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The titel on this post says it all.. I DIDN'T MADE IT TO THE FINALS OF THE RUSTY PICKLE DESIGNTEAM CONTEST... But my sweetie CAMI did.. Congrats girl.. Can't wait to see your entries.. I bet they're totally AWESOME...

First i want you to show this page I created for a photoswap with sweet TAY... Isn't that kid SOOO CUTE... I used Corinne Delis' Cherry ARTE paper for the FIRST time.. And I'm loving it ;)

Let's move on to my Rusty pickle NOT PICKED entries LOL.. First I want to say that I'm NOT dissapointed.. I have so MANY amazing things going on that 1 dissapointment CAN'T get me discouraged ;)... And I think that my style don't fit them... Maybe that's why they didn't choose me OR MY WORK REALLY SUCKS... Sorry guys, This is what a could come up with in a few hours and a sleepless night LOL...
BUT I LOVE EACH AND EVERY PIECE OF THEM and that's what matters to me... My family is crazy about what I created for this contest (that's weird... because they used to say ONLY good or beautiful LOL)....
So here is my transparancy mini-album... Everything is rusty pickle AND some NON scrapping items (the bubble wrap)

And this is my treasure standing on my tv right now ;) I altered a cardboard... Maybe this doesn't fit the category Altered ART... But hey... Everything that is NOT on paper is ALTERED right.. And I'm going to hang this on the wall... It's Strong enough...

MMM the layout... I kept it simple because I ran out of RUSTY PICKLE products LOL... The tag you see was hanging on the RP button bottle.. AND the word wrong was on the chipboard package... I just cut it out and put it on my page... So ALL Products are again from RP hee hee... Except for the chipboard letters ;)

This was such an AMAZING experience to me... I proved to myself that i was capable enough to create projects REALLY fast.. And actually LOVE THEM TOO... It was REALLY FUN creating them... I didn't get into the final BUT I have 3 creations which my family REALLY ADORE's... Ofcourse ME TOO ;)

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Barbara zei

Your RP stuff is awesome! I took a peek over at the SIS site! I totally admire your style && am super jealous of your skillz

jo zei

So awesome! You totally rock! Love that Rusty Pickle stuff you did! So funky and fun! :)

Colleen zei

awesome scraps. sorry you didn't make it sweets

michelle zei

your work rocks and you rock, so don't get discouraged. I can't believe you got all these done in a few hours! That is amazing in itself!

Anilu zei

It's their loss, Enime. I loved them all!

candice zei

i absolutely love your work! your designs are amazing, unique, and your use of color is amazing.

sohpiasmom zei

These are gorgeous Emine! Awesome job!!

Megan zei

Emine you create such beautiful things!! I just love your swap pops right off the page!

malou zei

YOu did an amazing job though, Emine. Imagine finishing all those! Very cool!

Cami zei

you rocked it hon! Each of your creations was awesome. Your creativity is just amazing and I absolutely love your use of color. :) I am glad you have such fabulous works of art as a result of your hard work. Pat yourself on the back!!

Karli zei

Love all the creations Emine. Such beautiful work & to do it on such short notice is awesome. You are really growing in your talent! Good for you!

Did you know that Lisa Bearnson did a class an hour from Amsterdam this past week?! That would have been awesome to go to, huh? Hope you are doing well! Loves!


Rachael zei

Great stuff!!

miss morgan... zei

those entries are awesome! i'm glad that you aren't getting discouraged,because you def cranked out some amazing skills!

Hagit zei

I really like your work, but that first lo for the photoswap is really AWESOME! I love it. And I know we're going to be hearing your name a lot. :)

Christine zei

Sorry Emine-I know you put in a super long night and some fabulous effort. It was a tough challenge..I know it took me weeks to get these three projects done. Wish me luck to the finish line!

Anoniem zei

love the lo that you did with my papers and your RP entry looks great as well, sorry you didn't make the team.


Miranda zei

sorry to hear you're not in the finals! Your work looks awesome!
But... does that mean your in the Dreamteam contest at Scrapstreet with me?? Then Yeah!!!

