donderdag, mei 24, 2007


A few sweet people asked me to share my secret (well, it's NOT really a secret) So here is A LONG article about it... Sorry for the bad english ...

First of ALL, I'M NOT AN EXPERT... I am just a regular SAHM who has her OWN way to plan her day... What works for me doesn't have to work for you...

So here I GO...
I want to talk about my day first... I usely stay up around 7 or 8 am... (Not that I want to )
I don't have to tell you that I get dressed, go to the bathroom etc LOL..
So I grab my kids and i go downstairs... I always check my email first... Just to see if there is something important in my mailbox (Otherwise I can't focus on anything else )

After that I do the random things... Like changing diapers, feeding Dilara etc.

I have ALWAYS a notebook next to me during the breakfast... I jot down a to do list for that day... NOT SCRAPBOOK RELATED... I plan my day in advance so I can start my day with a CLEAN mind ( I think you all know what I'm talking about... We all have a HUGE to do list up there ;) It's SOOO HUGE that it seems like we're loosing control of it... )

I usely give myself till 12 am to clean my house... ofcourse with a lot of breaks... And then I prepare the lunch... After the lunch I have all the time to be there for my kids... Dilara usely sleeps when I'm cleaning and Alara helps me with the dishwasher ;) We dance around the house.. Fight a little... But it's SO MUCH FUN...

In the afternoon we take our MUCH NEEDED NAP together... AW that feels so good LOL

I told my family and friends that it's NAP time after 3 o'clock... They totally understand that THANK GOD... Having 2 little SWEET devils in the house is REALLY hard sometimes.. And this is something I just need to do.. But there are days that I don't have the time for it... That's ok too... But most days I'm in DREAMLAND ;)

AWAKE, feeding, changing diapers, cooking, dinner, cleaning...

Well, finally I have the time to watch tv or to fight with my HUBBY ;)
Alara goes to bed around 9 pm... After that I STILL HAVE A KID TO TAKE CARE OF... But Thank god she's a sweet baby... She only cries till midnight LOL..

But when do I scrapbook??? After 11 pm... Yes I know it's late... But I don't mind it AT ALL... I'm a NIGHT OWL... During the day I keep on dreaming about scrapbooking.. And when the night falls It's time to let it out bwahaha...

Everybody has a moment in the day that they feel the most CREATIVE... It's NIGHTS for me but it can be morning, afternoon or evening for you... That's the important thing I think... Finding out your CREATIVE MOMENT...
I suggest you to pay attention to it... Live your day like you always do and try to figure out what works the best for you... Even if it's 15 minutes a day... Ali edwards wrote an AWESOME article about it.. 15 minutes a day will be a lot of hours a month ;)

I'm a SAHM... Maybe you are a working MOM, or just working without being a mom ;)

My advice is the same for you... alright, you can't take a nap during the day... SO go to bed at a decent hour BUT look if you can create some time in the evening to SCRAPBOOK... If that's NOT possible you have still the WEEKENDS ... Maybe you can do some preparations for the weekend... Planning pages, printing photo's etc... So that everything is ready when you have the time...


I have a seperate deadline list... As you can see below: (sorry I needed to cut out something on my list... A secret YOU KNOW LOL)

I change this list every few days... I arrange my deadlines in the order I want to do them... Sometimes I have to ad something else SO I START A NEW ONE... This list gives me SO MUCH PEACE... I never miss a deadline or a contest I wanna do...

And to keep track of my deadlines and other appointments I printed out a calendar... 1 for this month and one for the following month.. So I can plan everything immediately ;) I hang it above my laptop so I can't miss it...
I am working on my schedule for next month... It's not empty as you see above LOL


I leave you with a layout I did yesterday... This one is for AWESOME KIT... I love it... (btw: this is the finished version of the layout you see in the pic above ;)

If you want to be in the drawing for my GIVE-AWAY make sure to comment on the post below...

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Beckie zei

Loveing the LO and wow girl you fit alot into your day! Me thinks I need to have one of those note pads!!





jess zei

WOW!!! I love your layout, especially how you've done that spiral!!!

I love how you sit at breakfast and make a list!! i think i'm going to steal that idea from you!! Its such a great way to plan the day!!!

I love how all your friends and family unsderstand and support you for your 3pm nap time! it would be awful to be woken up during it!!!

Thanks for showing us a day in your BUSY life! It was great to read!!

Xx jess

Holly Terra zei

How fun! You crack me up! LOVE what you did with the Kit! Love how you outline things with the black too!

Melanie aka Batgirl zei

wow you do awesome work! I found your site throw

I will come back and read more later :)

chelemom zei

WOW! This layout is gorgeous! I scrap too but not this beautiful!

