donderdag, mei 03, 2007


WOOOHOOOOO I have a great news... I'm doing a photo swap with my NEW dear friend NURA KEIF ... She is such an amazing girl.. Not only does she have a WONDERFUL personality but she's also SO DAMN Talented... I'm so glad that I've met you sweetie ;)

Andddddddd You all know how much I adore KRISTINA CONTES... And I'm gonna do a photo swap with her too.. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT... BWAAAAAAAAAAA... I'm totally in shock... She is just supa TALENTED... Wow wow wow...

Thanks Kristina for playing with me (I mean my pictures LOL)

Here is a layout I did for another friend from a message board... SWEET SWEET SWEET JEN... She's hosting a photo swap at So this is my little thank you to her... ;) And she has beautiful twins... BTW: The titel says twinz but I did that on purpose.. You'll know I'm always trying crazy things.. That's just me... And I used dimensional fabric paint.. But it works great on transparancies and foam LOL...

I'm having such a hard time with taking pictures of my layouts... They all turn to bright... And when I don't edite it, the white background lookes like GREY YUK... What the HECK...

And you need to read THIS post about up- and -coming but not-discovered yet scrapbookers.. They even mentioned my name.. Thank you KELLI for mentioning my name... It really made my day...

NOW I"M OFF TO TAKE A NAP WHILE THE KIDS ARE SLEEPING. It looks like I'll have a late night again... BTW: I'm going to dream about KRISTINA LOL

Update on AKKEFIETJE in dutch (sorry guys, I don't think it would interest you)

Akkefietje blijft gewoon hard doorgaan met de HTK's en de website... Dus NO WORRIES... Ze zullen een dezer dagen een niewsbrief uitgeven... Sorry, dat ik jullie een verkeerd beeld heb gegeven...

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Karli zei

So exciting Emine! Proud of you friend! You are just getting more & more popular & you deserve it!

Can't wait to see all your layouts!

Have fun!

Nancy zei

Wow.. girlie! You rock!! WOOohoooo.. so happy for you..and have fun creating those pages for those amazing girls!! (can't wait to see them!!!) XOXO

Tammy zei

Love this layout!

sally hanna zei

love the paint effect you used! rockin as usual!!

Wendy - Anntaurus zei

I have had a very pleasant time browsing your blog - your style is absolutely stunning!!

leslie zei

Wow! Kristina Contes - that's awesome. I absolutely love her. Your layout is beautiful!

michelle zei

this is so beautiful, girl! and you are uber-talented! I am so jealous you are swapping with kristina! how cool is that!

Vee zei

wow that is awesome!!
have fun with the photo swaps!!

PMB zei

another WOW LO....fab work!

Aline zei

Wow, great layout and great news! Congrats and have fun with the swap! :)

DBird zei

awesome layout and such cool news emine!

Mirjam zei

Can't wait to see how the photo swap turns out, Nura and Kristina are great scrappers and so are you!
About the pictures, maybe you already do so, but try to take pictures with naturale light only and turn of the flash.

Anart Island Studio zei

Ohh wohhh!!!! That is good news!!! Hope you enjoy your swaps...!!! I know I would!!! ;-)))

Laura McCann zei

You are soooo ON FIRE, girl!! Your stuff is just rockin' and you are getting some well-deserved recognition! Congrats!

mary h. zei

Girl, I know you are super excited about KC!;) You shouldn't be too excited about being put on the up and coming list. Haven't I told you that already? Just don't believe me, huh? lol. The layout is so super cool! I had thought about doing the swap too but I'd have wanted you(because you would've used orange ;)) or Sally to do mine so... I didn't sign up for it. You are just amazing. Love ya, girl!

mIchelle rAmirez zei

have fun with the swaps.
that will be awesome!

Daffie Online zei

Your scrapping star keeps on rising :-)!
Enjoy it!

Kellie zei

And you need to read THIS post about up- and -coming but not-discovered yet scrapbookers.. They even mentioned my name.. Thank you KELLI for mentioning my name... It really made my day...

You are totally welcome girl! Your layouts rock bottom line:)
I see you have left me some messages on my blog, would love to get to know you.
What do you mean we are so much alike? ;) Talk soon k?
How exciting about the photoswaps, if you ever want to do one, let me know. ;)
Or maybe I am pushing my luck, hehe...



Joyeux NSD!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

sohpiasmom zei

How cool Emine...lucky girl! Beautiful're so talented :)

Nura Keif zei

Thank you so much, girl!!:-D
Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Nicole Carro zei


This is so exciting. Looking forward to see what you come up with. BTW, loving the orange type!

As The World Scraps zei

you totally rock! show us those layouts ":)

M zei

oh! It's amazing the things you do with the photos!! it's really cool!

I've landed on your blog from nowhere, but im so happy to be here, what a lovely blog!

(sorry my english) Kisses!

china59 zei

As I said about Amber, this is not surprising at all ! Course you're an upcoming star, none of us could doubt that.

Can't wait to see the results of that photo swap : one of you girls on her own is already too hot to handle, but a swap between you is just a scrapbooking bomb !