woensdag, mei 23, 2007


WOOHOOO, it's time to reveal one of my secrets...

I am the designteam member of the BRAND NEW ROCKING company GLITZ DESIGN
How freaking AWESOME is that... I am SO HONORED TO WORK WITH SUCH A GREAT COMPANY and ONE of the owners LAURA is Such a sweet person...
Thank you so much Laura and the whole company for giving me this chance. I am truly SO HONORED...

BTW: did you see the new sneak on their blog?? WOWZIE... I'm already in LOVE with the GLITZ NETZ... It looks AMAZING... You all know I LOVE to work with that kind of products... There will be a LOT more give-aways... I will let you know when, ok? Even better, bookmark the blog so you can check it every day...

The website is still under construction... So excited to see it finished and to see MY FACE ON THERE... WOOOHOOOOO....

My goodies are on their way.. I really can't wait to RECEIVE it... DO YOU THINK I CAN ROCK THE GLITZ ??? You bet I can LOL...

Thank you ALL SO MUCH... I'm really really really excited...
I can't believe the things that are happening to me lately... I feel very PROUD of myself...
Finally I can tell my family that it's not only my hobby, but also MY JOB NOW...



Aw and a few sweet people asked me how I managed to find the time to scrapbook with 2 small children... I'm going to post it ASAP... I took some pictures etc... And I will explain how I manage that with tips for you... So stay tuned ;)

I feel good tadadadada
I feel good tadadadada




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Ingrid zei

You FINALLY revealed one of your secrets. Woooohoooo!!! Congrats, Emine!! I am so happy for you. You deserve this. I checked the blog and it looks great. Can't wait to see more. And of course I am very curious what you will create for Glitz. Also looking forward to your tips. I could use some. :-)

Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) zei

Emine! Congrats..you are rockin everything right now...I am heading over to see what Glitz is all about and I am so exctied to see all the fabo stuff you create..you have such a great sense of style so I am not surprised you are getting all these opportunities!

Manu ;-) zei

Congratulations!!!! You are so talented!! I really LOVE your style, so original!!! GOOD JOB! ;))) CIAO

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal zei

Congrats girl. I can't wait to hear the other good news-your so talented you deserve it!!

Still thinking about your daughter, please don't forget to give us updates.

Shirley zei

Congratulations to you! Can't wait to see your creations!

Je@net zei

Oooh, congrats girl!! I'm so proud on you!!

Nura Keif zei

Congratulations!! Yay...can't wait to hear the other good news!! You are amazing!!

Hagit zei

Wow! good for you! Congratulations!:-)

china59 zei

Yay ! Way to go Emine ! I love their papers already !

Anart Island Studio zei

ohhh wooohhhh!!!! Girl, you totaly rockkkkkkk!!! Congratulations!!!

And yes, please, tell us your secret!!! I sure would like to know!!!


Marie Starr zei

I am happy for you! Huge Congratulations, Emine!!


leslie zei

Congrats Emine! You rock!!!

christiane zei

ahhh, the secret is online!! ;) hey, how cool!! congrats to you!! :))

*fauve* zei

Thats so great,Glitz looks awesome!Cant wait to see what you will do with your goodies!

lilith zei

Congratulations! The sneaks look great!

Lilian Schneider zei

Gliz design rocks and you also rock girl!!! You so deserve it. And yes, it IS a job!

Pearl Maple - Mandy Collins zei

Congratulations !
GLITZ NETZ looks like they have some fun things going on there, including you too

Creanijn zei

Woehoe, what a secret that is!
Thank you for sharing it with us, and I'm also looking forward for scrapbooktips about time...
I always want to scrapbook lately, but don't seem to find the time.
I'm also looking forward to your creations!

Gina zei

Wahoo that's so awesome!! You're going to add great talent to the team there. Have fun with it!
Gina from WeBScrappin

Gigi zei

Congratulations Emine! You will totally rock the glitz...no question about it girl!

Jane (Emnol) zei

WOW WOW AND WOW - that's such a great co to work for - WELL DONE YOU!! Well deserved!! XXXXXX

Miranda zei

Wahoo Emine, congrats girlie!!! I'm so happy for you. Well deserved it is!! Have fun and roch the Glitz!!!!

