zondag, april 01, 2007


It seems like I have a lot of luck these days... I think it's because I started submitting and joining challenges... I have a big toot (ok, big for me) and a mini-toot to share...

First the mini-toot:

I sent Becky (pagemaps.com) an email that I wanted to contribute to her newsletter.. I got an email back that my layouts were FANTASTIC and that she was going to contact me if she had a spot left... So yesterday evening I received an email if I was still interested... OFCOURSE I WAS... Now I'm waiting for an email with the details and the sketch ;) woohooo

BTW: I won a page kit at making memories blog for given one of the best advices... Yeah that's COOL ;) You can see the post right HERE

It's now time for the bigger TOOT:

My altered clearbox frame is going to get published... Dora at scrapstreet.com asked me if they could publish it in their online magazine ;) WELL OFCOURSE, YOU DON"T HAVE TO ASK LOL... This clear box is my only altered project and it's going to get published woohooo... My first publishing toot ever... This is making me very excited...

I accomplished a lot in such a short time... I'm scrapping for almost 2 years... I scrapped once in a while a page till previous month... Can you believe that LOL... My pages fits in 1 album and there is still more space left...

But now I started to scrap MORE AND MORE... We will see what life is going to bring me... I hope a lot of TOOTS LOL...

I'm anxiously waiting if I'll make it to the next round... See previous posts for more information about the scrapstreetstar contest I'm participating in... PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me...

Need to get back to scrapping...

Have a great night

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Miranda zei

Wow, it's going great for you (and for me too, I think...). Seems like we're on the same flow.

Congrats girlie!

And hoep we both make it to the next round.

Vanessa zei

wauw this is wonderfull!!
enjoy it!!!!

Nat zei

cool - congrats on your toots!

Karli zei

You go girl! Dang, sounds like you are really doing great! I am proud of you. I need to have that much drive and start putting my stuff in contests and stuff...I don't know. (: Good luck and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
Love, Karli

Je@net zei

Wow, Congrats girl!! What a great news!!

Daffie Online zei

Luck is certainly coming your way :)

Lucy Chesna zei

congrats on your toot...good luck in scrapstreet