dinsdag, mei 15, 2007


I received AN AWESOME, VERY EXCITING, BREATH TAKING mail today... (at least it was for me LOL)... I can't believe it... I'm so HONORED and so HAPPY..
I can share it on june 15th....
Thank you girls for letting me share this awesome SECRET...
I know it's NOT fair to you but I really Couldn't HOLD MY BIG MOUTH... I JUST NEEDED TO SHARE IT... My excitement... HOW PUMPED I AM...

I applied a few weeks ago for the ZINGBOOM designteam.. They're gonna announce the 2 new dt members tomorrow... They received like hundred applies I think... So it would be a MIRACLE if they choose me... But NO PROBLEM if they don't ;) (ok, I will feel a little sad LOL)

Now I'm leaving you with a tag I made in a RECORD TIME for Nancy's JUNKITZ challenge...

NOw I'm off to scrap some more... I have an appointment with my PSYCH... I hate it... I'm SCARED OF THAT WOMAN bwahahahaah



Ok, now I'm really leaving... I'm getting crazier and crazier every minute ;)


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Karli zei

awesome news Emine! I don't know how you are going to keep up with all the deadlines if you keep getting so much on your plate! but, I can tell you are happy & that is what counts.

Hope your appointment went well, let me know if I can help you with anything! Love you!


DBird zei

emine you're so funny, hahahaha. whatever your secret surprise is, i'm sure it's awesome! so, congrats to you! lovely tag!

Megan zei

Reading your excitement Emine has started my day in such a happy way!

Can't wait to hear your news!

Megan xx

Nat zei

Congratulations!!! LOL - you sound really excited!

Love your Junkitz project!

Got zei

congrats, emine! and cute tag!

Breanne Crawford zei

oops ^^^^^ that was me

Tammy zei

Wooot Woooot on the secret!! Send me an email and tell me what it is~~~ LOL...
Love the tag, I love everything you do! Beautiful work girly!

Rita Weiss zei

lol! congrats on your secret too emine :-) I can't wait to hear. Whatever it is, it sure is well deserved. Love your work!

michelle zei

i'm so excited for you! and i've decided that you work absolutely great when you are under pressure cause that tag is awesome!

Kellie zei

Hey girl, congrats on whatever it is. ;)
Awesome tag, totally funky!
Talk later. :)


Iris zei

I'm getting very curious Emine!
Please send me a 'krabbel'at Hyves....LOL

I'm so happy for your!

*Fauve* zei

Sounds really exciting!!Goodluck with Zingboom girl :D

Nura Keif zei

LOL too funny...
Congrats my friend!!
Please tell me the secret kekeke
Goodluck on ZB and the tag is gorgeous!!

debbiefitz zei

Can't wait to hear your exciting news! You're on a roll, girl!

Daffie Online zei

I hate secrets ....LOL!

china59 zei

Oh Emine, just wanted to tell you you really rock !
Sbing is a world full of talented ladies, and you're up there with the very best !
I'm really glad it works so fine for you !

sohpiasmom zei

So great, Emine! Can't wait to hear your special news...whetever it is...you are so deserving :)

ellen zei

LMBO, another secret! i love it!

shelly b zei

Girl...you know I don't like secrets!!!! I want to share your excitement!!!

Michelle zei

Can't wait to hear your news! LOVE the tag!

Lu zei

you and your secrets!!

Aimee zei

i can't wait to hear the details of all these secrets you have :)


Cute, cute tag! Uhhh, can't wait for your awesome surprise! YOu take care, love!!

Nancy zei

OMG girlie! YOu are soooo rocking lately!!!!! WOOHOO! So happy for ya!! XOXO Nancy

Monique zei

Congrats girl! You are on a roll lol!

christiane zei

tztztz!! all the secrets!! too much for me!! but congrats for this you can tell!! LOL

Vee zei

can't wait to see your surprise!!

Silvitanova zei

I think I'm going to phone you ;-) I'ts my work to discover peoples secret's..
Well good luck with zingboom, that would be very cool.
And love the tag!

sollie zei

OMG, I'm so freaking curious right now!!!

Rhonda zei

Congrats that is awesome! I love that tag you did...it rocks!