DBird zei

love the layout :) and how you journaled on the pic. awesome work, emine!

September zei

Love this layout! It is so beautiful!!!!

Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) zei


your day sounds like mine! Diapers and kiddies...and scrapping by moonlight!!

thanks for sharing and FYI your layout totally KICKS IT!

sohpiasmom zei

Emine...this was so wonderful to read! I'm a SAHM too and it's great to hear your perspective! The layout is just GORGEUOS!!! Thank you for sharing it :)

I've just started visiting your blog daily and it is one of my faves! Please keep posting!!

Barbara zei

It must be so much easier to be organized when you have kids... maybe i should try that =) im lucky if i get anything done...i give u props... and love the layout

Laura McCann zei

that new LO is awesome!! Love that orange, girl!!

malou zei

I really love how you layed out how you start your day and end your day, Emine. You are such a mom bcoz' you really need to organize your time esp. w/two girls around. I admire you, Emine. I am so glad to call you my friend. You are an inspiration to me!!! Love, love, this LO!

Hagit zei

Hi Emine, I've been wanting to tell you for a long time - there's nothing wrong with your english! Stop apologizing! :) I love that LO, and I'm always in awe of women who can get it all done. Now the only question is when you sleep!:))

Astrid Samuels zei

I think this is the first time I write a reaction on your blog. But I have to say your LO is one of the best I have seen of you!!
I love your look on time management, I think you have to reveal where you get all the enery you need to have a scedule like this. (I guess in that napmoment).

Doei Astrid

Je@net zei

Aller eerst ff zeggen dat ik je LO super gaaf vind!!
En petje af hoor voor je dagindeling! M'n kids zijn inmiddels volwassenen en ik weet nog goed hoe et altijd rennen en vliegen was (en toen scrapte ik nog niet eens ;-)
Hi, hi, en je lijstjes zijn hier heeeel herkenbaar! Ben gek op strepen! LOL

Ingrid zei

Hi Emine, thanks for sharing your time management schedule. I was one of the persons interested in the way you manage your busy schedule. :-) The checklists seem a good idea to me. Why didn't I think of that myself? LOL! One of my problems is that I spend too much time on the Internet reading blogs (like yours), message boards, etc. I guess that's what they call addiction, right? I think I can better start with the household in the morning and "reward" myself with some Internet time in the afternoon. I scrap in the evenings, and that works well for me. Thanks again for sharing. And your LO is awesome. You have a great style. Keep up the fantastic work, girl!

PS: And like Hagit, I too would like to know when you go to sleep (except for the nap in the afternoon). :-) If you start scrapping at 11pm you probably go to bed very, very late at night.

Anoniem zei

Hoi Emine,

Ik zal ook eens een keertje een reaktie achterlaten. Ik lees je blog trouw (bijna) iedere dag dus dat wordt dan ook weleens tijd. Leuk om te lezen dat je ook een "lijstjes" mens bent, ben ik namelijk ook. Geweldige LO!!

Groetjes van Corinne

*Fauve* zei

Really interesting!Love the layout,looks so yummy!

Prolix from la Normandie zei

Salut friend!
how are you?
your lo is great, I love the colors chosen!
have a great day and see U later on SIS or msn!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Lilian Schneider zei

Hi Emine<
I guess I'm not the only list-freak out here! I like to make taskslists too. For my scrappingtasks I bought some blackboard paint and painted a blackboard on my scraproom/ guestroom.
It's great that you are so organized on one side and then can let go of that to go wild with the scrapbooking don't you think?
I love the layout of your little girl!

Vanessa zei

bedankt voor de tips
ik heb het afgeprint!! zal er werk van maken mijn time management is een hel!

Elizabeth zei

I really like your day, it sounds a lot like mine except I don't have any baby's to watch!! Mine is 10! And that layout totally rocks too! Sure you can add me to your blog, I'd be honored!!!

Tammy zei

I LOVE that layout with the swirls... gorgeous and creative!

Esther zei

Great job with planning your day. I make a list to, on a whiteboard in the kitchen. LOL. Love your new LO and the spiral! Love. es.

Natalie zei

I'm also a total list person. I have to make one every single day. It's the only way I stay sane. Thanks for sharing about your day!

jake zei

Love your use of juicy colour girlie!