Christi zei


Ann(i)e zei

so incredibly happy for you!!!!!!

Karli zei

Awesome job emine! I am proud of you & know that you will be great at this new design team and will be up to the challenges. Can't wait to see what you create! Hope things with Dilara are going well, too. Love you!


Lietje zei

Hai Emine

Quite a change since your "sunshine" lo.
in about 1,5 yr from a hobby to a real job. Congratulations!!!

Allison zei

Huge congrats!! You have every right to be proud of yourself!! Can't wait to see you rock it!!!

Tracie H zei

Whoooo hooo....congratulations Emine. Your style is so fantastic no wonder you were selected.
Must go check out Glitz.

Laura McCann zei

AFter all this time!! Finally!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!! CONGRATS girl!!! Such fabulous news!!! Totally excited to see what you do for this new company!! You deserve it girl!

thea zei

goed bezig zeg!! Ik kijk de laatste tijd vaak op je blog..We hebben vorig jaar wat heen en weer gemaild weet je nog! Je bent goed op weg om je dromen te realiseren zeg!!
ben heel benieuwd naar je tips over het scrappen met twee kleine kinderen, Ik heb namelijk twee jongens van 19 maanden en bijna 4 weken...
ik blijf je volgen en ben heel erg benieuwd naar al je toots.
Liefs Thea (uit veenendaal)

michelle zei

emine, this is so fabulous and your work is fabulous. I can't wait to see what you create with the Glitz...off to check them off now! congrats again!

Corey W. zei

I've been wondering your secret since you mentioned it at Busy Bee! Congratulations, Glitz looks like great stuff!

Silvitanova zei

Congratulations! {{{big hug}}}
I'm so happy for you!

malou zei

Congratulations, girl!!! I am so excited for all the things that are happening to you! Keep up the great work that you do!

NancyJones zei

GIRL FRIEND YOU ROCK OUTLOUD AND ON FIYAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! THAT IS AN AWESOME TEAM one of my really good friends is on that team too. You are gonna love her!!!! HOW FUN IS THAT!! IM SO EXCITED AND PROUD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!

Adrienne zei

Congratulations Emine!! That is sooooooo cool, you have a rocking style :)

PS: LOVE The song on your blog!!!!

jess zei


Congratualtions!!! You SOOOOoooo deserve it!! You are so talented and Glitz design are so lucky to have you on there design team!!!

Go girl!!!
Xx Jess

Breanne Crawford zei

congrats, Emine!

Anoniem zei

I only found your blog yesterday, and I LOVE your work. Your in my daily look list. AWESOME.
Shani...New Zealand :-)

Laura Craigie zei

Big Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Anoniem zei

well that is amazing news, I had not heard of them and when I clicked on the link on your blog I was so blown away.
OMG their stuff looks totally fun.
I cannot wait to see what you create with it.
Make sure you share all your creative ideas with us on busybee

I am so thrilled for you, and they are right Every Girl does deserve some glitz and glamour.
Summer Crush and Glitz Frosting look good enough to eat.
LOVED THAT STAR what a cool manufacture to work for
lucky you

One cool chick zei

wow. i stopped by and you are giving away things...hip hip hooray.

good for you on makin this DT!!!

miss morgan... zei

congrats lady! looks fun!

Anoniem zei

Huge congrats on your new gig! Can't wait to see all the great things you do with the yummy goodness!
Shelli Arnold from 2peas pub

J Lizzie zei

wooohoooo...congrats!!! can't wait to see all that you do!

Bonafyde zei

First, Thanks for stopping by my place and showing me some love...and second? WOOHOO Congrats Gurl!!!! Now that line looks Yummy and I am so loving the name Glitz...everyone who knows me, knows, that I love me some Bling, Glitter, Shine...so I guess you could say I love gettin' my Glitz on!!!! I'm loving your work so I'm adding you to my daily Blog Stalking list....that being said I cannot wait to see what you create with your Box of goodies!

sohpiasmom zei

Emine! I'm so proud of you! I think Glitz will be the PERFECT match for you! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!

