohoo!! Love the peeks. Good luck, Emine :)

Charin zei

Hi! :) I am one of Amy Welch's friends, I followed her here. :) Congrats on the design teams! The sneak peaks look great! :)

Cami zei

sneak peeks look awesome girl! I can't wait to see the 3 projects in their entirety! Good luck to you!! :)

melissa zei

well the sneak peeks look awesome-so sure they rock ;) sending you lots of luck

Christy zei

Hi Emine! Hope you don't mind me stopping by... I found your blog through Rita. Just wanted to let you know that I never received your e-mail and didn't want you to think I was being rude by not replying. :) Good luck with the RP dt contest... I'm rooting for you! :)

micayla zei

I am rooting for you girl! I am loving the peeks and cannot wait to see more!!!

Lilian Schneider zei

Girl, how did you do this in such a short time? The peeks look great, so I guess you will go to the next round too! More hard work ;-).

malou zei

Goodluck w/that dear. That is what admire about you, when you put your mind on something you do it w/gusto and you succeed on it tremendously. You are one awesome chic!

Nat zei

What I see looks gorgeous! Good luck!!

Manu ;-) zei

wow!!! you are amazing and yes, I need just a little bit of your talent ;))))))) Good luck, the sneak peaks are gorgeous!!!! CIAO :)

Nili zei

You amaze me girl! you really do. It is no wonder you win and get all you want :) good for you!!!

jo zei

You're such a tease with your sneak peeks! Can't wait to see the real deal! *lol*

Good luck with the contest! You rock!

Je@net zei

Wow, waar haal je de tijd en de energie toch elke keer vandaan!!
Super joh! De sneak peek ziet er in elk geval fantastisch uit!!
Wish you luck girl!!!

miss morgan... zei

wow1 that sounds really exciting! can't wait to see the full view of that transparency mini album! i'm intrigues!

michelle zei

girl, you need to teach a class on time management! you totally rock and i can't wait to see all your stuff!

jennihaywood zei

WoW.... YOu just keep getting better and better. YOu are fab girl. I just love everything you are creating!

Daffie Online zei

Be carefull you don't get scrappers stress, because of scrapping too much ;-)

Marguerita zei

Good luck, I've done a workshop with Mr Pickle yesterday and it is AWESOME!

Mireille zei

goodluck girlie!

Nura Keif zei

Whoa...that is amazing!! Good Luck, girl!!

ellen zei

good luck sista! keep on rockin'!

Ramona zei

I've seen you projects on 2peas. I'm sorry you didn't make it, too. Some European style would be a good thing for most American companies...
Esp. since we Europeans are masters when it comes to do great projects with little supplies. It is amazing what you can do with limited supplies, isn't it? I only had 1 PP (it was double sided, so that helped a lot..lol..) and the filefolders for my mini-album. But I guess where there is a will... Can't wait to see, what the winners did though. They must be really awesome.

M@risk@ zei
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