woensdag, juni 27, 2007


Phew... it was A VERY HARD WEEKEND to me... I scrapped like a crazy... 6 layouts in less then 1,5 day + an article for a dutch mag... It will be pubbed in the august issue so I will let you know WHICH one then ;)

And I didn't feel well the last couple of days... So I had NO energy to post here.. SORRY... But I'm back now... And I feel SUPER...

I have a COUPLE of HUGE secret projects going on... ( well, we are now at the stage that we are chatting about the possibilities to make it work)... That's all I can tell you ;) hee hee, I am SOOOOO BAD...

Well I promised you that I had a HUGE toot... the first one is that I was asked to write an article with 6 layouts for one of the biggest Dutch scrapmag... And the second one is>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I am also asked to write an article with 6 or 7 layouts to go with for SOMERSET MEMORIES (Legacy)...

My first time publications will be HUGE LOL... So I need to get working on it... So exciting...

And last but not least: the first challenge is up (you can see my layout on top of this post)

check it out here : http://allabouteve-challenges.blogspot.com/ woohooo love the challenges... ;) We would love you to be a part of it...

Missed you girls ;)

I will be posting a lot again... Unfortunately I can't show all my pages... ;)

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domestic goddess zei

congrats on all the pubs!!!!wtg

Marjolein zei

Totally love your work!! This one is great too! And all those pubs... great!! Congrats, let me know when/where I can see them...Dutch magazines are not for sale here.....little sneakpeek??

Btw... I know you from..... no clue!! But anyway, I'm working on the All About Eve challenge.... keep you posted:-))

Anoniem zei

WOW Emine! CONGRATS on your two HUUUUUUUUGE toots!!! So happy for you! Love your work!!!

Sandi in FL

jess zei

LOVE your layout!!! And Congrats on all thats happening with you!!!
Xx Jess!

P.s. i saw in your side bar "vote for this blog" so i went and gave you top marks!!!!!

Cheryl Wray zei

WOW!! Congrats on the articles! That is so great!!
Your layout is GORGEOUS, and I'm going to check out that challenge right now!!

Flossie's Follies zei

Congratulations, this page is fantastic, love your blog

Nat zei

awesome about your articles! Congrats to your pubs!

Megan zei

Congrats you big STAR!!!! Emine I am not at all surprised you have been commissioned by these magazines....you do AMAZING work!

Love the layout in this post too - brilliant!

Megan xx

Ingrid zei

That is HUGE news, Emine. Congrats on the pubs!!! Looking forward to see your work in the Dutch magazine. Good luck on all your other secret projects.

Irene zei


Will you translate the Dutch article into English for us? Congrats on all the great stuff going on and a bigger congrats that you got it done when you were feeling poorly.

Tammy zei

Girl this is just gorgeous... GORGEOUS!

mauri zei

Hi Emine!

Just found you lovely message in my blog and found yours....
Your work is simply awesome!
Such wonderful layouts, your daughters are beautiful!
Congrats for all the success!

Enjoy you journey with Finding you whenever you're ready...

Take care

Je@net zei

Wow, she's back and how!!!
Congrats girl!! So excitend, all that big news!!

leslie zei

Wow!!! Somerset Legacy, that is huge!! Congrats!

malou zei

Awesome LO again, Emine. Congrats on all of your hardwork.

Tamara Nicole zei

Congrats that's awesome! You deserve it!

Natasja zei

Great work!! Love it. Can't waith to see your article!!

Nura Keif zei

Huge congrats girl!! Gorgeous layout as always!!

Nancy zei

You are ROCKING girlie! WOOHOO! And thanks for visiting my blog today.. you asked me about the Extreme weekend in September.. but I won't be there as I'll be in the US at that moment! Will you be teaching there??? XOXO Nancy

One cool chick zei

super secret..hmmm. i am just dying to know. i can never keep a secret..lol


shelly b zei

Emine!! how fab!! you rock girl. can't wait to see the articles!!

jilly zei

OMG You are the tooting Queen at the moment Emine! HUGE congratulations to you!

Rachael zei

Congrats, Emine!! How exciting and wonderful for you!!

micayla zei

Congrats on the pubs, you are soooo talented! Love the layout btw!!!

michelle zei

congrats, congrats, congrats! i am so excited for you!

M@risk@ zei

Great all those things going on! Which magagzine will it be. Good luck with everthing.

Silvitanova zei

WOHOO! Great news sweety!!
I'm so happy for you. Congratulations!