vrijdag, mei 11, 2007



Congratulation girl ;)
Please email me your adress, so I can send you your goodies...
my email: eminepala22@hotmail.com

I would love to give it to you all but I ONLY HAVE 1 :(
But please stay tuned because I will do this MORE OFTEN.. It's SO FUN ...

BTW: I had an EXCITING EMAIL in my inbox today... But I can't share it right now... They will kill me if I do LOL...

Have a great day

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joanne smith zei

hi emine ...
thank you for your post on my blog ... yes, thankfully nobody was hurt. we're still waiting for the window to be fixed, ugh! your work is just lovely by the way ... beautifuly layouts!! have a good weekend!

Breanne Crawford zei

congrats to you - cant wait to hear what it is!

*fauve* zei

Congrats to the winner!!And your mail sounds exciting!

Je@net zei

Exciting.......make me curious girl!!

Prolix from la Normandie zei

beautiful layouts you did and félicitations to you friend!
very happy of what happened to ya!

bises to babes & you!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Kellie zei

BTW: Please... I want that other songgggggggggg... My mojo is gone because you changed your blog music :(
Tel me at least which song it was...

Okay I put something up especially for you, I think this was the video you so much loved, check it out girl! :)

By the way we should do a swap. ;)

Take care, sorry I missed your give-a-way...

From your half dutchie friend,


Laura McCann zei

You are such a tease, girl!! Can't wait to hear your news!! You have so many exciting things going on right now!! Soo awesome!

Nili zei

Youppie!!! I am so excited!!!
I can't wait to get it. Thanx girl!

Holly Terra zei

I am NOT a fan of secrets, missy!

Nura Keif zei

Can't wait to hear the news!! Congrats to the winner:-D

shelly b zei

Can't wait to find out the news!

sara berry zei

Hi Emine,
Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

sohpiasmom zei

Happy Mother's Day, Emine! Very excited to hear about your big news!!

jennihaywood zei

I want to know... Do tel do tell!!!

scrap {n} flava zei

You are full of surprises!!! I cn't wait to hear what it is!