maandag, mei 14, 2007


of this layout?? I did this for the HAMBLY GDT call... All the transparancy's are from Hambly + the rubon.... The pp is tinker INK... I used them for the first time and I LOVE IT...
I painted squares on the orange hambly overlay on the background... I love to find new ways to use those AWESOME products... What do you think? should I apply with this one???

And sorry I can't share my news... I told you they will kill me if I do LOL...

Hope you all have a gorgeous day...

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sara berry zei

LOVE THAT LO! Man, Emine, you are amazing. I just love the mosaic effect with that Hambly grid--I am def going to scraplift that!

Iris zei

Hi Emine,

this LO looks great!!!
I'm really jealous at creativity and inspiration!

Aimee zei

yep, i'm going to try the mosaic effect too! def submit this!

sollie zei

This page is fantastic!! I think it's a winner. Yep, you should enter with this page. I'll cross my fingers for you.

*~*Amber*~* zei

awesome girl. LOVE it!

Lilian Schneider zei

Yes! You must enter this page. Great job!

Gigi zei

Beautiful LO Emine! The colors are so vibrant...I love it!

Hagit zei

WOW! It's BEAUTIFUL! What's that ink?

michelle zei

that is so gorgeous, lady! I too shall scraplift! did you use ink or paint?

*fauve* zei

I think it looks awesome!!I made 1 for the GDT too :D Where do you get your Hambly??xxx

Kellie zei

This is an amazing layout girl, submit away!!!
So what's this news, lol???
Will send my pics to you later k?
Gotta go out. ;)


Je@net zei

What a beautiful LO Emine!! Just great!!

Daffie Online zei

The Mosaique background is great!

Karli zei


great LO. You are so talented; thanks for sharing with all of us! It's so bright & cheerful, which is becoming a signature for you. Love how you express yourself!

Love you!


Manu ;-) zei

WOW!!! I think it's GORGEOUS! Love the colours too!!You're great!!!!!!!!

DBird zei

oh my gosh emine, this is gorgeous! love your use of vibrant colors. this is stunning.

Silvitanova zei


Tammy zei

Good gosh you are amazing... this is so colorful, so beautiful and so well put together, you can take so many colors and make them work together, I love this!

Tessa Tegendraads zei

Wow Emine, dat ziet er weer gaaf uit!!


leslie zei

Beautiful!! You have to submit it!

Megan zei

WOW!! That is just incredible!! So very beautiful - it just pops right off the page!!!

miss morgan... zei

love it! i am sooo trying to get up the nerve to try out!

Rachael zei


malou zei

totally awesome girl!!! YOur lo's are all beautiful!

Michelle zei

ymich79GORGEOUS layout Emine! I LOVE it!

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal zei

The layout is amazing. Great Job, I promise I didn't scroll past this post, I didn't want to see what you did, lol. I was hoping I waited long enough so I wouldn't see!! Good luck on the GDT spot, With this entry they would be silly not to choose you!! I admire your work!!

china59 zei

Mmmm, let me think...what do I think of this lo ? Well, frankly, I don't like it one bit !
;) Sheesh, seriously girl ! Of course I love it ! Submit, submit, submit ! In one word : SUBMIT !

On my way to scraplift the mosaic too !

domestic goddess zei

wow emine, that lo is stunning, thank you for you kind comments on my blog

christiane zei

soo colorful!! great!!

Vee zei

looks awesome!!

Breanne Crawford zei

so cute!

Sharon zei

What a fab LO! ... you really have an eye for design, Emine! Beautiful work! :D

Nura Keif zei

Just gorgeous!!