Brigitta zei

wow wow wow, that's all I can say girl!! you just keep going, I bet you're on a constant high these days hahah. Well you deserve it, you know I love your work and I'm glad others see your talent as well.

talk soon

Ellemieke zei

Congrats Emine! Well done and soooooo deserved!

Roos zei

congrats emine , that`s really cool and awsome .

greetings Roos

Anoniem zei

Congrats!!!!! Great job and good luck!!

leewoodside zei


Lisamariemlt zei

You go Girlie
You have so much going far yah
keep up the great work
who knows just where you are gonna end up
but hey
take it easy getting there
and remember....

shelley zei

if i've told you once, i've told you a thousand times...YOU REALLY ARE A BIG DEAL!!! rock on sister!

sara b zei

Congrats girlie! So generous of you. Thanks!

Beckie zei

Huge congrats and WOW you so deserve it! You're work is STUNNING and such fun! Have fun and enjoy your new job!! xx

M@risk@ zei

Hi Emine, you rock girl and your work is awesome. CONGRATS ON THIS.

Natasja zei

You rock!! Congrats girl!

Claude zei

Wow, congrats!

I didn't know about Glitz, but their stuff is cool!

lorenzstudio zei

I just found your blog a few days ago and am so amazed by your talent! Congratulations on becoming a Glitz Girl!

Iris zei

Congrats girl!!! I am so happy for you!
I can't wait to see the work you are going to make for Glitz!

Tammy zei

I am so very happy for you! You go girl!! Hey if I can scrapbook with 5 kids... anyone can!

Tamara Nicole zei

Congrats! That sounds like so much fun :-P. Great style!

Daffie Online zei


Sara zei

Congrats! Your work rocks!

Marguerita zei

How cool is that! Congratulations girl!

Nary zei

Congratz! It's so nice getting new stuff to play with. Can't wait to see what you make with it. =)

Holly Terra zei

I am so proud of you too. You go out there and DO IT! And it doesn't hurt that you are freaking awesome at scrappy stuff :).


doverdi zei

Congrats. Can't wait to see your creations. I just discovered your blog and I am loving your layouts. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity & talent as well as for inspiring me.

Cami zei

Just wanted to say congrats and welcome to the DT! I just finished my first set of projects with Glitz Design and their product is really fun to design with! Can't wait to see what you do with the goodies that are on their way to you!

Andrea zei

Love your work, so I totally u8nderstand why they picked you, congratulations!!

Vanessa zei

ik wil wel meedingen naar de RAK!!!!!!!!superduper
kom graag naar je blog kijken altijd wat te beleven

Lythan zei

You deserve to feel good. Huge congrats!

Rachel zei

73 comments Emine - how popular are you......Fantastic news about the REAL Scrappin' job!


Kellie zei

Big congrats Emine!!! :)
Looking forward to seeing what you create! :)
Your friend,

jo zei

congrats on the design team! I really can't wait to see what you come up with! I SO love your style! :)

SpAzzGiRL zei


judith zei

WoW Emine, congratz! That is awesome news! Enjoy it

Cami zei

hi again! my blog is:
:) but I've been busy doing projects that I can't show yet so it's looking a little barren! lol

Stephanie Jedlicka zei

You are one strong, talented lady! So much going on, whew! :)

jake zei

Lol.. you are a crazy girl, but I luv ya! you make me smile huge congrats from me. chuffed to bits for you :-)

jk x

Irene zei

Such fab news girlie - Can't wait to see you putting on the Glitz. :)

Anoniem zei

You're doing great lately! Finally things come together! Wish you the best! Curious about the next toot...
Lidia x

Miranda zei

Cool stuff, I love your style, very colourfull.


Kate zei

Congrats Emine, you SO deserve this. Been lurking on your blog for a while LOVE your style.

Ginger John zei

We are so excited to have you on our Glitz Girl Design Team. You do amazing work and I know we are going to adore the things you create with our products. Yeah!

noelmignon zei

Woo..hoo! Congratulations! Thanks so much for visitng my blog and the nice comments!

mary h. zei

Super congratulations!!! This is only the beginning for you my friend. ;)

Anna Molina-Wilkinson zei

I was on the Glitz website a couple weeks ago. I am excited for you!