zondag, juni 17, 2007


First i want to share the layout i did with the pencillines sketch...

Look at this gorgeous piece of art... I already mentioned it on a previous post about this UBER TALENTED girl and her etsy shop: DESY ART ... This is what NICOLE created for me... WOW AMAZING... I'm shocked... Thank you so MUCH...
And here is the link to her amazing friend ASTRID ... The etsy shop is from her BOTH... I can't believe how this girls can create this... A GORGEOUS treasure... WOW...
I'm going to have this printed on canvas and hang it on my wall... Thanks girls.. YOU ROCK...

Make sure to check it out...


I know that all of you girls ARE very talented and very generous... Let's help this girl out... http://scrapalittlesunshine.blogspot.com/.. She came up with this idea by herself and it turned out to an AMAZING international success... Look at her blog for more information... I'm know thinking of HOW I CAN HELP HER... I want to do something... So those children will be happy, even if it's for a few minutes... Let's show the power of this SCRAPBOOKING community...

Love you all ;)

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Karli zei


I'm going to be a mama! Yeah! I'm about nine weeks along, so not too far, but super excited and nervous. Any advice would be much appreciated!

I'm proud of all the good stuff you are doing and working on. You are doing amazing things. Love you!


micayla zei

Love what you have done girl. That layout is fabby!!!

Nicole Hinrichs zei

Hi Emine,

Super lo's you made, thanks for mentioning us on your blog, but you are the hero here.

I use to take with our company in the states terminal kids to disneyland in los angeles, so much love from the kids, we always only got to spent 2 days with them. So hard to know they would die. It still breaks my heart thinking off it. I will check out this blog and see where we can help.
God bless you babe.
Nicole Hinrichs

miss morgan... zei

wow! love that! it will look awesome printed on canvas! you'll have to show us the final product, the texture of the canvas will totally add to it even more!

Silvitanova zei

Wow, I love to see how the result will be on canvas! Wonderful art!

Anilu Magloire zei

The artwork's amazing!!! Love all the colors :)
Thanks for sharing the links.

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) zei

Scrap a little sunshine is a great idea! Thanks for pointing it out :)

One cool chick zei

that print is awesome!

i will have to check out that site. sounds interesting

jo zei

You are such an amazing gal with a huge heart! I'm definitely going to check out the links!

Love that LO you did! You're SO good it's not even funny! :)

Love ya!jc17cv

Ingrid zei

Your LO is great....as always. What a cute little girl. Your other girl is cute too. :-) I really like the piece of art Nicole made for you. It will look great printed on canvas.

Ingrid zei

Your layout is great.....as always. What a cute little girl. Your other girl is cute too. :-) I love the piece of art Nicole made for you. I am sure it looks great printed on canvas.

M@risk@ zei

Nice take on the Pencil Line sketch. Made one myself but didn't submit, because it wasn't ready in time. Good luck with it.
Have a nice week.

Irene zei

Love that artwork - will check out the shop.

Iris zei

Cool LO! And the print really looks fabulous!!! I want one too (from myself ofcourse)
Don't hurry with the RAK. I know you're busy. Just take your time. I will only be a bigger surprise! ;)
And thanks that you placed Gerry's link on your blog!


*fauve* zei

Wow thats sooo pretty!

Moreen (aka Armenime) zei

Love your LO. Will check out the links for scrap a little sunshine.

DBird zei

emine! holy cats, i love the layout!! man, you keep coming with it!! so beautiful :)

Tammy zei

Emine, Your work is simply divine, I have missed visiting your blog, it's been about a week and wow... amazing... Its like you pour your own mind into your work, like we can look at your art and see what you're thinking...

Nura Keif zei

Amazing layout and that piece of art!!

Anoniem zei

Nicole (destinee) IS amazing. She has an incredible skill both in digital AND paper. PLUS she is THE nicest person. How wonderful!
xox Laura

Rachael zei


Mel Goodsell zei

Thanks for stopping by my blog :O)
Wow your work here is amazing, just beautiful !!!

Amie zei

Hi Emine,

Thanks for stopping bye my blog and leaving your lovely comment!!

I have had a lovely time being inspired by your awesome work... I look forward to coming back and visiting.


Laura McCann zei

that is some amazing artwork!! Loving that Then and NOW LO...super cute!!!

I am totally checking out that blog....an excellent idea! I used to do things with a Make A Wish group for Disney trips, but haven't done it recently. Need to do it again!

jake zei

LOVE that artwork - it's beautiful and when your kiddies are grown it'll be a lovely reminder of them at that age. very special emine.

malou zei

What an awesome lo and I really love that painting that your friend had made!

dawn zei

Morning hun - stunning LO and I love the artwork from that girl - amazing talent she has - have a wonderful weekend :D

Tammy zei

Hey there girly... whatcha been up to?? Been scrappin??

Lilian Schneider zei

Now that I'n back from out holiday I can watch you blog again, always a pleasure to see those great creations. I blogged my Pencil Lines layout too!

Tammy zei

Oh my gosh, just saw your work on the prima website... YOU GO GIRL!

charlotte zei

Love what you did with those lovely SR papers! And that piece of art just rocks!

michelle zei

wow, wow, wow.. love your layouts, love that art work and love that organization.. thanks for always sharing