woensdag, mei 02, 2007


I saw this on Adrienne Looman 's blog...
Here is my version... What do you think, do I look like her?? NO WAY LOL

Thanks adrienne for the link...

YOu can get one for yourself HERE

This is the last page I created for akkefietje.. I got some doodlebug papers and some emblishements

from them to play with. It was really not my TASTE... So I tried to make it more interesting with tracing and using some chalk..

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adrienne looman zei

haha YES!!! You totally look like Lindsay Lohan!!!!!!! Isn't that thing cool?? ;)

I love how your scrapbooking layouts are so dimensional and intricate! Very fun :)

sollie zei

Yeah, I think you look like the celeberties they are showing. I guess you don't see it because you are too familiar with your own face.

Nura Keif zei

I think you look like all of them showing but more aishwarya. You are gorgeous!! Love the Layout!!

Prolix from la Normandie zei


cool colors & great designs used here!

Adrienne is a cool gal!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Silvitanova zei

You're a celeb yourself...in scrapbook-land.
And you made those (tuttige : don't know the english word) embellies rock!

Vee zei

most def Kristen Davis!!
love your los too!!

Kate zei

Your celebs are cool. Mine came up with Drew Barrymore, I'm very happy with that. Although my mum looked at my blog today and said she didn't recognise the photo, LOL.

** Kate **

sohpiasmom zei

Lindsay Lohan is who I think you look most like...funny! And the layout is very cute :)

Lythan zei

how gorgeous is that layout. when I tried that lookalikes before I got... no matches! (I think they only had human comparisons lol :))

ellen zei

how cool!!!!!!!!!!!

hey by the way...you cannot do that to me, email me esosnosk@msn.com and don't leave me hangin

mary h. zei

Yep, I can totally see the resemblance.

Wow! I'm not a big Doodlebug fan but you did an awesome job.;) A friend who is a huge fan of theirs would totally love this page.

Karli zei


You are so beautiful. Your own look is awesome, but you do look a little like each of those women. Uma is one of my favorite actresses.

Sorry that website is closing, but at least you have many more things going on to keep you busy!

I'm so proud of you!
Love you!


malou zei

How cool is that, you are so beautiful Emine just the way you are!!!

Laura McCann zei

I think you look like Kristin Davis from Sex in the city!! Too cute, girl!! Gorgeous baby layout, BTW!

jennihaywood zei

So Beautiful. This is one of my favorite pages you have done! I think ou totally look like Lindsey Lohan! That is so funny. I am going to do it. Look at how many friends you have. That is so cool. You are getting really well known girl!

Marie zei

You do look like them lol! Oh those are wonderful layouts u did a wonderful job with stuff that wasnt ur style!! Very clever!