zondag, april 08, 2007


I think you are tired to read this word LOL... But I can't help it... I am just SOOO Lucky these days *thank GOD*...

Well here is the deal:
I submitted one of my pages for the cover contest to scrapstreet.com ezine... And I'M CHOOSEN AS A FINALIST.... I will be in the magazine for sure but I don't know If I'm going to make it on the cover YOOHOOOOOOOOO...

Scrapstreetstar contest:

The contestants who make it to round 3 will be announced tonight at 1 am (dutch time :(
I hope I will make it... Keep your fingers crossed for me...

The assignment for this week is to create a class OMG... It can be a mini-album, altered item, make-and-take or card class... I choose for an altered item class... ALTERED CORK BOARD ;) My plan is to make a play board for ALARA...

I am so excited about this BUT i am so afraid I can't finish it on time... It's a big project and I need to scrap like CRAZY LOL... There are a few deadlines this week so I hope I can finish them all... Maybe I need to ask my mom to babysit the kids ;)

When I told my husband that I was afraid that I would miss the deadline, HE looked at me and said: 'the emine I know will accomplish this'... THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY... It's so important that your husband supports you... All this time I thought that he wasn't supporting me... He was just waiting for the right time LOL... He really made my day... This was the MOST important part of my day.. Even the TOOT couldn't pass this... Thank you turgut I LOVE YOU ;)

I received 3 sketches today from LUCY for her blog (remember I'm going to be a sketch diva LOL)... They're ALL AWESOME... I will put a link here when it's published ;)

I need to get back to scrapping immediately...
have a great evening/night

10 opmerkingen:

anita l. zei

Good luck Emine!!!

Brigitta zei

I feel soooo proud of you!!! (how weird is that???????) You're going to be fine!!! I just know it

jennihaywood zei

Emine- How great! This is so cool that you are a finalist! You totally deserve it. YOu are so creative. Great job! I can't wait to see everything you have done!

Safer zei

Good Luck! Hope all your dreams come true! :)

Je@net zei

Good luck Emine!! You did a great job!!!

Miranda zei

Congrats again!!!!!
And I'm so happy to hear your husband supports you!

sollie zei

I'll cross my fingers for you. I'm sure you'll make it, don't give up!!

Daffie Online zei

Scrap till you drop :)

*Fauve* zei

So cool congrats girl!

Nat zei

Rock on!!! So cool!