vrijdag, mei 18, 2007


Yes, it was time to change the song on my blog... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song... I'm stalking KELLIE's blog every day to listen to it and that's NOT fair to her.. So I put it on my own blog ;)
So kellie, you don't have to change your video anymore LOL.. I love to listen to this song while I'm scrapping... It just inspires me...

My dear, sweet baby dilara, who's only 5 months old has HEUPDYSPLASIE... I don't know how you call it in English but it means that she has some problems with her hips... Her right leg is not on the right place in her hip so She needed to wear a weird thing to keep her legs in the right postition... I will post a pic of her tomorrow... I don't know, it's not a big problem but it still hurts me... My baby, my poor baby... changing her diapers and her clothes is NOW a big issue...
we have another appointment over 2 weeks... I really hope they will tell that it's going to good direction... Otherwise she needs to have to wear another thing (gips) for a few months.. And if that doesn't help she needs to have a surgery...

Please I need your prayers girls... My sweet friends...

I'm now off to do some scrapping... Hope I can share a new layout tomorrow ;)
NILI, I'm gonna send your package tomorrow...


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Littleone's Scrapbook Journal zei

I am so sorry to hear that, I will keep her in my prayers.

Tammy zei

I promise to keep your sweet baby in my prayers, what a little angel, and I'm so sorry to hear that she has to go through this... And you as well, Mothers just hate to see their children suffer in any way...

Allison zei

so sorry to hear about this. in a way, i know how you feel. my baby sister was born with maybe this same thing, not for sure..but she had to wear a brace for a long time. and- i hate to say this and possibly make you worry more- but she had to have surgery to fix it. but, on the bright side, it fixed everything. she can walk just fine, she crawled when she was little, completely fine. so, have faith, have hope, and know you have my prayers.

jess zei

sorry to hear your sad news. I hope your baby recovers fast. Stay strong.
Thinking of you
Xx Jess

Rita Weiss zei

hugs (((emine))) for you and your baby. you will be in my prayers. xo

~nic zei

don't worry too much yet - my daughter had the same thing but minor - she was in double diapers for months and xrayed every few weeks - totally turned out fine. My SIL was worse, was in a brace that held her legs apart and her hips in their sockets - she was in that for over a year I think, and she learned to crawl, walk and run in it - and she is totally fine now!

leewoodside zei

Oh sweetie I am so sorry to hear about your baby. Try not to worry too much as you know whatever they are doing is for the best. A girl that I work with, her daughter has the same condition. She wore the brace and now everything is really good. Each case is different and you will all be in my prayers.

jo zei

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I will keep your baby in my prayers - she's not that much older than my son who is 3 months...

If it's any consolation to you, I know what you're talking about (I'm a nurse who works with babies and kids)... She will be running and jumping and crawling and cruising in no time! :)

Hagit zei

Hi Emine, my sister had something like that when she was a baby - and it was really nothing. We were sad too, and her legs had to be in a special thing and straps, too, but eventually everything was fine, and it wasn't a problem. I've heard it's very common for babies to have this problem. So don't be sad, as long as it doesn't hurt her, it's good!!!

Nat zei

Sorry to hear about your little Girl- hope that everything will be going to be good!!!

Anoniem zei

I hope it turns out ok if not it really is not that much of a problem for the child as it is for the parent. My little niece had it and she didn;t noticed a thing.
sending out a little prayer for her!


*fauve* zei

Owmy thats terrible!The poor thing,i will be thinking about you and your family!

china59 zei

Huge hugs Emine !I know it must be terrible for a mum, but as many people above said, my bro had the same thing (in a minor way), and it wasn't diagnosed when he was a baby. Being not too serious, it's never caused him too much trouble.
I'm sure, as awful as this treatment might seem to a mum, it will proove efficient and it will soon be a bad memory !

Aline zei

Sorry to hear about this, but don't worry too much yet. :)
My son had the same thing, he had to wear those 'frogthing' about 3 months and then everything was fine again, he's a soccer star. ;)
I'm sure everything will be going good!

domestic goddess zei

so sorry to hear this, but if it helps i ahd this as a baby, and all my baby pjotos show me in a hip brace thing in a double push chair, and i am OK, well soem my disagree;)
big hugs to you both

Ann(i)e zei

big hugs to you and Dilara!!!!!

micayla zei

You are in my thoughts, bless you girl!!

Kellie zei

Emine, your little girl has my prayers...
You can still visit my blog as much as you want, even if tho I don't have your fav' video on anymore! ;)

Brigitta zei

sorry to hear this about Dilara, but don't worry too much sweetie, she's gonna be fine. It'll probably take more time for you to get used to it than her. Just keep the endresult in mind, a happy, bouncy, skipping, jumping, dancing little girl

Silvitanova zei

Oh poor Dilara! Well, it also runs in my family and I have more/less the same story to tell you as the peole above. So, try to not worrie to much in advance (but I know, being a mother to: that's almost impossible)! Big hug to all of you!

sollie zei

Oooh, poor baby, I hope that she doesn't has to wear 'gips'. It would be so uncomfortable for both of you. (((hugs)))

Eeffie zei

So sorry to hear about your baby! I'll be thinking about you!

Anart Island Studio zei

sorry to hear abou your baby, but I think you sould not worry to much: it is quite common you know and the doctors are quite good at that kind of problems: I had it as a baby a both of my children had the same problem, but they are both fine now. It´s not an easy thing to go through, but its worth it!! After the treatment it gets much better!!!
Thinking of both of you and hugs!!!

Esther zei

So sorry to read that about your little girl. I know it hurts even more if one of your children have something. Good luck with everything and I will keep my fingers crossed. Love, es.

Natasja zei

Thats song gives me goosbumps! Love it!!

Keep in mind that your dd will be fine, just be glad they found out now will there is so much they can do!

christiane zei

sorry to read this!! but i know that this *frogthing* will helps!! i'm a nurse!! don't worry about!!
wish her all my best!!

Laura McCann zei

very cool Linda!! Looks like a great shower!

Laura McCann zei

Emine!! I am such a loser!! I posted my comment on the wrong blog!! Yikes!!

I am so sorry to hear about your sweet little girl. Sending prayers for her and for your family. I am sure everything will all work out in the end. She will be more than okay!

Bonafyde zei

I kno this can be a scary time, especially becaus eit touches your childs life. I will keep you in my prayers! Recently my eldest stepchild was diagnosed with scoliosis (an extreme curvature of the spine) and was facing the possibility of a major surgery. EEKS! As a parent you have to put forth a brave face for their sake, but inside it can just break your heart.