(I am a list maker too!, drives my dh mad!) hee hee!

jo zei

Emine! Girl, I swear - I can't thank you enough for finding my blog and for me finding yours! I love this post - it gave me a lot of insight to an organized, mommy, wife, and scapper diva like yourself - which I truly hope to BE someday! *lol* I just gave birth to my son in February and to find time to scrap is very precious! I really loved hearing you organize your time! It's something that I strive to do! :)

Love you LO - your really have great style! Love it! :)

Melonie zei

Beautiful page as usual Emine. I love your tips. I am a SAHM too and I also need my nap with the kids but only about 30 minutes. Then I am re-charged and ready to scrap for the next 2 hours.

judith zei

What a gorgeous LO Emine! I love it!!

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal zei

This layout is gorgeous. I love it. Everything about it. You are really making me love orange :)

Adrienne zei

Busy Mom!! Thx for sharing how you get through the day :)

NOW, that ORANGE spiral is just so cool!!!

anita l. zei

Hey Emine, I'm a nightscrapper too!!! Best time to be creative ...

Silvitanova zei

OK. I'm jalous of the nap! I wasen't relaxed enough: always something to do, always that phonecall for work.
I love your LO. You are always so 3-d in your work. Love that!

Rachel zei

I am totally a list maker too!!!

shelly b zei

Busy busy days!! lovin that lo.

Net zei

That cord wound into a spiral is fab! You are one clever lady.

Rachael zei

Love your lists!! I used to do that and got out of the habit. I really need them and I think you've inspired me to start again!

Your layout is just beautiful! Love what you did with the twine!

Nicole Carro zei

Emine, this was a fabulous article from a fabulous lady! Thanks for the the We B LO - the orange twine is awesome!

Sigmagirl zei

you did an amazing job with the layout! Thanks for the tips of time management... you are one busy lady!

shelley zei

you know, girlie.. i am going to take some of your advice to heart and put it into place this very weekend. i SO used to be a list maker... and since i began working from home fulltime, that list has gone by the way side! thanks, emine.. for the positive influence!

Beckie zei

Meant to say! LOVE that song too! Downloaded it to the ipod and put on my blog (hope you don't mind!!) So Rocking!!!

sollie zei

You are organised!! Wish I could stick to a list too.

Irene zei

My goodness girl - you should be a project manager! Thanks for sharing your great techniques with us. I envy you for being able to scrap after 11 - I can't do anything after 10 pm.

Brigitta zei

I used to be allergic to to-do lists tnx to my ex who was list obsessed, but seeing as there is no order in my daily life at all, it might just be a good idea to start using lists myself ;-)
I'm definately not a nightscrapper, nights are for sleeping haha, best time for me is between 11 and 3 (maybe 10-4)

Bonnie B zei

Emine, What a way to organize your time! Great tips for everyone - I all ready left you a note on the We B site about your LO - You are an amazing artist! - Sure you will be famous one of these days! - just keep taking those risks and putting yourself out there..... you are all ready so lived by many!

shelley zei

leaving a second comment... i TOOK your advice.. tODAY. with breakfast... kennedy and i sat down and made a list. ok, so she watched. but she kept saying.. "help you momma? i can help you?"

so far.. HALF of my list is DONE! thanks, girlie, for the inspiration.



Sue Bone zei

I like the coiled fibre on your layout. Did you plait it yourself?


domestic goddess zei

so love thsi LO emine, saw it over at SIS and fell in love it xx

Rianne zei

Hallo there,
I think that since you started with the orange, as your style, the lay-outs get better and better.
Wow again.
You keep on surprising me !!
greetings, Rianne

Ginger John zei

I love this layout. It's gorgeous. You have a very unique style I admire. :-) It's fun to look and see the different ways you use your stash of scrapbook stuff.

mary h. zei

Gorgeous layout! I too have to make lists and lots of them. It's bad when I don't or when I lose those lists. LOL! I make so many lists that my oldest now makes her own to do lists. She's only 7 for pete's sake.! Am I passing down some OCD tendencies or what.

I miss those naps, btw. Enjoy them while you can.;)

Gina zei

What a great way to do things! I have a planner and as far as I get is adding daily things that are different each day. LOL. I know how it is with two kids, though! I have two girls, 'em, but some days I get really tired!

michelle zei

i love this layout sista! I am a "wee hour" scrapper, too. I fit it in after my family has gone to bed for the night so i don't "take away" time from them. but my 2 yr old is getting more creative, so he paints while I get scrapping done - i love it. I am definately going to use that calendar and list thing though!

Iris zei

I really love your story!!! I was great reading it!
And I fell in love with your LO! It's just so sweet! I love the collors and materials you worked with!

Natasja zei

Love reading your blog unfortunately i can't find the time every day ;-)

ania zei

Not bad..I need to do some kind of list myself aswell..missing out on so much fun because I think i can remember them all haha. Love your style, congrats on the yummy nisa-goodies! :D