zondag, mei 06, 2007


Hi Y'all... How was your NSD??? It was a frustrating day for me...
There were SO MUCH going on, so MANY online crops, chats, games.. I felt OVERWHELMED... I couldn't scrapbook... Really, it was really weird... I had NO inspiration at all..
I NEED TO RELAX, take the TIME to create... But they expect from you to finish a page or whatever in a few hours... Ofcourse I have children in da HOUSE, a husband (big KID) and other duties...

I really wanted to do ALL the challenges but as I said I did NOTHING, NADA, NOPE...

Butttttt... JUNKITZ gives you A WHOLE WEEK TO FINISH YOUR ENTRY ;) How cool is that... And the prize???? 50 dollars worth of GOODIES WOW.. And every blog has a challenge.. SO YOU CAN WIN MORE THEN ONCES... So please check my DEAR, SWEET, UBERTALENTED friend Nancy van den BERG's JUNKITZ BLOG and play along ;) And don't forget to check out the other Junkitz blogs...

And now my give-away... Remember THIS post??? Well, I received my blessing tag from WILNA FURSTENBERG... And now it's time to spread the blessing.. I wanted to do this yesterday for NSD but YOU KNOW I WAS NOT IN THE MOOD ;)

So here's what you need to do... Just post a comment HERE on this post... (only on this post) and I will pick a winner on FRIDAY 11th... You'll receive A personalized wilna tag AND a new created tag from me TO SPREAD THE BLESSING ;)

How cool is that... (uhm... Maybe there will be some extra's in it WINK WINK)

Have a gorgeous day ...

34 opmerkingen:

Silvitanova zei

So, is this quick or not?
Hope to be the lucky one to win the tag's!
I hope you'll get your mojo back soon!

shelly b zei

OOH..that would be so cool to win the tags!!

Nili zei

OK, I am in!
I love Wilna but didn't get a chance to join in this tag medness. So here I try now.
Thanx, Nili:)

Brigitta zei

what a sweet idea!! I'm all for winning a nice tag with a sweet blessing ;-)


Amy zei

Those are so cool!

Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) zei

I want to play...I want to play...such a cool idea...

Miranda zei

I'm so sorry to hear yoiu feel overwhelmed and didn;t scrapbook at all. I know that feeling. I also never come to something on an online crop....

So nice of you to spread the love!!

micayla zei

It would be soooo coool to win!

malou zei

What an awesome tag, I wouldn't mine winning a tag especially getting a creation fcrom you!!

leslie zei

Very cool Emine! Whoever wins should do a giveaway as well and we can keep spreading the "blessings love"!

michelle zei

hope you get your inspiration back! that tag is fab!

Laura McCann zei

How awesome is that!!! You are just too cool, girl! The more blessings, the merrier!

Marguerita zei

Cool Emine! I haven't scrapbooked on saturday either. Lots of chores to do, had to shop (can't do that on sunday as the shops are closed) and we had my parents over for dinner (for the first time since we've lived here in like 6 years, lol we just never thought of it before). Hope to win your tag, and am really curious what you'll be creating!

Anart Island Studio zei

I know what you talk about...on the weekends I ALWAYS get less done then during the week!!! To many kids around the house!!!
Would love to win that tag!!


Nancy Zuur zei

Hoi Emine,
Goed te horen/lezen dat het beter met je gaat. Je maakt hele mooie dingen. Ga zo door.

Sue zei

OHHH NOTHING to say and yeah I know that makes change :)

how about Thank- you for the tag!!!!!!

Creanijn zei

Wat een leuk idee met die tags hoor! Ik ben alvast benieuwd.

By the way, ik heb je getagged, kijk maar even op http://creanijn.blogspot.com/2007/05/getagged.html


ellen zei

sometimes you need a break, sista! pick me pick me! LOL

Je@net zei

Great idea...count me in!!!

Tammy zei

Oh wow, these are just beautiful! Fly on over to Texas and lets scrap together!!

sollie zei

That tag looks stunning. Hope I can win. Have a wonderful Monday and hopefully you have the scrapping mojo today.

mary h. zei

That is such a cool idea!!!!

I didn't get any scrappin' done on NSD. I had some other stuff that had to be done this weekend because it was the only semi free weekend I have for a long time. I did, however, get to go to my favorite LSS in the world on Sat. am. That made the other stuff better and easier to deal with.;)

I think I am going to do Nancy's challenge. I've already done Gretchen's. I just don't have any Junkitz, but one floral piece. So that limits me a bit. Good luck with yours!

anneli zei

Dat zijn mooie tags...wat moet dat een kadootje zijn om die te ontvangen....kom maar op met die blessings...hahaha!

Lilian Schneider zei

I could use a blessing Emine ;-), so here is my comment: looking formward to see what you make of it!

Vanessa zei

I want to participate too!!!

Colleen E zei

What a sweet and cool thing to do...love it!!!

Couldn't agree more about NSB (15 emails at least about goings-on....either I've signed up for too many...lol). Cute blog - found you through Ellen P.

Come check out my RAK too - oh wait...only open in the US and Canada - sorry! But come check it out anyway! xo

PMB zei

What a fab idea and a gorgeous tag...would also love to have a little piece of your work to admire!

Eeffie zei

It would be definitely cool to win a tag! What a lovely idea to do this! So sweet!

judith zei

This is a great idea!! I love the tags, they look gorgeous!!

Augusti_73 / Anna zei

I love your work and your Nisa Fiin scraplift is gorgeous!!

Breanne Crawford zei

how cool is this, girlie! id love to get one!

Cheryl zei

Wow! Would love to win those tags!!! How cool is that?

Manu ;-) zei

I've just discovered you!!!! your works are amazing!!!! CIAO from Italy :))))

aleciagrimm zei

I would love to win this tag. Very pretty!