Je@net zei

Your RP work looks great Emine! Love al your projects!!
The photoswap is awesome too!! You did a great job girl!!

Anart Island Studio zei

Ohhh wohhh!!! You have been super busy again!! Love your work!! Especially your photo swap LO!!! Don´t feel bad about not getting into RP!! I have seen a book they made about the entry for their last DT Search and there must be 1.000 and 1.000 of people trying to get in!!! And I think one reason could be that their products are not so prominet in your layouts! They want them to pop right out!!! Sometimes you only find out later WHY you did not get in.....and BTW I am wondering how on earth you will manage working for so many DTs anyhow...LOL...;-)))
Hugs Swieetie!!!

christiane zei

that's fab stuff!! :))

leewoodside zei

hey girl your work is just divine!

*fauve* zei

Pretty stuff girl!

Natasja zei

Wow respect!! To create this all in one night!

Tessa Tegendraads zei

De Lo met het papier van Corine Delis is echt super geworden zeg! Heb het papier ook liggen alleen tot nu toe nog geen inspiratie mee... Maar als ik zie begint er toch wel wat te borrelen! Tessa

ania zei

Ey dont be sorry! Your entries rocked, esp the minialbum! Totally love it! :D And youre right, focus on the things thats actually happenin around you today - youve got so many cool things going on! :D

Kate zei

I LOVE your creations and I'm so sorry that you didn't get on the DT, but like you said maybe your style didn't suit them coz I can tell you this much Girl your work SO doesn't suck. Anyway it's their loss. :-)

Kate zei

Great work, I can't believe you got it done in one evening!

I've blogged an orange inspired LO and linked to your blog - hope that's OK?

M@risk@ zei

Sorry to hear that you didn't make it to the final round but so you're able to concentrate on all the other great stuff you're doing.
You projects are awesome and I really like the I'm cute layout with Corinne's paperline. zei

and le gesso???


presée to see it tomorrow!!!



dana zei

I luv the stuff you "did at the spur of the moment" for RP!!! I'd definitely take it as your style didn't fit what they were looking for at the time. The chipboard--It's altered to me!! Luv it!

Kellie zei

Hey girl! Sorry you aren't in the finals for RP...but just look at the great projects you did! :)
Have a wonderful day girlie, and hope we talk soon! :)

Melanie aka Batgirl zei

I love your work! I cant wait to get going on my next scrapbook so I can CASE you! :)

domestic goddess zei

wow emine, so loving all that creativity, especially love the transparent mini book

Manu ;-) zei

Fantastic!!! Love ALL your stuff!!!
really amazing! I've no other words... ;))))

Silvitanova zei

Sorry that you didn't make it. ..
I admire your strong style / signature...and look at all this replies. Your blog has more replies than Elsie those days. Congratulations with that girl!

Flossie's Follies zei

Your pages are awesome, sorry you did not make the finals.

Nancy van den Berg zei

So sorry you didnt made it!!! But I absolutely looove what you did with their stuff!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! XOXO Nancy

Anoniem zei

I agree your work is awesome. My guess is you didn't use enough RP, since the rules stated the entries had to use 90% RP product.

Marie zei

You are a busy lil bee! I love them all as usual! YOu inspire me so.

scrap {n} flava zei

You did something totally different with the RP- and that you should be SO proud of! They are all so beautiful! I don't know how ya do i but I love them!

Tammy zei

Girl you are so talented its crazy... you make the most amazing art!

Iris zei

I realy love the things you've created this time! I don't know why you didn't made it to the rusty pickle design team.

Nura Keif zei

To me, that are amazing gorgeous work!!

Irene zei

I just love all your projects Emine. Really love the layout especially. You're right - if you love your work and your family loves it, that's what matters more than anything.

bonnie b zei

E- I don't know why you didn't make the RP team - but we at WE B love your style! So - know your creations Rock and continue on doing your really amazing work! I wish you could come for a visit.

sara berry zei

Those are amazing Emine! Your work continues to inspire and just amaze me! Glad you could finally share these--I remember your post about the marathon RP last minute scrap session and really wanted to see!